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Mangalore to Mysore route query

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by phate_b, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. Hi TFI'ans;

    please suggest the best route from Mangalore to Mysore... had news during monsoon that the Madikeri roads are in a bad shape, are they repaired now? Or should I take the ~30km longer Hassan route?

    Also someone familiar to the route please add how many hours its gonna take (at max speed not exceeding 75kmph, as I'll not be driving my fiat but another car), Travelling on 19th early morning (4am start from M'lore) and need to return to the city by 20th eve 7pm...
  2. I have traveled from Kasargod-Sullia-Madikeri-Mysore-Bangalore on October 6th. Road condition was good through out except 20km stretch between Sampaje-Sullia. This can be easily manageable for Putno as you can maintain speed of 30 in that bad stretch. Except this bad stretch, roads is super. Also at two place road is narrow between Sulia and Madikeri due to caving of the road. I assume the road condition from Mangalore-Sullia is not gone so bad.
  3. I would suggest to take hassan road as you can manage high average speeds after sakleshpur.
  4. So I assume I should opt for the Madikeri route itself.... en return actually planning to see around madikeri also... And wrt road condition, the car will be an SUV (scorpio or innova) so moderate level gutters can hopefully be managed.... there will be about 9 people on the journey thats why i'm unable to take my punto out for this...

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