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Major accident 'cos of abnormal behaviour of Punto

Discussion in 'Technical' started by ani1900s, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    My 2 cents after going through the entire thread..do drive your newly refurbished car, but only in the city and on short distances. With airbags getting deployed, the structural elements have been surely affected and they would never regain their 100% conformance to the assembly line standard. When you get a good opportunity, you may want to change your car..
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  2. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    It's good to know that your family is safe. But have you ever checked whether the damage to any of the under-body parts done while tire alignment? I usually give the wheel rotation, alignment outside. Most of time I noticed that the people put the vehicle for alignment don't stay there and come after some time to pick the vehicle. But I used to stay there around the vehicle when my vehicle is taken for the alignment. After the alignment I usually ask the alignment center guy for a test-drive and I hop with them. So that if there is any kind of malfunctioning I felt, I ask them for full details and get the doubts cleared off... Last time when my wheels got changed the alignment center guy told that there is a bit variation there (the guy tested my vehicle told if there is a pulling put it in SC immediately) and if I ask the FASS, they may put a camber bush. But when I told the same to the SC people, they told that there is nothing called camber bush and the alignment is really proper... So check for that details too...
  3. ani1900s

    ani1900s Novizio

    Grande Punto 1.3
    @ Acechip - I am not sure on how the Airbags will work in case of next mishap; I hope not to ever test them again ;-) But I do agree with your comment that I must consider a sellout just 'cos of the reason that the company fitting standards cannot be achieved again.... I had problems when receiving the delivery of car and had to ask few things to be re-fixed as they were so substandard even to my novice eyes. It is the financial condition 'cos of which I am not selling the car and buying another one, imagine putting little over a lac rupees to get it repair and selling it for hardly any amount.... (thanks to its very low resale value) and with 2 years of loan pending, I will rather have to shell out more money to sell it :)) sounds funny, can imagine the joke of 'Punto bech ke cycle khareedi :))

    @ Mightymaveryk - you would be surprised that I had my 3rd servicing i.e. after 2 years service just little over a month before the accident and post servicing I did not drive much as I was not in town. And in this service, wheel rotation, alignment, balancing & lot of other things was taken care of.... it came back with absolutely no comment from FASS, rather was said to be a well maintained car by service advisor.

    @ Naurf1 - Company as a whole and a product manufactured by a company are 2 different things; when I say Punto Rocks then it is simply the entire experience I had with my Punto was impressive.... satisfied in every aspect that I was expecting from it.. at times overwhelmed. But when I say FIAT does not then it is simply the service and the experience I had with manufacturer was really a part of my life that I would like to erase from my memory. Imagine you buy a car from a showroom and you are happy with it, but when you go through an accident and want the company who manufactured it to do some investigation and company on other hand does nothing at all & rather advises me that its an accident case and you can repair through your insurance policy then you can imagine how that reply sounds..... Forget about identifying the problem, they made assumptions & came up with an excuse just to close the file and start the work. I really had a very bad experience, to an extent that I have copy pasted the entire communication here.... and post reading if you are still unable to understand why am I saying FIAT did not at all lived upto expectations then I don't have much words to say
    Product can be outstanding, but in case of any defect if the company who manufactured it cannot identify the cause and neither wants to even acknowledge your concerns then infact I am very very polite to just say that FIAT Does Not Rock....
    Realized why FIAT is known for their bad after sales service.... all they care is of selling new vehicles, I can bet that once if I get out of this Punto, then I will not even turn back to FIAT again.... just because of the experience I had with FIAT's company people.
  4. naruf1

    naruf1 Amatore

    Namma Bengaluru
    I have gone through the communication you had with FIAT and completely understand what it must have been to undergo the horrifying service experience after the incident. Rather the reason for my previous post was to understand the reason for you to continue with the product! Which is clear in the reply you have posted in your previous post addressing @acechip.
    I agree with your explanation of the difference in your service experience with the Company and the Product as such. However, in your belief and all explanation, still it was the product which gave away and caused the accident. So on a whole the entire team from manufacturing to service should take liability and not just the service team as such.
    All in all, it is your confidence in continuing and enjoying the driving experience of your car which is of prime importance.

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