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Low Mileage - Punto Dynamic MJD 1.3

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by harilalmn, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. harilalmn

    harilalmn Timido

    Well.... Thats it then... With this heavy traffic and a 11 km/hr average speed, I think I cannot get anything better..!! However, thanks for all your advices. Anyways I am soon going to have a long drive (Bangalore - Kottayam and back) in December. I will check how much my vehicle would give... Thanks to all....

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    And sure naruf1... I will try to drive better with an eye on the rpm, as you told. And yes, Road safety first..!! So I will be careful.
  2. You can not get better FE than this for the above said conditions.
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  3. Sunilreddy

    Sunilreddy Timido

    Hi facing the same problem with my linea MJD.mine is 2011 MJD it used to retain a healthy mileage of 13-14kmpl with 100% AC on in hyderabad traffic :dance.My daily usage is 40-50 Kms.But after using "STP DIESEL FUEL TREATMENT & INJECTOR CLEANER" the mileage drastically fell to 10kmpl :shocked.It happened to both my cars :A(LINEA & FIESTA TDCI) after using STP.LInea clocked 45k & fiesta 98k. Did any one face similar kind of problem & any suggestions what to do in this matter.The showroom guys :confused were not much use in this matter. STP-Diesel-Fuel-Treatment-Injector-Cleaner-236mL.jpg
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  4. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    ^^ Fiat manual doesn't encourage usage of any type of fuel additives and I believe MJD too doesn't like it. Enjoy MJD as it is and it gives you best returns, be it mileage or performance.

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  5. Sunilreddy

    Sunilreddy Timido

    Any thing which can be done to improve FE ?
  6. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Sunil, only thing is to control your emotions!! :)
    Be Lightfooted on the A pedal, judgemental for B pedal and C pedal only to change the gears.

    Know your loves heartbeat by monitoring the IC for few weeks.
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  7. 2-3 tanksfuls your car should return to normal FE.
  8. harilalmn

    harilalmn Timido

    Hi All, I had a long drive to my native last month. 600 kilometers one side. Driving experience was excellent...!!! And, I no more complain about mileage... And lets talk about the mileage. First two hours I kept myself between 70 kmph and 90 kmph. The best mileage it gave... An unbelievable 23 kmpl...!!! Wow...!!! But in two and a half hours I could cover only 125 kms..!! And I really struggled to keep my rocket in this speed range. But did not have enough time to move like that and after the first 2.5 hours I dashed at around 120-130 kmph. Then the mileage dropped to 16.5-17 kmpl. I felt that very normal before a first service. What you feel..?
  9. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Driving a new car without high revving it. Easier said than done. The car should however be kept in 90-110 kmph range on clear road. One can actually feel the engine response of the car as you start pushing it at higher RPMs. Do set the speed limit beep at 100 or 110kmph. You therefore know, that you need to slow down a bit on freeways after every beep. You will still get 22-23kmpl if you maintain within 90-110kmph on freeways.

    And yes, it is very normal FE figures you have received. Please fill only normal Diesel from known or trusted or reputed fuel pumps to keep the injectors and engine healthy. I even stick to one brand of fuel stations like HP for example.
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  10. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    I experienced some low mileage over the weekend and has caused some concerns for me. Please let me know if its a problem?
    This sat-sun i did a blr-shimoga-blr trip and i got an avg of 14.5 kmpl on the MID (and in my car, i've always seen that the MID is off by 1kmpl) which would essentially mean ive got about 15kmpl .

    here are the stats.
    1.) we were 4 on board from blr-shimoga and 5 from shimoga-blr
    2.) The speed was hovering around 90-120kmph , rarely did i touch 130
    3.) AC was at its lowest setting (mine is not ACC , so it was kept at its chilliest setting) . Blower was kept at 2 and ocassionally i put it to 1.
    4.) I changed gears at 3000-3400RPM
    5.) Oil is 12,000 kms old
    6.) air filter was 35% blocked when i left blr that's all
    7.) Fuel filter is again 14,500kms old.
    8.) Outside temperature was about 35C
    9.) I'm running on 205/60/15 tyres

    More info,
    After i switched to 205/60/15 tyres i've always felt that there is some drop in pick up but during my city drives to office and back i regularly got and i'm still getting 15-15.5kmpl so i didnt' suspect any engine problems.
    The other thing is that in daily running i'm not finding any harshness in the car. It runs just as smooth as every.
    I'm doubting if this is just a case of old lubes and heavy tyres or could this be a problem

    Please advice/.

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