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Linea Love Story

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by Linea-Lover, May 11, 2011.

  1. After debating and discussing for almost a year, we had made up our minds to buy a new car for which we had worked out the budget as well. At that time 20 lakhs wasn't that big a problem. So we started our visits to the showroom in late 2010 with our eyes peeled for cars in the 15 and above category. We glanced at the cars in the sub10 lakhs category and walked past them. But then there was no harm in discussing about them. I mean, why would one TD an i20 would when you have your eyes fixed at the Fortuner. "OOOOHHHH!!! Thats NOICE!!! "was the reaction from her everytime a Fortuner would go by and we sitting in our OHC straining our necks to look at it. Why?? When the OHC is parked next to the Fortuner the roof line is either in line or slightly below the window sill of the Fortuner :D. So started day dreaming of it even though the bookings were closed (Toyota, i mean c'mon, increase your production of the Fortuner). We joked about fixing a Bull Bar and bullying all the smaller cars and autowallahs on the road with our massive SUV. Why not!!! we get bullied too :p.

    Our selection criteria:
    1. Has to GO as my wife has been driving the Palio 1.2 for the last 9 years. As you might be aware, its not one of the quickest car on the road.
    2. Has to be good looking. Everytime you walk to it you should be proud of owning one for e.g. Palio :D. After so many years, its still looks so good.
    3. Has to handle brilliantly. We keep hitting the highway every now and then so driving on the highway should be a pleasure.
    4. Mileage: Yes, that is a consideration but not the definitive one. I would happily skip a meal to feed my car :p. Helps both of us.
    5. Boot space: The bigger the better, but not one of the deciding factors.
    6. Has to be a sedan or an SUV.

    HYUNDAI: Nope, not the manufacturer for us. We both aren't too fond of Kimchi-esque designs.
    Santro: No way. Period.
    i10: Its hideous (sorry, no offense to i10 owners but thats our personal opinion). I wanted to TD one in order to figure out why it sell like hot cakes. My wife bluntly refused to even sit in it saying "I can't be seen sitting in an i10 :p".
    i20: Good VFM but then, everyone seems to have one. Everytime you turn your head, you find one. It was impressive at once upon a time, but not anymore.
    Accent: Why don't they kill the model now?? Its been ages we have been seeing it on roads. Do you ever notice when one just passes by you?? I dont think so.
    Verna: The earlier one was ugly enough, how did Hyundai designers manage to make it even uglier?? FIRE THEM :p.
    Sonata: In simple words, we call it a Lala gaadi. Bling and then blink away. Santa Fe: Had just been launched and at almost 25L, was way over our budget. Didn't look impressive either.

    MARUTI: Sorry but we arent big fans of Sushi-Q(uality) either. But anyways still I went through the deliberation process anyways.
    Alto: Not even in our dreams.
    A-Star: My wife finds it cute calling it a "Basset Hound Puppy”. To me its has a stunned expression as if someone just BOOOOOED the car :p.
    Swift: Pretty old now, not exciting to look at anymore.
    SX4: Extremely good VFM but never rings the right bells. Its way too laid back, confused SUV-Sedan crossover vehicle. Not the prettiest of the lot as well.
    Grand Vitara: Its a nice SUV from what I've read but then again its petrol. I said I can skip a meal. Not fast for a 15 days a month :p.

    City: From the front end it’s a stunner. Rear is quite boring. Interiors are a big disappointment. It’s so plain and boring. Handling!!! The less said the better. Its a Honda afterall.
    Civic: Stunning looking car even after so many years its one of the best looking car on the road. But, its underpowered for the money one spends. Did a TD and my wife was extremely disappointed by it. Nothing great about the engine as well. If you want to spend that kinda money, buy the Cruze anyday.
    Accord: Not an option with the single digit mileage it gives.
    CRV: Its repulsive, the way we look at it. And then, its a petrol again :p.

