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Linea MJD - Buying advice

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by sly.cooper, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Hi All,

    I am doing research for my first sedan and came across this wonderful forum with lots of information related to Linea. I am based out of Pune and have a swift with me since last 5+ years. I love my old car however now it is now time to upgrade. I plan on keeping my swift and go for a sedan. I managed to gather some knowledge and started understanding car terminologies while going through different forums during my research. I have so far looked at Vento, SX4, Fiesta classic & new Verna. I dropped Vento & Verna since they are out my budget. SX4 interiors are similar to swift and I don't want to drive one more swift. Rear leg room is not at all adequate. Anyways I am not interested in waiting for 3 months. Fiesta classic has dull looks. I loved this car right from the time it launched. Last weekend, I went to Pandit Auto and my wife loved this car. I heard a lot about engine being "underpowered' however I didn't feel it during the TD as I drove it in the traffic. Is that really the case and does it matter? I am not into fast driving. I have "almost" decided to buy this car. This forum has really helped me in having more faith in "Fiat" (I am still worried about "TATA" part though).
    Can you guys provide me any buying/booking tips? The dealer is not provided any accessories on top of standard discount (no insurance/extended warranty). What are the things do I need to check before or while buying? I am planning to book it over coming Saturday and may be finish loan related formalities in next week. I would like to get the car before rainy season starts. I am looking for Emotion/Emotion Pack (preferring as of now) variant.
    Will it make a difference if I shift Patrol and Diesel vehicle frequently since I will have both the variants (Swift/Linea) (FE)??

    Thanks in advance.
  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Welcome aboard buddy, and excellent choice of vehicle i must say

    Have a read of this thread.

    That is not done. I would recommend checking out the deal at another dealer also. Insist on getting insurance ,extended warranty, RSA ( road side assistance) package, floor mats and genuine moulded mud flaps in the discount package. And avoid the teflon coating.

    Go for the Emotion Pack :cool:
    With petrol prices crossing the stratosphere , go for the diesel . Long trips or short trips or a visit to the petrol pump ; you'll have a smile on your face always not buckets of sweat.:)

    Which color have you finalised?. All the best.

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  3. Thanks Gurjinder for quick response.
    Unfortunately there is only one dealer in Pune:(. I tried to bluff saying that I might buy it from Mumbai if I get a better deal. The guys called me after 2 days saying he checked with his seniors/management and they cannot provide me accessories free of cost. I need to buy accessories worth 10K to get mud flaps and floor mats. Any tricks would be appreciated. BTW I missed to add RSA in the package. I guess I will have to keep on delaying to get discounts which I really dont want to. Can you tell me more about not doing teflon? How do I protect the paint or shine?
    With this question I actually meant of driving style between Patrol vs. Diesel since I will be driving both cars on and off. I know you feel lot of difference when you switch between Patrol & Diesel vehicles (Drove friends Innova once). True the Patrol prices are shooting up and that is the exact reason to go for MJD :D. I will keep the car for min 6-7 years. Will be going ~1000Km per month.
    I had thought long back to go for Black color for my next car however dropped the plan. I liked Tuscan Wine being a new color and the outer crome looks really nice. Still thinking about maintaining the color. Minimal Grey too is in the list. I loved the new T-Jet colors however I cannot get them for MJD:mad:. One of the car in my society is silver in color. Is there any silver color or is it minimal Grey? Is Black a difficult color to maintain? I think the quality and shine is better now a days for black color. My car will be parked in the shade maximum time.
  4. cooper
    there is a 40k off on linea from the factory itself... bargain more carefully.(its given in autocar)
    plus the dealer might give you 5k dicount or accessories..
    you need to bargain..
  5. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    sly.cooper welcome to Team FIAT India first. Its a good decision that you are considering FIAT Linea over its rivals.

    As you are going to Pandit Auto, their sales advisors knows Team FIAT India. Try to contact Rahul Joshi or Gurnain Kapoor. They have good knowledge of FIAT.
    Inform them that you are from TFI & you will get very good buying experience. If you are going to Rahul/Kapoor then give my, Amogh's reference & ask for the freebies if possible they will give you free accessories btu I am not sure. You need to use your bargaining skills there. Besk luck. :)

    They have on going scheme that you need to pay Rs. 7500 against the insurance and extended warrenty & corporate discount if applicable. :)

    Waiting for more update from your side.
  6. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Do try inquiring at the Mumbai dealers . Tell your friends/relatives to make some inquiries. TFI'ans from Mumbai may also be able to help you out.

    As for the Teflon , i dont recommend because there is no Teflon coating. Just a myth. There are a few threads going on regarding why not to do it. Do give it a search.

    You're gonna be addicted to the diesel, and will be driving your Swift less and less once the Linea arrives. Driving style does take some getting used to , but that can be managed in a few days max.

    Minimal Grey is the color (Silver). I think the Medium Grey , a pretty nice color is discontinued now. Black, Tuscan Wine or even Flamenco Red definitely demand more effort than say a Bossa Nova White. We have BNW and minor dust/swirls do not show on paint as prominently as they would on a darker hue . So, do make your choice keeping in mind the time and effort you'll be able to devote to keep the paint in top shape.

  7. Have a look at Fox Trot Azure as well. A nice color with very less maintenance
  8. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi Sly.cooper. Welcome to TFI. Well Gurjinder is lightening fast and has already answered the imp stuff. Allow me to add my 2 cents as well.

    You should seriously go for MJD. Some members here are planning to take risk of convert their cars to CNG after the recent petrol hike.

    Regarding Variant, go for Emotion Pack because it has blue&me, voice commands, airbags, alloys and most important feature- USB PORT.
    On the other hand, if you like to install woofers and amps, Emotion variant is better as you can easily route Head Unit on/off signal from Emotipn's HU to the amplifier. You can even change the HU though it will spoil the looks of the center console.

    Accessories: I'll recommend not to put mudflaps as they look like those of trucks and buses. Well carpet floor mats can be had from aftermarket for about Rs500. Its really lame for them to ask for buying stuff worth 10k to get a thing worth 0.5k. :p

    Color: Well, my personal favourite is white Linea because the curves of white linea can be made out even at night. Black cars look the same at night. Just the headlights and tail lights can be made out.

    Yes, Silver=minimal grey.
    Another color I personally like in Linea is Medium Grey. I have seen just 2 so far but the color looks awesome.
    Black Linea looks somewhat like Audi when approachong from a distance. Hope, I didn't confuse you.
    Last edited: May 26, 2011
  9. @kedarbendre - Based on your location, I am assuming that you are talking about Pandit at Tilak Road. I met Mr. Ganesh and there was one lady. Apart from that I did not see any SA. I will check for Rahul/Gurnain.
    Yes they do have Rs. 7500 discount scheme available.
    I am not good with bargaining skills :(. Having only one dealer makes it more difficult.
  10. I just checked with Wasan motors @ Mumbai. There is whopping difference of 35.5K in the list price (without discount). The last price I can get is at @9.7 L (with mud flaps & mat, no confirmation about sun film). In Pune I will be getting it @9.4 L (including 12K corporate discount).
    The guys also told me that minimal grey color is getting discontinued from next month (nothing on paper). Is anyone aware of it? Is Fiat planning to launch new color for Linea or allow T-Jet colors to Linea :cool:
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