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Managed to get Blue & Me message reader working with Android (And WP)...

Discussion in 'Blue and Me' started by Emsworth, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Emsworth

    Emsworth Timido

    Yeah, that's right. The pleasure of having real estate spam read out while driving is no longer restricted to Windows Phone 7.x/8 users. Android users can also have messages read out over their B&M connection (Though strictly speaking, it's the phone that reads stuff out, not B&M)

    I recently switched from WP7.8 to Android and one of the things I missed about MS's oh-so-promising-but-not-quite-there platform was the SMS reader that worked fine with Fiat's Blue & Me.

    First, all the Windows Phone users out there, you can also reply back to texts using Blue & Me. Actually, to be completely honest, the B&M reader isn't used for this, but rather, the Windows Phone Text-to-Speech and Voice Recognition which thumbs a ride over the B&M system. Of course, in the real world, it works better than the B&M reader (the option of replying; more lifelike; and as seamless as B&M)

    Now, Android users, you've got an option too. I just installed SMS, My Car, and Me ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.bulling.smstalk&feature=search_result ). This can be configured to launch manually, with a car dock, or when a specific BT connection is activated (In our case, when the B&M 'My Car' connection is made). No root required.

    The app reads out messages (You can switch between auto / check first) and can also store predetermined texts that you can select ("Reply Number One..."). What I do miss is that it can't transcribe our reply like the WP reader would. However, this apparently also works with E-mail, FB Messenger, Whatsapp (Root required), and KakaoTalk.

    Tasker: Any Tasker gurus out there? (Or any people with programming experience?) I'm quite sure that given Tasker's rather awesome capabilities, we could easily come up with a proper Android voice-controlled message read-and-reply system. Come on folks, make it happen!
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  2. Does it work with steering controls
  3. Emsworth

    Emsworth Timido

    I don't think it does - However, I'm gonna mail the developer of this app to find out if he can add this in future releases.

    What this app does on my phone is:

    1. Launches whenever the Blue & Me connection is made and stays in the background
    2. Whenever any SMS comes in, it asks me if I want it read out (this all is done over the B&M link - any music being played is paused)
    3. If I confirm, it reads out the message and asks if I want to send one of three preset replies
    4. The app also claims FB Messenger, Whatsapp, email, etc. can also be read out - however, I haven't tried these.

    Now, it seems to be a passable solution for people using Android phones - however, I do miss the ability to reply (like my Windows Phone would allow). But given that Tasker (another app available on the App Store) lets you configure all four factors involved: SMS storage, Bluetooth link, Voice Recognition, and Text-to-Speech, I'm sure a Tasker solution can be found. For any people with programming experience, this should be a breeze. (You can head over to About - Tasker Wiki for more info on Tasker)

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