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List Petrol and Diesel Prices by City and Petrol Pumps

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by livelyyoungman, May 5, 2011.

  1. Soon in India, the Petrol/Diesel prices are gonna change everyday in respect to the Dollar conversion rate. And the rates will change in direct
    proportion to dollar increase/decrease.
  2. Surya

    Surya Superiore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Up to date prices for gasoline (unleaded) are available at World petrol prices, gas prices, diesel prices 2012| MyTravelCost.com

    India - Mumbai
    1.43 5.41 78.58/L (Petrol)
    45.99/L (diesel)
    400/14.5 kg (Domestic LPG) 2012-05-24

    0.77 2.91 PKR 102.45/L (Unleaded Premium)
    PKR 132.26/L (Unleaded-Hi Octane)
    PKR 113.16/L (Diesel)
    PKR 99.95/L (E10 Gasoline)
    PKR 85.68 to 93.79/KG (CNG) 2012-10-01

    Sri Lanka
    1.46 5.53 LKR 167/L (95 Octane)
    LKR 149/L (90 Octane)
    LKR 115/L (Diesel) 2012-02-12

    1.06 4.01[26]
    K3100/Imperial gallon (regular)
    K3300/Imperial gallon (diesel) 2008-11-21

    1.06 4.01 RMB 6.46/L
  3. Two weeks back there was some talk that Ruling party in Karnataka was ready to roll back some diesel cost by reducing their profit margin..But it seems it was just talks what they are best at..

    :eek:fftopic Our Honourable PM is just a puppet,dictated by the respectable Gandhi family,maybe our country is Independent now,but it hardly matters..All the burden is borne by us AAM JUNTA in the name of development(we need microscope to see if any development has been made)...We cant expect our opposition party to come forward,they are busy with their personal problems..
    Sorry for going OT..

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