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Linea MJD 1.3 Classic Plus - Acceleration issue only in 5th gear

Discussion in 'Technical' started by sriks84, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. sriks84

    sriks84 Amatore

    Hey Folks,

    Its been a very long time since I have logged into TFI and very nice to see the new site which is rocking.

    I have completed driving 10,000 odd Kms in 7 months in my MJD Linea Classic Plus and the performance seems to be very good apart from a strange incident that happened the last weekend.

    I was on my way to my house on Nice Road and when I tried accelerating the car in 5th gear with AC on , the engine refused to accelerate..I immediately stopped accelerating and switched off the ac and again slowly started to accelerate without AC and then it worked fine .

    I wanted to test this more, so switched on AC again and tried accelerating very gradually in 5th gear and it seemed to work fine.

    One important observation is that in my 5th gear, if I try to accelerate with my accelerator pedals down completely( full throttle) , i some how face this problem , but if i try to accelerate very slowly pushing the accelerator pedal sown gradually the problem is not showing up.

    I have not faced this issue in any of the other gears apart from 5th gear while crossing 90 to 100 KML speed

    No warning lights etc seen in my dashboard everything looks perfect.

    Your advice would be of great help to me before taking it to Fiat service center.

  2. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Yes you are correct about this observation, sudden acceleration (surge) by flooring will not happen for MJDs, although you could get it check by an SA to confirm your doubts. Not sure why the car was having trouble with AC on, that is not normal. Surely a routine check-up and examiner check will show if any issues are really there. Bad fuel can also be a trouble sometimes, make sure you are filling at reputed fuel bunks. I prefer HP regular diesel, take your pick.

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