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Linea or Vento?

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by chethansgangoor, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. sungoa2010


    Unable to accept the statement.
    If you want a excellent and peaceful fundrive, Linea is the car(VFM is a bonus).
    If you want a noisy fun with more worried about interiors then Vento is the choice
    If you don't want fun and can compromise on build quality for plastics, features,resales etc verna may be a better option.
  2. xplorauto


    Is better fit and finish more important than safety? In the name of better fit and finish VW has the audacity to ignore an as important feature like ABS on a 8+ lakh car? I am talking of the Vento TDi trendline here. Even in the top of the line highline trim, the EBD is left out and what is offered instead are reverse parking sensors and steering mounted controls which together won't cost them anything more than 5k INR. But they charge 30K premium for that over their previous model. Why? because they are the elite VW and we love their interior fit and finish...

    Most Indian buyers do not even test drive the cars before buying. For those who do, many of them run their TDs for not more than 2-3 kms in peak hour traffic, crawling at 20 km/hr. How would they appreciate what good handling and steering response was all about. The sales manager who brought the ANHV to us for test drive didn't even know what a VGT was. He didn't know at what RPM the engine delivered its peak torque. But he was very quick to point out the wooden embellishment the new Verna dash carried. Why because all we care about are the fit and finish...

    I am not saying, Fiat should not pay attention to that. They should...they must. All I am saying is Indian buyers should learn to appreciate aspects other than just fit and finish.

    Well to each his own. To me, NVH is a function of how well a car has been put together underneath the pretty skin you see. May be the Vento was not intended to be self driven. But to me VW has tried to brush some glaring flaws in its engineering under it's so called fit and finish

    Exactly!!! You said it right .... "Eyes Closed" is the operative word here. Where am I debating that? If only they had their eyes open, they would know how mediocre the Vento TDi is...
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  3. cartoos


    New Delhi
    I want to add to this discussion is that if you have perfect leg to drive a car then Linea is best to drive and if you have unfit leg to push car then Linea is not car for you. To explore Linea, you need to have guts.
    No car comes 100% perfect from the factory its only we fiatian talk about it even minor fault about our car because we are passionate people and not like ordinary people who goes by herd mentality even their Cars are "Rattle king" ( Read Swift) but can't dare to think differently because of thinking that what will others say if they buy car that is not very popular but will always admire Fiat cars still can't dare to buy.
    I am very happy that Fiat is not able to sale their car to masses, the day it will be car of masses, I will not buy it because car of masses are complete compromise. If some say that its dead elephant then how come my wife likes to drive Linea more than our A* Automatic ?. These are my view and everybody is entitled to his own in this free world no hard feeling.
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  4. Guys today i spoke to the sales manager at concorde motors in Ambattur Chennai and he mentioned that the Linea 1.6 multijet diesel is in the pipeline for a launch soon..a worthy contender against the vento and the verna with similar displacements.. It packs about 105 horses if the internet is to go by ...

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  5. Toruk_Macto

    Toruk_Macto Amatore

    Totally agree cartoos. I also feel the same way. We are rare people to chose the different way, a more gutsy and adventurous way. The love for my car goes deeper and deeper as I drive her more. I see one of my colleague coming in his 3 pot petrol polo which is making more noise than my MJD. He almost paid the same amount for his petrol Polo as my MJD. He always admires Fiat, so one day I asked him why he did not go for Punto. and as expected his answer was "I know Fiat is a much better car, but I scared. Also, resale is a issue".

    Sometimes I feel happy that Fiat is not selling it to masses, else who would have looked at my punto everyday I drive out of my society or into my office. Even after 2 years of it's launch, it attracts lots of people.
  6. cartoos


    New Delhi
    Now This December Punto start with 3.63 lakh only, Just saw a new ad.
  7. And Linea starts from 5.65 lakh!
  8. cartoos


    New Delhi
    No Linea start with 5.55 lakhs.
  9. gopscreative

    gopscreative Amatore

    My statement was meant in comparison with Engine specs. Have you driven the 1.6 CRDI?Its a Diesel rocket:redcar .Linea is a very good sedan and sheer VFM , but in comparison with engine specs it lags behind for sure .And May I also know what is exactly meant by Fun drive??
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  10. Firends , It is exactly 4 months since this thread got started .. :)

    Any idea whether Chetan's friend ended up getting confused by our comparisons ? or he went and brought some other car ? :)

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