    Micra: Very nice looking car. Extremely spacious from inside. Packed with features. A brilliant product. Doesn’t fit our criteria though.
    X-Trail: Not the best looking car on the road. But my God, its practical and made for travel freaks like us. The space it has is not funny at all. And the sunroof is MASSIVE. Started our search on youtube to see the off road videos and its bloody impressive. It doesn't look that the X-Trail is capable of doing things off road but it sure as hell is. Problem, exceeding our budget so we had to re-calculate our finances for it.

    Innova: I like it. I very much like it. I have driven one quite a bit. Its a brilliant product from the Toyota pool. My wife didn't approve of it. Somehow she doesn't like it.
    Corolla: Its too boring and makes us feel 10 years older than we are :p.
    Give us a car which makes us feel like eighteen again, thats what we are looking for!
    Fortuner: Went to Infinium Toyota for a TD. The sales executive promptly arranged the TD vehicle and we were off. Its silky smooth again. The engine is brilliant and the way it pulls is unreal. Loads of torque and minimal turbo lag. Makes it a fun to drive even in the city. Didn't test the off road ability but it pretty clear that its a capable off roader. The only problem with the Fortuner is the interiors. If doesn't make one feel sitting in something costing 20+ lakhs. A 7segment LED clock!!! Are we still living in the 90's?? Bookings closed so no point discussing things any further.

    Spark: I'd rather not say anything about it as people will either kill me or ban me for what I think about it.
    Beat: Nicely packaged for city driving. But we were looking at something bigger.
    Optra: Dated looks.
    Cruze: Now thats one aggressive, powerful, fast car. Its a diesel as well so its not that heavy on the pocket too. So we were ready for our TD. Went to Gallops Motors and had a first hand experience of the Cruze. In simple words, Its COOL. Other than minor hiccups like the seat scraping the center console when all the way up front, lack of room when I'm sitting in the passenger seat and low head room, its excellent. I personally am completely sold to the automatic transmissions. The ease of mind in city driving is just incomparable. So we wanted to TD and automatic which unfortunately Gallops motors didn't have. My wife promptly contacted GM India asking them a reason for unavailability of the model which we plan to buy. If we are buying a car worth 15 lakhs we sure would like to TD one. Its not a cosmetic difference that could be overlooked. I must say, GM India was prompt enough to ask Gallops motors to arrange one which
    they immediately did. Now thats what you call customer service. We were mighty
    impressed and felt in safe hands if we would be buying one.

    So there we were, at around 6:30pm on a November evening, for the TD of the auto version of the Cruze. First was my turn. Excellent car to drive. Its pretty fast to respond and the gear shifts are silky smooth. Tap the throttle and it surges like a rocket. I was completely sold to it. Now was the turn for my better half to TD it. This was her first experience with an auto transmission. Not a surprise it takes some time to get used to as I had driven my friends Corolla Auto. Firstly, one paddle is missing. Unlearning conventional driving isn't that easy. So we hit the road and were doing around 100 going all ga ga about the car and reached the rumble strips. Instinctive reaction, her left foot reaches for the clutch which is absent and lands on the brake paddle. The whole car shudders and came to a halt immediately. She had inadvertently tested the ABS!!! Pretty effective, I must say. The ABS, not her method of testing. The service executive and I almost had cardiac arrests.... Thankfully no one was behind us as later on we were informed that it was a delivery car due to be delivered next day. Who so ever has that car now, our sincere apologies but we did test the ABS on your car and it works. Hope you never need it though :). Finances had been worked, color was finalised and we were fully ready to book the car.

    Then a sudden change in plans as we came across a beautiful apartment which we just couldn't refuse to buy. We mulled over the car and the apartment and decided we should take the better investment opportunity the flat offered.Took the giant leap and bought it :)
    Result?? The car budget had to be cut down and delayed.
  2. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Loved it....simply loved it. Waiting to read Fiat's Introduction, bring it on!
  3. nkapoor777

    nkapoor777 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Hooked to the thread! Bring on the FIAT story now..
  4. Klub Class

    Klub Class Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I remember reading the same thread in Gearheads. :D

    But knowing your writing skills, I can't wait more to read the remaining part. :p
  5. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    excellent , felt great ...
  6. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Subscribed. :)

    Reserve the best of your story telling skills for FIAT.


