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Linea T-JET+ got ICE'd

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by Linea-Lover, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. jayakrishnakola

    jayakrishnakola Regolare

    that is one awesome way how one can pamper a linea. omg!!!!!! amazing man really.

    if at all there is a national meet and u end up there, ur linea might be one of the show stopper.
  2. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    wow!! thats an amazing stuff and amazing budget.
    i have never seen such big crossovers in my life.

    i would strongly suggest you to put the DSP somewhere else. its such a costly item and doesnt deserve kicks and dirt and spills etc.
  3. The XO for the rear are in the door panels. Frankly I have no clue at all coz 99% of the time its just me and my wife in the car. When friends are around the volume is turned down so it actually doesn't matter even if its a bit brighter at the rear at high volumes. But by placing the rear tweeters there, the sound is really good.
    No, I haven't tried mounting the tweeters anywhere except for the stock location.

    Thanks man. But I'm sure there are more around in the country with even more stuff into the Linea.

    I had pulled it out for the snap. Otherwise it sits deep inside the seat and is not visible at all. Also placing there helps with the fine tuning of the system.
  4. gsenthil99


    unable to get my h660 up and running !

    Hey Linea Lover,

    got inspired and got an H660 for my Grande Punto...But unfortunately have not been able to get this up and running :( The wiring is all complete.... I am having problems with the calibration..Have tried both using the remote and also using the Laptop setup mode but in vain.. :(

    I get some or the other error while taking measurement... The latest one being 'MultiEQ error: too much ambient noise....' although I did this setup in a very very quite place.....

    I am using a 4 channel amplifier to drive the front speakers(Channel 1 and Channel 2) and the sub(channel 3 and 4 bridged). I am using another 2 channel amplifier to drive the rear speaker..

    I am not sure if something is messed up in the wiring....however, I doubt it as once after a lot of trail and error I managed to get it playing...the sound was pretty bad and I reset the processor for calibration again... unfortunately have not been able to get it up again.. :(

    I am using a different mic(the one that came bundled with my denon Av receiver) for calibration as I left the bundled mic back in the U.S... Could this be one of the problem ?

    Where did you get the setup done ? Do you someone who can help me here.. ?

    Thanks... and the drive without music is terribly boring !!
  5. fiattucine


    Tis is how we did it. Fairly simple and easy, really.

    Calibrating DSP with a laptop:

    - Install the application from the included CD on a PC laptop.
    - On the HU set all levels FLAT, no EQ levels.
    - Use the same CD and set it to track 3 (pink noise) on the HU.
    - Turn the HU volume up to a quarter from the MAX volume. I.e. -33 to-28 dB. (you shouldn't hear anything since the PXE isn't calibrated, but if you do it's just sounds like soft static. Hence, pink noise)
    - On the PXE set the Aux input gain to near MAX just before clipping. Mine didn't clip even at MAX.
    - On the PXE hit the reset button and select FACTORY RESET and hit enter

    This is the IMPORTANT PART...
    - Plug the laptop in with a USB 5 pin to USB A cable after you do the Factory Reset. This cable is the same cable for connecting your blackberry to your computer. Once plugged in it will display start PC application, which is the one you installed on your PC laptop.
    - Once the app is started you MUST place your MIC in the proper position(s).
    - *Position 1 is the center of the drivers seat, where your head sits and it should be about 3" away from the head rest. I used a camera tripod to help position the mic properly. Also, this position later on translates to all sound calibrations to position 1 and Sound Staging position 1.
    - Before you click Measure on the laptop roll up your windows, get out of the car, and close your doors. I had the PXE in the trunk so it was easier to calibrate. You should hear a few clicks or beeps coming from each of your speakers. These beeps calibrate the levels coming from each speaker.
    - **Position 2 is also very important and should be place in the center of the passenger seat about 3" away from the headrest. This is important because it re-calibrates all audio and sound stages position 2.
    - Again get out of the car and hit Measure on the app on your laptop. (You'll need to do this for all measurements or mic positions)
    - Positions 3-6 should all be around the Driver head rest. 3 should be at the far left of the head rest. 4 should be somewhere in the middle of the 3 position and the 1 position. 5 should be like the 4 position but on the other side. 6 should be at the the opposite corner of position 3. (It's a little confusing, but it's crucial!)
    - Position 7 is at the headrest of the passenger seat behind the driver's seat.
    - Position 8 is at the headrest of the passenger seat behind the passenger seat. Even though it says Position 9, the max is 8.
    - Hit the right arrow at the bottom of the app on the laptop.
    - On the next page you can select the sound curve you want and check any options you want and click the right arrow at the bottom.
    - Click apply to PXE, but do NOT click Save Permanently to PXE. This will allow you to test if you like the settings you chose in the previous page.
    - Once you clicked apply you might not hear anything. Use the PXE remote and crank up the Volume to near MAX. Turn down your HU to "normal" listening levels. Take out the lame Alpine CD and stick in a good CD for audio testing. I used a Armen Van Buren (Techno) CD for sound check. You may laugh at techno, but it has good audio ranges from highs to lows as well as pitch controls. If you don't like the settings, click on the left arrow at the bottom of the app to go back and re-select and run the last step again. You'll do this until you found the one that you like.
    - Once you've found the "one" click Save Permanently to PXE.
    - Click on the right arrow at the bottom of the PXE to go to the next page and click Finish.
    - Unplug the USB cable and you're done!

