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Magical land with undiscovered mysteries: Kedarkantha YHAI Winter Trek

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by zenwalker, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Winter is the time for comfort, for warmth, for the touch of a friendly hands and for a talk beside the fire…

    Just 2 month after i finished my LEH bike ride adventure, the distant winter month: Dec, was calling onto me. Upon inquiring about the mandatory shutdown leaves at the office, i was left disappointed. Thanks to my good old friend HKC, who as well started thinking for an adventure plan in Dec month and we continued discussions on it.

    Upon completing Sarpass snow trek by both of us in the past, i wanted to a bit more challenging or difficulty. Further searching over, the availability of trek programs during this season; narrowed down to Kedarkantha winter trek. Though, by altitude wise, its less than sarpass, but doing in winter was new to us.

    With that decided, we further went on to prepare detailed itinerary for this adventure: Which includes, the trek, Dehradhun, mussoorie, Haridwar, Rishikesh and Jim corbett national park. Ultimately, the final draft of our itinerary was decided in the month of Aug. We decided to enroll for Batch 5 on 19th Dec of this trek. As usual, the leaves were applied (thanks to our manager for approving), tickets. safari’s and hotels were booked. Most of the preparations was carried out by HKC. Thanks to him.

    The D – Day: 18th Dec
    The flight towards Delhi was in the morning of 18th. Due to bad weather (dense fog), flight got delayed by 1 hour.

    The early morning airport rush wasn’t there at all. We did not find any free WIFI at the BIAL, sadly. However, there is a free WIFI at Delhi Airport for 45 mins. So why not at BIAL? :x

    Dense fog above BIA

    We reached delhi around 12. Had lunch at a nearby restaurant and off to New Delhi Railway station. Our train towards Dehradun departed around 330, thus reaching Dehradun by 11.30PM. We had booked an overnight stay at a nearby hotel: Mandakini.This hotel has a huge front yard for parking, and the rooms werent of that good nor great. But good enough for a day stay. It is very nearby (walking distance) to Bus stand and railway station.

    Next day plan to Sankri: Trek Base camp village.

    Day 1: The last village – Sankri, 19 Dec :
    Sankri lies with in the Govind Wildlife sanctuary. This village is the last place with human habitat.

    At forest check post


    Zj3TP74FLUtsEpO-pFpIur6UaocqCmNiEL6pScWYpdpUhL7dCSat03Lf9VHlFBZoWWv5U3q27wMm7TQeGOd=w973-h648-no.jpg Upon prior inquiry and again inquiry at Dehradun bus stand (adjacent to railway station), we came to know that the buses towards Sankri departs around 530, 600, 7 AM. We managed to board 6 AM bus. It’s a local private transport, as there is no direct Govt bus to Sankri village.

    The private transport buses does take a longer route as appose to Mussoorie route which is around 1 hour shorter in distance. If Govt. buses are taken from dehradun, purola is the final stop, one has to step out and catch a private jeep or a bus towards Sankri.

    As like any rural transport across india, this stands no different. The roads are not that good, buses gets crowded, yet the weather is really cold during the whole day. During our travel, the whole day temperature probably was around 5-6C. The whole ride was really scenic.


    With long and very long journey of about 10-11 hours: around 5 PM we reached Sankri – YHAI Base camp. This place is very cold, it was told to us that just 2 days earlier, it snowed at the base camp. Hmm..what a spectacular moments to miss out.

    From bus stand, it’s hardly half a km or less to the base camp. The base camp is not too big, yet good enough to spend days watching the spectacular nature around.




    As ritual goes, we got enrolled for the batch, got our allocated tents and with blankets and sleeping bags provided by YHAI, We finally got some rest from the days long hectic journey.
    During the dinner time, the field director informed us of the next days plans.

    Post dinner, we had a nature friendly camp fire from the previous batch and events organized by them.

    Local cute kids showcasing their talent

    Day 2: 20 Dec
    As per the plan, acclimatization exercise starts around 7 AM. The whole gang of 45 started off with difficulty of their own for the warm up. After an hour, we came back and prepared ourselves or the breakfast...

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    Your valuable reviews are most welcome :woot:
    Zen :happy:
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