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Linea MJD - Buying advice

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by sly.cooper, May 25, 2011.

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  1. I called up Fiat customer care number and he confirmed the same. I still probed him for the reason however he was unable to answer it. I have asked him to give me the same in writing in the form of email. He is going to check with his "seniors" or "other department" and get back to me. I will going to the showroom shortly to clear our remaining payment and hence the urgency.
  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Congratulations sly.cooper at last :)

    Do upload lots of phots of your car once you get the car :)
  3. Done with the final payment :). The VIN number has DMZ so it is Apr' 11 as per the VIN decoding. I am also planning to change the original speakers with JBL.

    Final accessory list
    - Seat covers
    - Filming
    - Reverse parking sensors
    - Speakers
    - Door sil protection (not yet available)

    My friend advised me to check the accessories at Poona Motors. Anyone has experience with Poona Motors? I will get the car on Thursday.
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  4. are those accessories you are getting from the dealer or getting fixed outside??

    and what is the final cost including all the things like insurance and taxes??
    and the accessories..

    cant you get a may model??
    as there are complaints from the march and april batches related to the ac O rings
  5. drarvindc


    congrats sly.cooper,

    I had been following the thread since day one. Hope to see your car pics soon, needless to say i guess, but be firm about the PDI.

  6. I dont think I will get May model as there are cars in the stock from March & April. I had asked for April model. I dont think the dealer will order new cars if the cars are already in the stock. Can he do that? I read about cars in March having AC O ring problem and hence opted for April.

    I am planning to get the accessories done from outside except reverse parking sensor (still thinking). I want the sensors color to match the body color.

    List price of the car is Rs. 9,82,428/- (on road). After all discounts and adding value pack, the final price I got is Rs. 9,44,942/-. I haven't bough any accessories yet.

    @Arvind - Thanks. PDI is either tomorrow or Monday.
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  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Congrats sly.cooper

    April manufactured is good enough. Do check how many km's are on the speedo etc during the PDI. Do have a read of the PDI thread.

  8. that seems to be a fair deal. talk to the SA and tell him you need a car from may lot(make)
    they can order one for you. but i doubt if they give you the discounts they offered in the april model..

    sensors can be painted to the body colour if i am not wrong..
    even the sensors from the companies come in black or white.

    and now that you are in june cant you ask for june model as such??
    if they say yes you can get the car by this month end.. and the latest direct from the factory
  9. @ I checked with the SA. For May cars, I will have to wait till end of June. Think when will I get car from June ;-). Ideally it should not take long as the factory is near to Pune. I really dont want to wait any longer. The 4 days wait too is killing me. I have been waiting for ~3-4 months now doing research. I have asked SA to specifically check about the O ring issue. Not sure if this something that I can check :p. Rainy season has already started and it is tough to commute in Pune without car. If it "must" to wait for May then I might reconsider it. What do you all think? BTW... I have made the full payment.

    Yes sensors can be painted however not sure of matching the Tuscan Wine shade. Hence I may get that done from dealer. The dealer has "worldtech" make :confused:. Feels like everyone is making parking sensors now a days. Any genuine make for sensors? I was told not to get the Xenos one.
  10. make sure that u get the exact colour on the registration papers..
    we bought a t wine linea on 5th may2011 and the make was April 11. There is a mistake in RC regarding the colour which has mentioned it as T. White..
    Avoid going through this problem..
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