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LINEA Petrol- KiiRUS Tuned- 1st In India

Discussion in 'Engine and Drivetrain' started by ysapre, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    I guess we 1.4 owners need not cry of the idle/low range performance now.... ::D
    ysapre, dont know whats fixed for sunday yet... but still lets see..
    even i'll be starting for town from sion...
  2. Ranjan

    Ranjan Novizio

    Navsari, Gujarat

    This is the Official site for the Kiirus people. Waiting to know more about this. Waiting to hear of the experience post tuning and the Cost of it.
  3. Gmittal

    Gmittal Amatore

    According the info on Kirrus home page they are travelling to Delhi on 17th and 18th August.
  4. Pran

    Pran Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    How different is Petes and Kiirus? A quick look at their sites gave me this info for Punto MJD

    Original - 190Nm / 75Hp
    Petes - 210Nm / 90HP
    Kiirus - 235Nm /97HP

    On paper Kiirus is a definite winner. Do we have someone who has done Kiirus mods with long term ownership report.
  5. infernal


    A remap is a remap, its anyday better than a tuning box...
    Basically, a tuning box sits between the ECU and the engine, it alters only a few parameters like injection volume and duration, on the other hand a remap alters the MAP on the ECU and various settings like ignition timing, turbo boost, rpm limiter, etc.
    In my opinion a "reliable" remap is the way to go, im not so sure about the kiirus guys though....
  6. Fiat-Yamaha

    Fiat-Yamaha Superiore

    Can anyone let me know the cost of OEM ECU of PUNTO?
  7. amogh

    amogh Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    If i remember right : It is somewhere around 35k
  8. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    Hi Sapre, interesting news. I too am interested in re-map. How are Kiirus people dealing with outstation guys and how much do they charge?
  9. ysapre


    The Cost for the ECU remap is 19, 500 and for outstation i believe Abhishek Mukherjee himself travels once he gets orders. I spoke to him yday and he is in Calcutta for a week since he has many cars lined up there- It is difficult to find him in mumbai since he keeps travelling all over India.

    His # is +91 9594060920 incase anyone needs to connect with him directly. The stats for my LINEA ECU remap are 9 HP gain and 12-14 gm of Torque. For Diesel cars it is much better and especially for turbo diesels it is even better as per Kiirus.
  10. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Damn, how could I miss this. I was too engaged coordinating Bangalore Meet. Yatin and myself works in same office and park our cars at same place. I'm gonna trouble yatin and take a look at his car today ;).

    Congrats Yatin!

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