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Looking to get a new T-Jet, need colour suggestions, other tips and the story so far.

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by abhinit90, Nov 21, 2011.


So what colour should i get?

  1. Tuscan Wine

  2. Bronze Scuro

  3. Fox Trot Azure

  4. None, THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore

    While I know your experience with Dhingra Motors, I can just say that your friend is acting on impulse. Deciding against Fiat solely on the basis of one dealer is absurdity.

    If this were the case, people would not buy Vento or Fluidic Verna in South Mumbai, because the two biggest dealers here (VW Downtown and Pramukh Hyundai) are careless and unfriendly. I have personal experiences to cite. VW SE was busy on his BlackBerry/BBM *all throughout* my interaction with him, did not know answers to 99% of my questions, had the audacity to tell me that I should expect rattles, suspension issues and engine noise from a 20,000 km run test drive car etc etc. So much for high headedness!

    As for Hyundai, I was simply asked just one question - Sir, why do you want to TD the Fluidic, when people are just booking it based on looks?

    He went on to tell me that they dont even keep TD cars at this dealership. Moreover, he was offering me a customer's car (who was to take delivery but deferred due to Shraddh) which he 'allowed' me to drive as much as I wanted.

    Of course I did not drive and walked away, never to visit that showroom again.

    So based on this experience, my colleagues and friends should not have bought these cars? Of course not. At the end of the day, Indian car buying junta follows a herd mentality. Sample this anecdote : I've been employed in this company for the last 3 years. In Oct 2011 alone, my office saw the addition of 3 x Fluidics, 3 x ANHC and 2 x Jazz.

    On the other hand, mine was the only Fiat car bought during 2011, the 2nd Linea in 3 years and of course the only TJet they have seen. It's a rare breed of premium car and not everyone wants to be in minority!
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  2. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    It's not one dealer. We've many members who are facing this issue. The most recent ones on this page are abhinit & Speedjet. Surf thro' the forum you'll find many more. And Fiat can't getaway sating its dealer issue. As a principle, Fiat is responsible for all the actions of its dealers (Tata-Fiat dealers).
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  3. amit1agrawal

    amit1agrawal Amatore

    Somehow I feel that it's not only the dealers who are at fault here. I think it's about how FIAT does the business here. I think dealers don't get good margins on FIAT vehicles and low volume kills their margins further. So dealers don't hire best ( or close to it) of the staff (technician, service manager, sales etc). FIAT is supposed to provide training to these staff. I am not sure how frequently the staff are trained and what quality of training they are impart but it looks like FIAT is not closely monitoring them. In fact, somehow I feel that the officials at FIAT office are either inadequate or they are not best professionals in their industry ( compensation and work culture could have a role here). It looks to me that FIAT is running in India on a low cost (maybe the bosses in Italy are not convinced to do major investment in India) and due to this low cost they are not able to hire to right people to do the justice to FIAT in India.
    This is not to say that all blame lies with FIAT (though customer is the King). There is a herd mentality in India, if 10 out of 100 people buy a brand X and then 50 of the rest 90 would also do the same. You can either take advantage of this herd mentality and initially push to be sell those 10 cars and then let other follow suit or you can be lost and out of the game. This will take care of the initial momentum, then you need to take care of providing quality service to those people ( when you are selling lots of cars it's tough to maintain quality levels). This will have a long lasting impact on people's mind. The reason the likes of Honda, Hyundai and Maruti have strong image in India is because they have been able to do this. This wont happen overnight but they need to begin now. Fortunately the auto sales growth is now strong in India (compared to 90s) so it should not take more than 2-3 years to do this turnaround ( which earlier was at least 5+ years). IF FIAT does it it would be a big player in Indian market in 3 years coinciding with the launch of their small car for the Indian market.
    FIAT has been India for ages. Why can't they understand India is out of my wits. They have this 'attitude', they try to sell their cars the way they want to do and not based on how customer wants to buy a car.
    Solution for them is to break this TATA joint venture, keep the best of their workforce and fire rest of them and replace it with the best in Industry, setup their own dealerships , go aggressive in marketing and make sure that they provide premium service for their premium products. In India, it's about image if your image is strong you sell otherwise you don't.
    If FIAT doesn't initiate a turnaround now and ride the growth momentum they will most likely loose the India market to their competition almost forever.
  4. dj.nish

    dj.nish Superiore

    By quoting my post partially, you have actually mis-quoted me! What I meant was if one were to decide car purchase based on experience of friends/family with 1-2 dealers, then no one would buy VW or Hyundai cars in South Mumbai. But still buy them na? Because its the car that matters more than the dealer. If you dont like a 'shop' move to another one. It's kinda very hard to believe that ALL dealers in NCR are equally pathetic!