    MIC positioning is VERY important! You may have to re-calibrate a LOT before you get the sound that you want. 3 important keys to getting your sound just right is the line (AUX) input levels on the PXE, level of output from your Amp(s), and MOST importantly the mic positioning.

    *Position 1 stages your audio to the front driver seat. All timing is calculated to due to your mic positions to your driver's seat.
    ** Position 2 stages everything to your front passenger's seat. It just mirror's the mic positions set for your driver's seat to your passenger. So you might be wondering why this is important. Well it's important because your passenger will NOT experience the sounds you're experiencing, unless you press the 2 on your remote. This means that you can show-off your sound system to your buddy without making them get into the drivers seat.

    And I agree with you. Whats driving without music?? Its like music without sound!
  6. Sorry for the late reply as I was a bit busy with work and stuff.

    You would've already read the whole procedure as posted above.
    What I would like to add to that is do the setup during night time as there is minimal ambient noise. Also if possible go to a basement where is comparatively silent. The tuning procedure is spot on as mentioned and works brilliantly.
  7. gsenthil99


    Hey Linea-lover and fiattucine,

    Thank you very much.... that was fairly comprehensive !! I am going to try it tomorrow.

    Was wondering if you have any details on the wiring front(Connections from the HU to the PXE...) ? I did follow the color codes mentioned in the manual..but might be missing something here..

    Btw, are you using the factory headunit or did u go for a new head unit ?

    how does it sound with the factory headunit ?(I am asking this as I have heard mixed reviews from dealers !!)

    Also, shouldn't the PXE processor after reset ask to play track 1 and track 2 to normailze....It did ask me earlier.. but now with several resets does not ask me... again not sure if I am missing something here !

    Thanks again guys.. TeamFiat rocks !
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2012
  8. Hi gsenthil99,

    I am not too sure about the wiring as the installer had taken care of it and I was a bit busy with my work.
    We are using the stock HU and haven't replaced it with a new one.

    We are pretty happy with the sound quality that we are getting and are thoroughly satisfied. People have complained about weird noises, disturbance etc but we haven't encountered any of those since day one.

    Well, if I remember correctly we didn't reset it. We just plugged in the mic, the laptop and inserted the CD that came along with it. Followed the steps which fiattucine posted earlier alongwith the software guiding us the steps and VOILA it was done :).

    Wishing you the best for the same.
  9. fiattucine


    "Btw, are you using the factory headunit or did u go for a new head unit ?"
    Ans: Factory HU. We wanted to retain B&M and not lose warranty so the only option was a DSP and the difference in SQ is out of this world!

    "Was wondering if you have any details on the wiring front(Connections from the HU to the PXE...) ? I did follow the color codes mentioned in the manual..but might be missing something here.."

    For OEM Speaker Level inputs, the manual states that if you have a full-range output only from your OEM HU (No tweeters) then you must connect only to the L2/R2 wires in the auto-ranging input. This is incorrect, as it should in fact be wired to BOTH L1/R1 and L2/R2. So left OEM output goes into L1 and L2 and so on.

    Before calibrating:

    1. Turn on head unit
    2. Check that balance is centred
    3. Check that Bass and Treble are zero'd
    4. Set Sub level the way you want it
    5. Set amp gains appropriately **
    6. Set subwoofer gains down by 6-12 dB
    7. If running active, set the crossovers in the head unit to the values required (only necessary if changing them from the last run)
    8. Turn off HU and remove faceplate
    9. Connect mic to control box
    10. Connect contol box to HU. Make sure the green LED comes on.
    11. Connect control box to laptop. Listen for "USB connected" beep.
    12. Setup mic in the first position
    13. Start DSP and select right front seat
    a) As mentioned before, turn down the gain on your subwoofer amplifier before tuning, set it at 1/8 to 1/4 (you'll turn it back up once tuning is complete)
    b) Turn off all amplifier Crossovers (if you can't turn them off then turn them up/down accordingly) you want the amplifier to play the widest frequency bandwidth possible.
    c) Remove all head rests from the car (if possible)
    d) Make sure all seats in the car are in the 'normal' position, put your driver's seat in the position where YOU drive from. Now onto the mic positions... there is a pre-threaded nutsert on the bottom of the mic and it just 'Happens' to fit perfectly onto any camera tripod. Screw the mic onto a camera tripod then you're ready to put it in the car.

    Hope this helps. Happy tuning!! :)

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