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Maintaining the Paint!!!

Discussion in 'Exteriors / Body' started by shikhar10882, Jun 23, 2012.

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    I need some opinions here.
    I presently am maintaining a BNW Linea. When I got this from the showroom about a month back, the guys at showroom were not supporting the Tuflon coating. Even more so when they came to know about my habit of washing my car at least once in 3-4 days and waxing it at a maximum interval of 15 days.
    The waxes I have used so far:
    Premier Padmini (used to wax it with my dad): Waxpol (that orange tin... yes, the same that took the whole day to buff)
    Maruti 800: Formula 1
    Alto Lxi : Formula 1
    But recently, I came across a thread at Team-BHP where they talked about huge fake polish market in India.
    I want my paint to be protected and car to keep shining.
    Living in north india (Ghaziabad), the car is exposed to harsh weather conditions... i.e., upto 50 degree (max) in summers to 2 degree (min) in winters. Alot of dust and some sand storms.
    Recently I had bought another tin of Formula 1 for my Linea (as I am not sure if I will be able to buff the Waxpol, if I get one), but after reading the Team-BHP thread, I am (maybe phychologically) not sure of the genuineness of the product I got. Suddenly I have started feeling that it is not beading the water as I would expect it too. (It could also be due to fact that the car has, so far, got only two applications of Formula 1 so far).
    My wife uses some 'MIN Cream' and recommends me to try it on car.
    I got a 100 ml bottle of '3M Premium Liquid Wax', but testing on an alternate metal surface, I found it no better than Formula 1.
    Collinite 845 is not available in my locality.
    Now, with all the above I seek your opinions on:
    1. Tuflon Coating
    2. Wax recommendation
    3. Know the genuineness of the wax I buy.

    Also, after I finished waxing her with Formula 1 last night, I noticed some swirl marks on the bonnet. Should I, for the time being, just let them be, or try and get them mended with some 'scratch remover' or 'polish'???
  2. sungoa2010


    collinite is available in www.bringingbest.com, New Delhi, India If you mail Mr. Sanjay he will help.You will also find other products like microfiber towels,wax remover etc on the site
    Waxing once in 2-3 month will leave the exterior fresh always.
    For exterior clean it at least twice in a weak. I use formula1 dash cleaner. Result is satisfactory.
  3. thanks @sungoa2010
    have mailed Mr. Sanjay and am waiting for his response..
    On his site, came across many other products as well.. like Duragloss and Average Joe..
    Have asked about those as welll... let's see what he has to say about it...

    Any opinion on 3m Premium Liquid Wax? Have a 100 ml bottle but am still to try it!!!
  4. sungoa2010


    I never tried any 3M products myself. I had taken 3M paint protection when I bought my Punto.
  5. singh

    singh Amatore

    Regarding Our previous cars Santro silver and swift white , i never waxed ,but washed regularly like once a week properly . After 5 years Santro silver metallic was as good as few months old car , thats why fetched 1.65 lakh 2 months back.
    But with swift , the white colour faded over time , well it never looked shiny even when new . Both cars used to be in similar conditions , 8 hours in sun , parked in open , in rain, storms etc etc . So i don't think that in recent technologies in paint quality that paint can lose its shine and quality so easily .
    Sun dont have much to do , as engine heat is always way more even in winters atleast for bonnet and side fenders.
    Dirt when accumulates overtime and pollution eats up the clear coat .
    So the thing is wash the car regularly like once a week , Waxing if done once in 2 months will only further protects the paint finish.
    Dashboard never faded in both of my old cars even after 5 years .

    Using Turtle wax for Punto these days . Bought for 10 pounds from UK , found same one in chandigarh for 550rs . I find it ok , as after applying and when washing car after 3-4 weeks , i can see the water droplets forming , so its working well.
  6. Ferrariscdr

    Ferrariscdr Amatore

    @shikhar10882 - I think you are too much concerned about your car paint. Even I am like that.
    To answer your queries what I
    1. Fiat car paint is already coated with paint protection and you can make out easily. A bike hit my car from back when i was at high speed and the bike tried to over take me. But he couldnt control and fell down. There isnt anything happened to the paint - A minor scratch I removed using F1 scratch remover. But it was severe damaged to the biker. Even concorde motors told me that they dont recommend these teflon coating because FIAT paints are already teflon coated. Also be careful when you get it done, because they use machine for rubbing and polishing and at joints/curves the amount of paint layer is very less. So any inexperience guy can spoil your car paint.

