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Linea Emotion 2012 SBB comes home :)

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by gonugupta, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Its perfectly fine mate :)

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    Thanks for confirming!
  2. oncemoredieselpower

    oncemoredieselpower Novizio


    Thank you Sir. Will do that.

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    Thanks Vivek. Eagerly waiting for the MJD
  3. Our Company has opened a new office which is located in Sec-62, Noida, hardly 5 KMs from my home and I have also shifted (my team preferred this new office and hence I had no choice).

    I have been going to our company’s new office since last Monday (09/17). These 5 KMs are tough to cover after 08:30 AM and 07:00 PM due to peak hour rush. As this route involves much “stop & go” driving, I got an average of 12.9 KMPL (as per MID) with 100% AC on and my Linea hardly drives in 5th gear due to traffic.

    I really miss my old office which is, though, 47KM (one way) but involved 60% Noida expressway driving. Everyone at home is happy that my driving has reduced and that my office is so near to home except me :(

    We too waiting for your ownership report with lots of pics of your beauty :)
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  4. Today noticed another Linea 2012 Emotion (Oceanic blue) Linea in our society, could not resist myself so looked at the flat number (which is mentioned our Society's parking sticker) of Linea's owner.

    With this, now we have 4 Lineas (two are pre 2012 and two are 2012) in our society, mine was second when I bought :)
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  5. vivekrj.dieselhead

    vivekrj.dieselhead Regolare

    Its good i think, as we'll be meeting shortly while i'll be coming to meet Anupam Bro at sec 63. Pming you my Contact details.
  6. Is Anupam's office in Sec-63? Good to know :) certainly we can meet!!

    Do let me know when you will be coming to meet Anupam so that I can also catch up with you guys! I have save your no. and will PM my no.
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  7. My Linea’s dash reflect on windscreen causing discomfort while driving so got to know about a product called Ultima Interior Gurad Plus (UIGP) and also had a demo of same from one member of other forum. He was kind enough to gave a demo of UIGP while he visited Delhi.

    After getting the demo of (UIGP), I ordered one for Detailedclean.co.uk alongwith a drying towel.

    Yesterday I got both my orders delivered below are pics for same:



    Super Plush Satin Edge Buffing & Drying Towel 60*40 cm and ULGP 12oz


    ULGP 12oz


    applicator (5" * 2.5")



    ULGP can be used for :

    1) Leather interior surfaces
    2) Vinyl interior surfaces
    3) Plastic interior surfaces
    4) Wood trim interior surfaces
    5) Cloth interior surfaces

    One application of UIGP on dash would last for around 6 months and 2-3 months on leather seats.

    Total dent in pocket – 46.17 UK Pound - This amount has been taken out of kitty which was reserved for ICE upgrades, now ICE upgrades is pushed further!!!

    I will apply this on dash and will share the experience.

    Also I am looking for all chrome door guards but not able to get. Yesterday went to Karol Bagh but not available :(
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  8. A blissful experience with Linea @ 10K KM

    10000 KM Update:



    My Linea has covered first milestone of 10K KM on 31-Oct (around 4 months of buying). These 10K KM covered on almost all kind of roads - good open highways, narrow streets, road full of potholes, peak traffic Jam, late night / early morning thin traffic, worst roads full of pathetic drivers and vehicles coming from wrong side (Noida/Gurgaon)!

    My experience with my Linea so far:

    Things I like:

    1) Looks!! Stunning! Linea looks awesome in almost all the colors!
    2) High speed stability! This is something I really enjoy whenever I get a chance to push Linea beyond three digits!
    3) Steering – Steering always remain connected and let driver know what’s going beneath tyres
    4) Turbo!! – This is my first experience with Turbo. It’s a different feeling when turbo kicks in. I love to keep my Linea revving > 1800 RPM
    5) Wide tyres (205/55/R16)
    6) Auto headlamp, auto wiper, follow-me home and all the other bells & whistles Linea comes with
    7) The ease with which Linea performs sudden lane changes on highways! This is addictive!!
    8) Brakes - While braking it feels as if Linea is gripping road even more hence inspires confidence
    9) Confidence that Linea gives on curves but I could not take her to beyond 80 KMPH due to oncoming traffic
    10) The way it goes over undulating / rough patch where I had to slow down my Xeta. For example – there’s a stretch of undulating patch and I could not think of taking my Xeta over 60 KMPH (I tried once but it was so scary that I could not dare to repeat that again) but now I take my Linea over same patch at 80KMPH with no scary feeling at all. But it would be exaggeration to say no one would feel the bumps/potholes, passengers/driver do feel the bumps/potholes.

    11) No niggles except one from parcel tray
    12) Last but not least – loving Diesel mileage :)

    This is I got in my last thankful , with 90% AC on


    Things I do not like:

    1) Rear sliding sideways – this is the issue that I am facing since I bought the car. This happens only on few potholes and not while going over each and every pothole. I still have to visit workshop for this issue.
    2) Kit -Kit noise comes from steering column only while making a U-turn or going around a round- about – not sure if this is an issue or not, will get this checked during 15K service
    3) Music System output. I have plans to upgrade ICE in phases. Phase-1 will consist of speaker upgrade (may add amp too), phase-2 will consist of amp (if not added on phase-1) and sub, phase-3 will consist of HU change
    4) Lack of remote control for music system and also track cannot be changed thru HU while playing USB. This can be done only thru steering control
    5) Narrow foot-well

    I am enjoying my Linea and happy with its performance.

    I got wheel balancing last weekend and alignment done (balancing after 5K and alignment after 2/2.5 K KM). While balancing was being done, I noticed the tread pattern on stock tyres (GY Eagle NCT5), please see below image –


    And then I noticed tread pattern (new tyre) of same make/model/profile, as below image –



    The plain area pointed with arrow (in Pic-1) is plain, should this not have tread (in Pic-2)? Not sure though, but will this cause any issue while going over rough patch or on wet roads or during sudden braking or in overall ride quality/comfort?




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  9. aks_karthik

    aks_karthik Novizio

    Hope, your tyres pattern is same as the new one, your tyres are worn out till the tread mark. So it looks now as Bald. Check it closely, your tyre also has the tread pattern as new one.
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  10. Have my Linea's tyres worn out too soon?? means just 10K KM??

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