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Love for German car could land you in Jail !

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by bnzjon, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Youths arrested for car theft
    Accused include a marine engineer

    Courtesy : The Hindu dated 14/Nov/2010

    http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Che ... 886436.ece

    Three youths, including a marine engineer, were arrested by the Neelankarai police on Sunday on charges of stealing a Volkswagen car parked outside a clinic in Neelankarai last month. The main accused confessed to having committed the theft out of sheer love for German cars.

    According to K.N. Murali, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Thoraipakkam, the prime accused in the case Abraham Shaw (21) of Singaravelar Street, Chinna Neelankarai Kuppam in Neelankarai is a Nautical Sciences diploma holder and is an apprentice at a shipping firm in Mumbai.

    “During a brief visit to his home on October 1, Abraham saw the Volkswagen New Polo car parked at a hospital nearby where he had taken his brother for treatment following a small accident. He stole the keys of the vehicle from the reception desk of the hospital and returned at midnight to drive it away,” Mr. Murali added.

    Along with his friends Gopalakrishnan (18) and Srikanth (18), both from South Mada Street in Thiruvanmiyur, Abraham drove the stolen car to Bangalore and changed its outer look with a sticker job worth Rs. 15,000 and fake registration numbers.

    The trio returned to Chennai for Deepavali, parked the car in Vasudevan Nagar in Thiruvanmiyur and started using the vehicle on a regular basis. “A resident of the area grew suspicious about the activities of the youngsters and informed the police. An investigation that followed led our team to Abraham through the contact information he had provided at the hospital. His accomplices were also held immediately,” said the Assistant Commissioner.

    Abraham confessed that his love for German cars led him to steal the car which belonged to a doctor of the hospital. The three men were arrested on early Sunday, remanded to custody and sent to prison.
  2. :wow ..World is full of stupid people.On a side note i used to stay on South Mada street, TVM when i was working in Chennai couple years back.
  3. anthonydcruz


    A, A
    :evilsmile Things people do :uh
  4. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    oh.......good love story but tragic climax.....
  5. sungoa2010


    This incident is suited for a VW ad.
  6. Cashier

    Cashier Amatore

    That really is inspirational
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