    2. Wax pol is not good as it is a silicon polish. If you are using a Formula 1 wax cream to polish your car twice in a month is absolutely fine. But washing your car every 3-4 days is not advisable. You should wash it on a month and then apply polish. Again it depends on how you use them. Formula one is a safest product - even its buffing compound (scratch out) will not let your upper body coat faint away. But the negative side is it is only for very light swirl marks or hair line scratches. Make sure you do things right while washing and polishing. Use of chamois leather to dry your car, light microfiber cloth for polishing and buffing.

    3. Buy any Carnauba wax (F1 is one of them) and no silica or any chemical. Carnauba wax helps in repelling dust and water on your car, but has disadvantage that it is not very long lasting as any paint sealant or silica.

    By the way I also keep my car covered if you have a DuPont car cover its the best.
  7. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Swirl marks are an immenent problem with any color. You can not avoid it, at best you can delay it that's all..
    Here are a few things you can do (Worked for me for nearly 2 yrs so i'm guessing it does help)....

    1.) Never Dry wipe you're car, . This means no Jopasu duster , no last minute dusting because you need to arrive at a party in a clean car.'
    2.) Always wash the car with water and never get it done by you're road side fellow , they will introduce free swirls (Even TASS do a terrible job).
    3.) ONLY USE MICRO FIBER CLOTH . Keep at least 3 MF clothes .

    Washing procedure..
    1.) Spray as much water on the car to remove dust and dirt as you want ..
    Then under a gentle stream of water (from a hose) use a MF cloth to pull down all dirt on the car starting from the roof.
    This is very important because if you use other clothes or don't use a contineous stream of water the minute amount's of friction also is sufficient to cause scratches / swirls over time.
    2.) Dont use those orange clothes you get at traffic signals.. they are good to wipe you're tables that's all.
    3.) while washing use the 2 bucket system so that you save water and you also implicitly ensure that very less dirt actually gets on to the car.
    4.) While Waxing you can apply the wax to small sections in circles but never re-buff in the same way...
    Always use horizontal or vertical strokes to remove excess wax or for the final buff.. never rub the wax with all you're might :)
    Mild pressure is more than sufficient.

    I followed these steps religiously and after nearly 2.5 yrs now i started seeing swirl marks because sometimes I used to do dry wipes and wash in haste.
    But no matter what you do swirls will be a part of you're car , just try to make sure you can prolong it at least..

    Finally once in a yr or 2 you can get paint treatment done by guys like 3M that will remove all swirls accumulated..

    NOTE :: Please dont buy those mechanized rubbing devices. They need professional skill to be operated. There is a very very high chance that without any knowledge if one uses it, the clear coat /paint can easily be chipped off...
  8. @Singh, Ferrariscdr & theblack Thanks a ton for the inputs!!!
    The washing frequency has been reduced as adviced, coupled with weather conditions, that do not allow me to was as it is normally raining on the times when I am washing the car.
    But, these rains confirmed one thing, that the Formula 1 Wax is doing its job, as I see beading on the car these days.
    I try to stick to washing the car with a pipe, where loose dirt is first removed with flow of water and then soft cotton cloth to pull down the sticking dirt. Will get MF for future usage.
    I was thinking about the 3M treatment, but could not find any shop doing it in Ghaziabad.
    for the time being:
    1. Am sticking with washing the car once in a fortnight... and
    2. Plan to continue application of Formula 1 till a thicker layer is accumulated on the paint. This frequency, I plan to take down to once on 2 months in next 6-8 months.
    3. Will continue with Formula 1 till I run out of stock of tins with me (I have 2, recently bought second as I misplaced 1st, but Murphy's Law applied and found the first one as soon as the second one was brought home).
    4. Not sue if I will ever use the 3M, but may get the most appreciated Collinite once the Formula 1 runs out of stock.
    5. Am leaving the swirl marks as they are, as they are visible only at a particular lux level and at a particular angle, and I feel the paint it too young to be treated with some 'solid' treatments.
  9. imranshks

    imranshks Superiore

    I dont know if am off-topic, but this thread seemed relevant to me, hence posting this.

    There is Car Spa near my office and they have something call dry wash, they clean the car by spraying some chemical on it and wipe it with the microfiber cloth.

    I dont know if its a reliable or good way to keep the car clean (Especially Exotica Red), so needed your inputs here ???

    I never availed the package so far from this service provider but this evening they have dry-washed the car for free and dropped me a message.:oops:

    So, just wanted to check if its safe or can have bad effects in the long run on the paint.

    I always get my car washed at 3M outlets only and just last week due to time constraint i had to get it washed at Car Spa. They did a pretty decent job though, i am still skeptical about this chemical sprayed dry wash.

    Appreciate your valuable suggestions and recommendations !!!!

  10. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    @imranshks: Can you try to find out what is the chemical they are using? many people here including me do follow\use dry washing using ONR - it is much easier than water wash and does not have any negative side effects.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2013

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