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Linea Love Story

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by Linea-Lover, May 11, 2011.

  1. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor


    Thankfully the boot lid is safe.
  2. Unfortunately it is not. There is a small dent on the boot as well at the bottom end :(.
  3. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Thats sad Linea Lover. What is the price Linea Rear Bumper.
  4. Linea-lover try keeping it under harsh sunlight.There was a similar dent on our Linea E(T.wine) but got into shape on exposure to sunlight.The dealer said these bumpers are made of mouldable low tensile plastic.
  5. viveksonkhla

    viveksonkhla Amatore

    Noida, India
    Linea T-Jet
    Damn....this is one of the What the F*** moment...that I don't even want my enemies to live....

    Bumper seems ok....just out of shape...possible solution...go to local car repair shop...he will fix it in no time......minor dents on the boot lid can be fixed with dry denting.....you end up paying 1000/-

    Or else....go to service center...get the bumper replaced....the whole bloody thing is going to cost close to 9K ..you will end up paying some 2000/-

    You decide what suits you.....
  6. fiattucine


    Now for the update on the bumper replacement. I went ot cargo motors day before evening and inspected the new bumper. The paint job was good, no shade discrepancy and smooth and glossy. The silver strips were also in place(they cost 2500/- a pair FYI). BUT the finish of the side upper edges wasnt great. instead of a smooth curve, the edges were rough and uneven so I asked the boss of Cargo, Ahmedabad, Major Vaghela to get it finished properly as it should be and I will be taking delivery next day. It looked like the edges needed to be emeried and smoothened. He assured me it would be done and I need not worry.

    Here, I must mention that Major Vaghela and the staff at Cargo have been very cooperative and been very courteous and prompt. This is more important when a lady customer has to take delivery by herself. Not that male customers should not get the same treatment but its just that women cannot jostle around with cab drivers and all. You know what I mean? smile.gif

    I called the Aslali body shop yesterday in the afternoon and the guy seemed a bit vague. His told me ''madam, sab kaam ho gaya hain. driver gaadi showroom leke jaa raha hain". When i asked him " kya kaam hua hain?", he said " jo kaam karna tha woh ho gaya." tout.gif Now that did get me a little bit worried as to ''kya kaam hua hain" but well, lets take a chance!

    The gentleman who caused the damage to the bumper had come to my office in the afternoon to give me the money. Very decent and nice fellow, God bless him. I offered him a cuppa coffee and asked him what exactly happened that evening. He said " I really don't know ma'am. I somehow thought the lights went green and I pulled forward. next thing I know, there was a loud crunch." Shit happens. Otherwise life would be constipated, I guess.

    Went to Cargo motors again last evening. The edges were smoother alright BUT now the edges where the tail lights meet the bumper, werent aligned. Quite a discernible gap and somehow the paint gloss wasnt all that bright as when I saw it yesterday sad.gif Oh well, the bumper will anyway go for 3M treatment so I guess that should help. Total cost of bumper, paint and silver strips was Rs 10,008/- inclusive of taxes. Pretty decent methinks, considering that only the strips cost 2500/ a pair.

    And I have managed to get Fiat India to send the illuminated door sills by air courier, a first for Fiat apparently. We had asked for the door sills from the day we made the booking but nada until now. Lets hope Fiat sends the item across as promised.

    P.s I don't know what they did but the USB port doesn't work now. it was working perfectly fine until the day we gave it for boot replacement. And the sad part is the dealer is giving me the '' theres been a fire at Fiat factory so it will take at least 15 days for us to get spares" story :(
  7. We did the first long drive last week. Ahmedabad to Mumbai and back for a birthday party weekend !!! We left Ahmedabad at 10 pm and literally drove all night with frequent stops to keep sleep away. Finally reached Mumbai in the morning at around 10 am. Stayed in my company guesthouse at Cuffe Parade which had this gorgeous view of the seascape of Nariman point, Worli seaface and Malabar Hills. Just loved it! We partied hard for 2 days dn then drove back on sunday. The engine has opened up quite a bit, the turbo whine is noticeable and it sounds NICE. The steering shake and shudder, which was an issue earlier was gone. No hissing sounds from the OVRM, as has been reported in many lineas. There is a kind of squeaking sound coming from the boot though which could be because of suspension problems. First service is being done tomorrow so that will need to be checked and rectified.

    Now comes the fun part On the Baroda-Ahmedabad National Expressway, we pushed her to see what she could do. We hit 195 kmph without a struggle but couldnt push it beyond since there was traffic which came in the way before we could push more. There definitely was more juice in her than 195 kmph. And the brakes are amazing, simply fantastic! From 195 to 40 within no time at all. No screeching, no shuddering, no swerving. Very sure, very safe and very effective. And shes still shod with the OEM Eagle NCTs, whch really arent great!!

    The car returned a mileage of around 13.5kmpl during this trip where the speeds were around 100~120kmph.

    Today the car has gone for its 5k km checkup.

    Will update on the service quality.
  8. fiattucine


    Now for the update on the 5000 km first service. This time we took her to Aspi Motors because we were tired of Cargo Motors belligerent attitude, their all-talk-no-action ways when it comes to A.S.S. The experience at Aspi Motors was much better. For starters, they have huge space and much better organized and courteous so we were spared the chaos and confusion thats is routine at Cargo. They delivered the vehicle within the time promised. No oil change was done and the power steering pipe assembly didn'd require changing. Apparently, our Bijli ben did not come from the batch which had problems with this particular part. Allelujah!

    The engine oil was not changed so no charges for the service. The washing quality wasnt that great though. We had to send the car back for a second wash before we took delivery.

    Oh and the squeaking noise from the boot was because the weight of the subwoofer was making it shift left and right at turns tout.gif and since it has been pushed as far back as possible, its weight was going to the part of the stepney cover at its thinnest! They placed it a bit in the middle and all squeaks have vanished! I am relieved that its not a suspension problem, as suspected.
  9. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    as i told aspi is far better than cargo. and whats with the power steering pipe? was the problem with the tjets or all lineas!! i am unaware of this issue.
  10. The problem wasn't with all Lineas as mentioned by Aspi Motors. Its a particular batch of cars only.

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