    Rejecting Fiat cars because dealers behave bad is what I'm against.

    Also, there is no guarantee that good dealer experience means great after sales support and service. FYI, I had a Getz for 4+ years before the TJet. And I have personally experienced the so-called legendary Hyundai ASS. So pathetic it was that I stopped going to the authorised service center after first 2 times and started going to a trusted garage, which gave much better (read stress free) and more economical service for my car.
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  5. abhinit90

    abhinit90 Amatore

    New Delhi, India
    Getting back to the thread, I apologize for the delay, I thought I would post only once the matter is settled.

    I've now filed for cancellation of the booking, I've been said it will take a week's time.

    Two things that I'm curious about:

    1) In case I book another Fiat, can someone from Delhi volunteer to accompany me for the PDI, I had a college friend for the previous PDI, but there is only so much untrained yes can do, would appreciated if someone loaned their eagle eyes, not literally?
    2) Considering the increasing cases of vehicle theft, what all should be added to the car, label me paranoid.
  6. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    @ amit1agarwal - your belief is entirely wrong.

    fiat dealers get lot of margin on fiat cars. i dont want to quote the figures here, but i have seen the invoices. Also fiat earns good margin.

    fiat has regular training exercises. they pay for all the training and also train the technicians inside the plant.
  7. amit1agrawal

    amit1agrawal Amatore

    In that case, why is the service experience so bad and I am not talking about one dealer experience. I have been to 2 dealers (out of 3 in bangalore ). My personal experience is not good. Moreover, the car is through company lease (ORIX) and they seem to be getting no better response either (common logic would say that since they lease many FIAT cars they can pressurize the dealer to provide better service). It is believed that the FIAT service is one of the better ones in Bangalore. If that is the case I cannot image how bad it would be in other places (especially North India).
    Can you please enlighten us all why such a sorry state of service affairs at Fiat.
  8. xplorauto


    The answer probably lies in the complete mismatch of business proposition of running a Fiat dealership for someone who runs a Tata dealership. The ever dwindling sales of Fiat vehicles simply adds to their demotivation. Here is why:

    For a moment if cut out the passion we guys share for Fiat vehicles and think purely in terms of business value proposition, we would realize that selling and servicing Fiat products is completely detrimental to the business interest of the proprietors of a tata dealership business. More often, Tata consumer vehicles dealership business is an extension of their commercial vehicles dealership business. Aaadya and Perana are both examples of that in Bangalore. Even for those who do not operate that way, the owners of all Tata dealerships want to operate on the high-volume low-margin market with a large emphasis towards the b2b sales predominantly driven by sale of cabs for transport companies.

    Where does Fiat fit in that model? It is more of a liability for them which they are not able to shed off due to the tie up Tata has with Fiat. If they had an option they would probably be happier being a pure play Tata dealer and ASSC for that matter. Consider, that these Tata dealerships are forced to offer 50% of the showroom space towards products that don't account for possibly 5% of their total sales. Given that, how do you think these dealers would invest in service and sales infrastructure for Fiat? It's more of Fiat to blame than Tata for for failing to see through the downside of this joint venture model that was always doomed to fail.

    Finally Fiat seems to be realizing the issue and separating their showrooms. Not only that is a very late realization they are again indulging in half measures. Fiat dealerships and Service centers needs to be completely separated out in terms of ownership. Period.
  9. abhinit90

    abhinit90 Amatore

    New Delhi, India
    Can anyone provide any insight?

  10. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    There are some GPS trackers available. I remember someone on TFI itself installing a GPS tracker that he had bought from China. Please search for the same and you should be able to get the thread - then post in the same thread asking for inputs

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