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Linea or Vento?

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by chethansgangoor, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. xplorauto


    The Kinetic Fiesta wasn't a part of our original back-to-back test drive session as my colleague (registered in the forum under the guise of @speedbong) already owned a Fusion TDCi and wasn't considering another Ford. It could be that the incumbency factor was at play for him but he argued that Ford vehicles deteriorate very rapidly with age and maintenance becomes very high in the later years of ownership. But, that I guess is separate topic of discussion which is better answered by Ford owners themselves.

    Coming back to the Kinetic Fiesta, I wanted to bring the test drive exercise to be as exhaustive nd so evaluated the top-of the line trim a few days later. Surprisingly, the new Fiesta was eerily Linea ike, especially the suspension setup. However, the turbo lag was more, NVH was slightly higher, the steering response was slightly better although I prefer the Fiat's steering contours, and on driving it I got the same thought I got on driving the MJD. I wished it had a more powerful engine. But that's where the comparatives end.

    Design wise, which I agree is very subjective, the kinetic design was too tacky when compared to the timeless design of the Linea. The boot seemed slapped on to an original hatchback design. The interiors were too loud and flamboyant. Finally the biggest dampener was the pricing. I thought the Fiesta was way way overpriced. Agreed, it comes loaded with hell lot of bells and whistles but to me many of them were unnecessary.

    So the bottom-line, Linea has a much better VFM. Although I would love a few nick knack features to be included as a part of their upcoming face lift. The most important being, reverse parking sensors integrated in the bumper. An integrated rear view camera with a Gentex like auto dimming mirror module with built in rear view display would be fabulous. Also electrically fold-able wing mirrors would be an useful addition.
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  2. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    Coundnt stop wondering...
    Asking if Linea or Vento is the right car on fiat enthusiast's portal is like asking giving a veggie group option between chicken burger and a veg one :D
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  3. xplorauto


    Or vice versa, where every other car apart from a Fiat is a vegetable burger and all the members in this forum being the non-veggies !!!!:D

    Humor aside, at the time when the stated opinion was formed, neither me nor my colleague was a fiat enthusiast. To be honest, neither of us had ever even owned a Fiat in our lives before. We in fact began our hunt for the next car with the ANHC & the Vento TDi in mind. That was in February this year. I booked my T-Jet only in late October. We spent close to 3 quarters TD-ing and deliberating on the next car. My post is a narrative of how I (and @speedbong) was baptized into the Fiat fraternity.
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  4. vishnu's

    vishnu's Amatore

    I really agree that Linea is a great car and its absolute VFM. We are all Fiat fans, but we should not consider other cars as piece of junk. Vento by any means has better interiors and fit and finsh than Linea. I don't own a linea or Vento but i have extensively driven both the cars as my close relative own a diesel vento and my neighbour owns a Linea. Diesel vento is definitey more punchy than Linea no doubt about that(don't tell me that we are not going for drag race and all, extra power is always help). About the engine clatter its on the high side and for only this reason don't frame it as a bad car. Even though its over priced people go for it with eye closed and VW don't have to give any discount on diesel models and has waiting period as well. So do you think only we are the smart guys who got an excellent product and all other are stupid? and please tell me what will be the price of Linea if it comes with 1.6 Multijet engine? i think it will be inline with the price of Vento.

  5. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3

    Vishnu, definitely Vento is not badged as a Junk. What members are saying is that Linea is VFM than the Vento. Also, remember that VW's don't have a concept of Free Service. You are bound to pay for the service right from day one.
  6. gopscreative

    gopscreative Amatore

    Guys I have driven Fluidic Verna, Vento TDI and Linea MJD.
    Here are my points
    1. Verna:- Punchy Engine(Most powerful and fun to drive of the 3),Handling is pretty scary at high speeds, and ride quality is not that great, good features,looks.
    2.Vento:-good Engine(But TDI is pretty old tech and sounds like a tractor),handling is better than Verna and very nice interiors and little less features compared to both,looks wise its little plain.
    3.Linea:- 1.3 VGT MJD is no match for 1.6,But benchmark in build quality,handling and ride quality.feature rich also and looks wise,its the best among the 3(My personal opinion).

    If money is the criteria then Linea is the way , or else Fluidic Verna is the way.
  7. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    If money is not the criteria, I would prefer Optra Magnum LT than Vento and Verna.
    Leather Seats
    4 disc brakes, and etc., etc.,

    Ofcourse it is dated, but I feel this is definitely a better car than Verna.
  8. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    With all due respect, Ramjn, dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago, but left the Optra here. :) It's time is gone and what you get is an outdated platform.

    Unless one is interested in regular 0-100kmph blasts, the Verna doesn't make much sense either.

    It's Linea all the way.

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  9. Cant control my laugh .. Paaji , That was a good line :lol

  10. speedbong


    Ok... speedbong is online at the forum now!
    Well, as xplorauto mentioned before... we did quite a few TDs for over 6 months before we bought ourselves the Italian beauty.

    Reason why I hate Ford...
    I happen to own a Ford Fusion+ also (for more that 3 years now!)... I had quite a few trouble with it. 2 instances of wheel knuckle bearing replacements, AC blowing up, driver side (master) window controller breaking down after 2 years - luckily I had an extended warranty that covered everything.
    I had freak accident while coming back from Pondicherry a couple of months back. Head-on wit a tractor (having 2 trailers and the driver lost control of the vehicle, came on the wrong side of the highway and hit my right front side!) Entire right front side was smashed... mostly the body/headlamps/bumper... no damage to engine luckily; and the rear door was damaged. Fixing the whole damn thing costed me about 85K (insurance company paid about 50K). The front bumper which had to be replaced costed about 20K. That's too expensive for the car, as far as I am concerned. So, bottom line - expensive spare parts and high maintenance.
    Over the last few months, I also noticed that quite a few rattles and vibrations have developed in the car - after having driven the Linea I feel like I am driving a cab. So, Ford is a strict no no if you plan to own it for long term. However, the handing of the car, drivers seating position, and the engine itself are things that are definitely positives (at least I did not have any engine problem).

    Now, back to the main topic... Vento or Linea - I couln't have put it better than xplorauto. Tractor on NOS.:D
    The tubolag is too bad, my feet were literally aching after 15-20 mins of test drive, NVH levels were very high. Below 40km/hr it felt like that I have been pushing the accelerator pedal forever, and still not moving fast enough. After 40/50 - suddenly there is too much power, almost like I've hit on (double!) NOS. Very inconvenient for regular city driving, especially in Bangalore.

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