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Linea Facelift 2014 - Test Drive and Review

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by nkrishnap, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. nbvcrao

    nbvcrao Amatore

    inovice fiat.jpg

    The New Linea Proforma Invoice received from A.V. Motors Hyderabad. Currently two New Fiat Linea cars are ready for delivery both diesel.
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  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    If you know the new owners, do inform them to join us and share real ownership experience of new Linea.
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  3. Murphy_Fiat

    Murphy_Fiat Superiore

    Linea T-Jet
    waiting for the first Linea FL owner in this forum. ::O
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  4. nbvcrao

    nbvcrao Amatore

    Convinced my friend to buy New Fiat Linea. He was in two minds - New Honda City vs New Fiat Linea. After deciding for New Linea now he is in a dilemma to buy New Linea or wait for Avventure, which Fiat India says it would be launched before December 2014. He said he can't wait and now wishes to go n buy New Linea. I arranged for the invoice and shall update once booked.

    Already advised him. He decided on reading the detailed report by nkrishnap.

    Credit goes to nkrishnap. Such is the impact his review made to erase New Honda City n decide for New Fiat Linea.

    Am just wating with a hope Fiat India would launch 1.6 else I would have gone for the present one.
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  5. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Whats the color ?
  6. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Make sure your good will for him doesnt bite your back later if he ever gets dissatisfied with whatsoever. Good is to just ask them to do TD. That is what i did with my manager here. He is going for older Linea though due to cost factor and he apparently did not like new lines front lower bumper sharp edges and white dashboard coz he has a baby.
  7. nbvcrao

    nbvcrao Amatore

    might be the new magnesio grey as of now. Unless he changes his mind at the showroom.

    what you said is true. luckily, he drove the punto as well as the Linea (earlier model) and was amazed by it low cost maintenance. He compared both the cars with his Fabia. While choosing Fabia, he did not do any research, just went and bought for the looks. He spent heavily on the car and had to sell it at a very low price.

    Now, he has been doing his homework with caution. I asked him to go through the facebook page of honda india.

    Each brand has its own issues. I told him to go through the teamfiat forum, which he did and got addicted now, and was thoroughly convinced and finalized for New Linea.

    TD has been arranged at Hyderabad. Shall update after the TD.
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  8. rudresh

    rudresh Regolare

    Hyderabad, India
    Went to Hyd Tejaswi motors for New Linea. Only Test drive vehicle is a MJD one which was out. Checked the car in person.

    1. The interior fit and finish is very very good, the buttons on Music system are solid which I doubted to be flimsy.
    2. CC arm is solid and feels that it will go distance.
    3. The car looks very smart in person, I don't understand why people will not like beside old Linea. Its just different get up.
    4. The shape of the car when looked from front looks very agile and Narrower than it is actually. Where as The old Linea instantly gave the feeling that it is a wide car. May because of new bumper design. .
    5. The chrome at the back is fine, does not look out of place.
    6. Back seat space is adequate and under high support is excellent.I just felt they are mounted little higher at might height (5-7).
    7. Liked the way glove box opens slowly, don't know if it was in old one too.
    8. Very good placement of USB and AUX
    9. Arm rest is small, it should have been extended little further front.

    The Showroom was dull and there was absolutely no Buzz at outside. Infact there is no way to know if the new linea was there or not. Poor from Tejaswi. They must put some banner where people will feel invited and tempted to checked in. FIAT needs to do ground work in this.

    As the TD vehicle was out and TJet was unavailble now, I moved to Honda showroom for New City, Immediate reaction was something is going on, be there with banners, flags. It is the feeling that a passers by will feel tempted to stop and check out, sales starts from here. But TD vehicle was not available here too. 4months waiting for delivery.

    Checked the car in Showroom

    1. The doors, immediately felt the different with FIAT, it was light and metal was thin, felt proud of our cars
    2. The clutch has a strong springy effect, it was hard, I am sure I will stall the car if its a petrol. It just throws the foot away on release.
    3. Gear knob, terrible, no chunky feeling like Fiat, cant adjust to that. Very flimsy.
    4. Fit and finish : excellent from glove box to dash.
    5. USB and power socket placed very deep. May be plug in and forget type they thought.
    6. Boot opener and fuel cap opener placed almost near foot, hard to reach.
    7. Back seat: Amazing space, Almost double of Linea with my driving position set in both the cars. No wonder it is a people's fav for Chauffeur driven .
    8. Seats are softer than Linea. Personal taste. Back support is very good.
    9. Overall it felt less solid but when you are inside specially backseat, you will probably like this better.
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  9. puchoo

    puchoo Regolare

    Delhi / Shimla
    So i managed to spend a fair amount of time with the new Linea while waiting for insurance formalities and some other work to be sorted out on Tizze's recent accident and here is my feedback on the car - i have still not taken a test drive of the new car but i do not expect anything new there at all.

