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Linea Republic - 2013

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by limraj, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    It has done 3400 kms now. I wish I drove more.. How much have you done.
    OTR was more than 10L.

    Thank you. Driving is the one of the things I certainly enjoy.
  2. Yamboy

    Yamboy Novizio

    It was realy nice to meet you Limraj.

    Guys, lot of new TFI members @ Trivandrum, shall we plan a TVM meet soon?
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  3. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Thank you Anumodh, it was nice meeting you too.

    I second this.
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  4. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
  5. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    2013-01-27: Pooja

    We got the customary pooja done at a nearby temple. Drove the car over 4 small lemons placed in front of the tyres as well.
    Seeing the new car, they asked about the cost. Father-in-law was very specific of the cost and he wanted to say it was costing more than 11 Lakhs to make it above all the other cars in the family. I tuned my response accordingly!
    One person asked an interesting question "Full odinju varumo?" meaning will it turn fully? He stated Fiat's are known for not turning fully. I got his point : the turning radius of Fiat's are larger. He must have been remembering it from Premier Padmini days. It was a surprise to me that it was part of Fiat car's character.

    Just after Pooja.

    Parking became 'cramped' after linea arrived. Have to be careful while opening the doors. One easy solution is except the driver every one boards the car after it is being moved out from the parking.
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  6. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    2013-01-28 to 2013-02-18 : Getting things fixed (Fuel lid, Absolute)

    Hyson motors discussed with Concorde and fixed the fuel-lid issue on next Monday at Concorde.
    For fitting absolute kit at Concorde, they tried to get rid of their excess kit, ie send a kit from Hyson to Concorde and fix the same at Concorde. But, Concorde was also trying to fit a kit from their stores.I knew there would be no progress on that until Hyson opens FIAT exclusive showroom and service at Cochin. I could not wait indefinitely, hence sent a mail to Fiat. Nothing happened. I gave Fiat a call 2 days later and explained the problem. Within 10 minutes, I got the call from Customer Care Manager at Hyson. I demanded the absolute kit be fitted at Concorde. He agreed. And absolute kit was also fit from Concorde Motors.
    So now we have two sets of mud flaps and floor mats. One set from Hyson, which we got free and another set from Concorde. Concorde did not fit the mud flaps, as they said the ones currently fitted by Hyson are good enough.


    2013-02-18: Registration
    As I was trying to get a KL-07 registration, to make parents in law to feel it belonged to them, I had to run for supporting documents. Which I got from corporation, but, in the temporary registration certificate, they did not mark the Ernakulam address. I had to get that corrected and Hyson took more than a week's delay.
    I was planning to book the registration number 8051 (popular micro controller core - embedded programmers would know this) but we were late by one day. The number had to be booked in 1 week advance. Our temporary registration would expire before 1 week of the booking, so we had to settle for whatever number allotted.

    Daughter helping me with washing the car.
    2013-03-03: Get the registration number plate done at a shop in Ernakulam.
    The pseudo hi-tech number plate with IND and a sticker on it. Embossing on Aluminium Rs.900/-
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  7. multijetter

    multijetter Regolare

    Congrats limraj...:up

    It is "Republic Time" For FIAT as they are free from TATA:devil
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  8. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    2013-03-10: Completes 1000km. First long drive : 195km

    Finally I get a chance to take the car to my home town. I had driven my wagonR to Ernakulam
    on Friday, Mar-8th to make 'space' for Linea. Washed the car with wet cloth and as usual my
    daughter 'helped' me. She was spelling the fiat logo F....I....A....T and then screaming
    "Linea". She knew our car was Linea and mistook the spelling on the colourful emblem for it.
    When shown Linea on the back side, she had trouble recognizing the L due to its styling.
    In the evening, I started to my home town from in-laws place. The Odo read 993km. Almost
    all of initial 1000km spent at in-laws place it self. On reaching Kundannoor signal, the Odo showed
    About 1.5 months for 1000 kms, not good for a diesel car.

    I stopped at Co-brother's place at Alleppey (1051) km. He checked the CarPad5 that came with
    the absolute kit. He basically gave positive comment. We were discussing how to install it in
    such a way that it would not block the view. Installing it on the windshield is not a
    solution, as it is already blocked by the low rear view mirror.
    I also purchased an MP3 CD as the radio reception was poor. Aerial distance may be below 60km
    for the FM stations from Ernakulam, but the reception was already poor. One thing I miss from
    WagonR. It has a great radio signal reception with that stretchable antenna. I also spent
    some time at the beach with Co-brother.
    Then took the Alleppey->Changanchery bypass to reach MC road and then continued from there.
    Took a break at Chengannur for a black tea and by the time I reached home ODO was showing
    1188, a total of 195km at 10:05pm. 20.4 km/l and a duration of 4hr 21 mins (with the breaks).
    45kmph as average speed.