    P. S. If only dealerships stopped giving TD's in to-be-delivered cars.
  7. fiattucine


    That above by Linea Lover,was the prologue to the love story, ladies and gentlemen. Now time for the hero of this story to make a grand entrance! Not me. The Car! :p

    My affair with Fiat cars started many years ago when I spied this head-turning hunk of a car in CP(Connaught Place to the uninitiated). I literally did an about turn and walked to the car and said to myself ''Now thats the car I am buying!!". Just like that, love at first sight. And so when I relocated to Bangalore a year after the incident, I went to the Fiat showroom and pointed at the Palio and told the SE '' I want to buy that. In silver. How much?".I paid the booking amount, went home and slept. I woke up in the morning to an epiphany. Silver wasnt me. So ended up buying fern green.

    Yes, in retrospect, it was really stupid and outright dumb to havebought a car without a test drive or reading up about it. But there are some things that are inexplicable and defy logic and rationale. Like love. Like bellbottoms and afros. You get the drift.

    My husband's affair with Fiat started a little after we got moony-eyed about each other. I remember the first time he drove my Palio, he was exasperated and completely unimpressed. I didn't blame him. For someone who has been driving the OHC for years, the sudden transition from sprinting to jogging must have squeezed his breath out. But that was then.

    Now hes a 'enlightened being' like all of us Fiat fans here. He does suffer from relapses at times but a certain look from me usually brings him back to the nirvanic Fiat- induced euphoria. If that doesnt work, the sighting of a Linea always does the trick. A round of applause is in order here methinks for my die-hard evangelism which I shall shamelessly revel in. I think Fiat owes me some too. Like sending me on all all-expense paid trip to Italy or better still, giving me lifetime spares and service. But that would be asking too much. I will have to be happy with good spares and service. Paid, of course. By me. And if they oblige, of course.

    So where were we?? Yes, we cut down our budget and got back to the drawing board. Now at 10 lakhs and under, we had to choose between the Vento, ANHC, Jazz, Fabia and Linea. Now heres something my husband has NOT told you yet. We had TD-ed the Linea twice during the first 20Lakhs phase. Both times he found fault with the space, the engine vibrations in the MJD, the Fiat fit and finish, apprehensions about spares and service, yada yada yada.... But then why did he go back to TD-ing it again and then again?? And not at my behest, mind you. I had come around to accepting the fact that we weren't going to get another Fiat afterall. So be it.

    The Vento was uninspiring and bland for me. For me, it is very important for a car to have a personality that fits with mine. The Vento didnt. Next came the ANHC. It didnt GO well enough to make me feel good and the horrible tasteless interiors left me umimpressed. The gears shift was good and the car looks cool from the front and sides.

    So we went to Skoda showroom and enquired about the Fabia. It looked fine, though kind of a stylized Wagon-R The price sounded fine too. So we asked for a TD. They sent one to our place. My husband turned the ignition key and.....I looked at him, cocking my head. " Is this a diesel?" No said my husband, its a petrol. Well, I'll be damned. The thing vibrated and sounded exactly like a diesel! Then he honked and I jumped!! The sound was inside the cabin! Geez, what next?? The interiors were nothing to write about. By this time I was about done with the TD. Then came my turn to drive. It handled pretty decent and didnt lack pickup and response. After the TD, we stood looking at the Fabia and then said ''Naaahhh!!!" almost together. Besides, Skoda A.S.S is legendary. I didnt mean that as a compliment, though.
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  8. Another point about the Skoda horn. When we asked the SE about the horn he came up with the lousiest reason I have ever heard in my whole life. "Sir, this is a Euro 4 horn" . I was like, 'Whhhaaaattttt???' :eek:
  9. teky

    teky Esperto

    Excellent passionate write-up, I was confused when someone else actually wrote in Linea-Lover's thread and later realized that you both are here.

    Awaiting to read more, Congrats to you both on your new possession.
  10. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Too Good & too funny :evilsmile

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