    The new car has enough quality and finish issues as well , in fact some new ones like the picture below. This area is towards the top of the rear lights. Notice the badly cut rubber to align with the body and also notice the rather unfinished welding/seam job that is present in the marked out yellow area.


    The glossy black which has been put on the new dashboard in going to be pain to keep clean. The storage area on top for example which has been photographed below is good enough to be used in crime scenes for collection of fingerprints. I opened it once and you can see clearly how it has taken a hold on the finger prints. I am actually a bit surprise that this is in glossy finish , being a storage area it will be used often enough and will collect finger / hand marks


    The next photo depicts the earlier and the new rear armrest. While the design has stayed the same , fiat has added a strap to pull it down which is very convenient and a nice add on. In the earlier models one had to pry one's fingers into the sides and open it. Small word of caution , the movement is not exactly smooth


    Some changes in the icons which have been used across different controls. The older car had "MENU and ESC" written on it the new one simply says SET and a return arrow. Also appears to be a slight difference in the finish and the texture of the new buttons but cannot comment with 100% certainty. If there is the finish is still ok

    The second change is in the steering wheel buttons. Instead of the "windows" icon earlier we now have a "speak audio" icon and on the top we again have the arrow key instead of the ESC button. Small change which is not going to effect usage at all.



    I am very clear with my opinion on the speedo area. The new one might have glossy rings but in terms of "asthetics" the older dials are far far better than what has been used now. And i dont mean to imply that the retro design is better but the manner in which the chrome has been used previously , the size of the rings , the fonts - all appears to be far better in the pre 2014 models.


    Finally a shot of both the models side by side from the front. To each his own , but the one thing which stood out for me was that the grill in the new car allows for much more space and thus the view inside into the engine compartment ,the radiator is much more and the photo reflects that as well. Part of the aesthetics for me thus go for a toss because what i cannot block out when i look at the car are the unsymmetrical lines which appear owing to engine components being visible. There is also a clear recognition of the amount of space between the grill and the engine block - which is present in the older design as well but is hidden to a large degree.


    A few other items which i thought best to be captured by small video clips, apologies for quality , doing it with one hand on an mobile

    The video below is of the glove box. The glove box now is actually a soft open glove box and comes out nice and slowly upon unlocking it. The internal design ofcourse has been changed to , as pointed out earlier by members , into a 2 compartment design. Personally i prefer one big space but not a deal breaker at any rate.

    Everyone's been highlighting the air flow control now present on the AC vents. If the quality is going to remain what i saw then it is going to be more of a problem than a boon. Absolutely pathetic. last Video below reflects that. The controls move up and down indicating they have been put in a rather flimsy manner. The side movement has many problems with them getting stuck and various spots and the movement not being free and smooth. On top of that the general "touch" of the buttons is not very nice either.
    The last video shows the new storage space under the MENU area of the car and the new driver armrest. This video i need to apologize about specifically regarding the "shakyness"

    The storage space is nice although small and what would have been nice would have been a sound absorbing pad to cover the bottom to avoid rattles of coins which is what i foresee being primarily placed here.

    The shortened arm rest looked strange to me from day 1 and after seeing it i am glad i have the design that i do. Firstly there is no back/front movement (atleast i could not manage) and the size is so small that your elbow is going to slide off - if you look at the video towards the end , there are 2 instances where my elbow slid off - all i was doing was to reach for the gears.

    The current arm rest actually allows you to not only keep a larger part of your arm there , which is anyway more comfortable , but also make gear changes.

    This also got me thinking if in some manner while Fiat might have created more storage areas whether they have actually managed to reduce the efficiency of the space available. The storage area under the MENU area is primarily primed for storage of change but nothing else. The new arm rest ensures that again you need to live with small items there and the top of the dash storage again is limited in size.

    Let me take for example the remote control of the car. It is not going to fit in the MENU area , it is not going to fit horizontally into the armrest either ( even vertically i am not sure) , at max it fits into the storage on top of the dash. Compare this to the existing model , where it could go into the open slot under the MENU , it could also go easily into the driver arm rest along with other items as well.
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  10. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Nice comparison there, puchoo!! :up
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