    Experience from the first long drive.
    First of all, after the drive, there was no fatigue. Driving Linea is so comfortable.
    If I would be driving the wagonR, which has got elcteronic power steering, both my shoulders
    would pain after the long drive. In Linea with hydraulic power steeing, arm rests, foot rest,
    and less frequent gear changes, no body roll, great cornering, and top gear that works almost
    as "cruise" control, its so enjoyable to drive.If I do not need out right acceleration, I do
    not need to downshift even at 35km/h in 5th gear.
    Still not crossed 80km/h or 2000rpm, due to the self-imposed run-in. I might be missing the
    turbo zone.

    - - - Merged Post - - -
    2013-03-24: Relative's marriage function at Palakkad.
    Father-in-Law's incline to get a new car was to go to this function in the new car.

    Drove the car to Ernakulam via Adoor->Changanachery->Alleppy->Ernakulam route.
    On NH17, between Alleppy and Ernakulam.
    I took the

    opportunity to drive it to reception at groom's place in Palakkad, 300 kms up and down from

    Kochi. I set the MapMyIndia GPS Navi (Carpad5) that was part of absolute package for the

    first time. Its map data base is better than my other Garmin device. But, I think it is slow

    to react to gps signals. I am yet to figure out route options, have not ventured into

    research with the device.
    The road to Palakkad is good except for the horrible Kuthiran ghat section. If I had figured out how

    to select alternatives, probably I would have gone via Shornur.
    The outside temperature in this region was shown as 42C in the MID and AC was running at full


    At Groom's house

    While returning I crossed 100 kmph for the second time. The first time was when I took her

    back to Ernakulam the previous day. It was between the Changanacherry-Alleppy stretch that I

    crossed 100 for the first time.
    The car stability impressed me. I overtook many vehicles, although not aggressively,

    including a Bolero, Innova etc.
    The car crossed 2000 km while returning.

    2013-03-28: Again to Palakkad.
    To get the bride back from groom's house, part of the rituals, the car went again to

    Palakkad. This time driven by a driver on contract. Another 300 odd kilometers added to the

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  9. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    2013-03-29 to 2013-03-31: Wayanad trip. First vaccation trip on Linea.

    I wanted to make use of the 3 consecutive holidays because of Easter falling on Mar 29th, Friday. Initial plan was to go to Rameshwaram, as I liked the photos posted in the forums by other users. Also, some website suggested Oct-Mar was the best time to go there. I had to make a last min change of plan to Wayanad instead.
    Hotel booking was done at the very last moment and we got our stay at Haritagiri, Kalpetta.

    Day 1:
    We wanted to start by 7am on 29th. We started by 7:55am. Odo was showing 2515kms.
    We took the NH17 road via Kodungalloor. I do not like this road as it is mainly 2 lane (1 lane up and another lane down) and the road runs through highly populated area. So there would be many vehicles on the road including bikes, making overtaking or attaining decent average speeds tough things. Things were not different from my expectation. I had to patiently manage the traffic of a holiday morning.
    By the time we reached a decent spot of Pookkot lake it was in the late afternoon 2:45 pm. We had stoppages for bio-breaks, lunch, diesel fill up etc. We are very slow with the breaks, considering the elderly couple (my parents in law) also joined us (me, wife and 3 year old kid). Lunch takes 1 hour on an average.
    My daughter enjoyed the children's park there attempting the slides. We spotted few monkeys holding their children close to them while they move. It was interesting sight. I don't remember seeing that before.

    We also took an elephant ride on a medium sized female elephant. That was new to all of us (Me, wife and daughter). Mother in law wanted to try it, but father in law was kind of afraid. Boating at the lake was closed when our turn in the Q came up.
    Rushed to reach the spots Chembra peak or Soochippara waterfalls, but both attempts were in vein. The road the chembra peak was closed due to repair works and Soochippara was spot would close by 4:30 pm and we reached at around 5PM there. We went to the hotel and checked in. Stayed at a concrete 'cottage', what they call as 'kutir'. Nothing great about it.
  10. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    On the way to Wayanad
    I wanted to add a pic here, uploaded using tapatalk. Something has gone wrong..
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