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Linea Rear Axle Replacement

Discussion in 'Technical' started by sunnyside, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Yes, I was in concorde motors today..I heard service personnel talking of replacing the rear axle for one of linea....any one got a call for Punto ?
  2. Aniket

    Aniket Superiore

    Thane, Mumbai
    yeh just today evening my friend got call from Galaxy mulund for same he has punto mjd emo pk , its 03 dec 2010 car, bought on 13 jan 11
  3. Hi! I went to the TASS today and saw many rear axles there... around 48 of them and I had asked the SE, why so many and he told that a particular batch of Linea's and Punto's rear axle was developing cracks and so company had informed them to get it changed and he told that 2010 models were the culprits.
  4. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    Is it applicable to TJet also ?
  5. I too got a call for my Jan 2011 Punto 1.4. I was told it's to prevent excessive tire wear.

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  6. VHR

    VHR Timido

    Line t-Jet Plus Recall?

    Hi Friends

    Recently I took my Line t-jet plus to MG Bros workshop at Nellore for the replacement of LHS rear view mirror (courtesy a zig-zagging student on mobike). The service advisor told me that there is a campaign from Fiat in operation for all cars of chasis of the series of my car for the replacement of rear axil and some related parts. He told me that he will get in touch with me as soon as they receive the relevant parts from Fiat. Did any other TFian face this problem? I am bit concerned.:eek:
  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
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  8. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    There is a definate thud sound from right rear wheel while right turning over a speed breaker. Could it be because of this rear axle issue ?
  9. bna

    bna Novizio


    I got mine rear axle replaced on Monday. SA told its for a specific batch of cars. He told they have to replace it for about 75 cars or so(both Punto and Linea)

  10. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Can someone please confirm the batch for which they are doing the replacement.

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