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Linea Emotion 2012 SBB comes home :)

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by gonugupta, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Today I touched 150 KMPH and Linea remained calm and composed. As I was alone hence no snap. I touched 150 on a single road that is behind Noida - Agra expressway!

    I am waiting desperately to drive my Linea on expressway once its open for public! As of now its sometime in Aug!
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  2. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    We can comfortably drive the Punto at 150Kmph, and for sure Linea is capable of more speed.
    But do take care and drive safe....
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  3. Thanks buddy!
  4. Did another trip this weekend, came back just few hours back (Indirapuram - Mohali - Ambala - Mohali - Indirapuram) total to 650 KM. With this my Linea stands at 4576 KM on odo, will be going for first service (@ 5K) coming weekend. I already have a list ready to fix few things :)

    Few pics of this trip -

    Somewhere at Ambala - Chandigarh Expressway (after toll gate)



    Lovely weather



    Beauty parked at Pind Balluchi (Murthal) on way back to Delhi



    As per MID got mileage of 19.8 KMPL


    But as per tank full - I got 19 KMPL, loving it man :):)

    Now a trip to Agra via newly inaugurated Yamuna Expressway is on cards, will complete this pending task soon and update :)
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  5. Mr.Gupta Sir-5K Km in 2 months.Wow!That's a high running.I'm gonna book Linea Emotion 2012 Diesel in Black Color soon.
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  6. Congrats in advance!!!
  7. First Service report @ 5000 KM

    Yesterday I went for first service of Linea as my Linea completed 5000 KM day before yesterday (exactly 52 days since the day I owned my prized possession).


    Following were the complaints and their status:
    1) To close fuel lid extra push was required or rather it had to be banged to close – Adjustment done and now its closing as it should close
    2) Same with boot, it had to banged and security guards at mall / office entrance used to push down the boot badly to close - Adjustment done and
    now its closing as it should close
    3) Brake check – Brake pad clean
    4) Problem of sliding sideways – As per SA, slight sliding feeling may happen as only one side of tyres are going over pothole and then he told me to get
    balancing done. Got alignment & balancing done (from outside), will check this on Monday.
    5) General check/oil top ups (if required). 500 ml engine oil topped up
    6) Wiper noise – Fixed but will confirm when wipers will be used frequently. One of technician advised me to use any normal shampoo pouch, pour it into
    wiper container along-with water. It will help in smooth functioning of wipers and also reduce the chances of noise. Is this true? Can anyone confirm
    7) Parcel tray noise – Fixed and it surfaced again :(

    I went to Oberoi’s sec-63 (Noida) workshop. There was no name of Fiat at the facility and when I reached mine was the only Linea at workshop. I peeked into showroom and found that no Fiat products at display then I confirmed if they actually have Fiat trained SA and technicians. Their staff confirmed this, this was expected from them.

    But after some time I noticed white T-Jet parked at workshop, I located its owner and started conversation with him, he confirmed that few technicians/SA are Fiat trained and he knows them as he has been coming to for quite some time (earlier he owned Palio for 10 years). He's a members of TFI with handle mathuranuj (if I remember correctly). Hi Anuj, please correct if I am wrong :)

    One of the technicians told me that as per dip stick engine oil needs to be top up (around 500 ml). I checked with him and told him to top up and as per SA I was supposed to pay for this. I was ok with it.

    While getting the final invoice done, I verified and found that they did not top up the engine oil, when I inquired they told me a reason that sounded wired to me – as per them, they change / top up engine oil only when low engine oil light comes up (is this true in case of Fiat, can anyone confirm?). This was non-sense to me. I disagreed and told them when I am ready to pay then what’s the issue? Please topup!

    Then their service manager intervened and he got the top up done for free. Later I realized that as they had generated the invoice and forgot to top-up engine oil, now topping up now and charging will be bit complex activity (do not know how) so they were telling me stories. But when I insist they did it for free and I stood next to technician to ensure that he tops up the oil.

    Overall experience at workshop was ok, neither bad nor good. But yes I definitely felt that fiat trained technicians and SA are very few with Oberoi’s Sec-63 work shop. Also go to know that in two or three months, this Sec-63 (block A) facility will become a full fledge “3S” dealership exclusive for Fiat and for Tata Oberoi is coming up with a new facility in block C Sec-63 Noida. So Fiat is working to have much needed independent dealers and WS.

    No damage done to my pocket for 5K general checkup/service. Now my Linea is ready for achieving next milestone (10K).
  8. It’s been more than 50 days that I bought my Linea and still I have not received door guards which was promised to me while finalizing the deal. I have been chasing Oberoi's and now finally they confirm that door guards will be available to them by 22nd Aug. I will wait till 22nd Aug else I will escalate this further.

    Looking at the Fiat’s grim situation, how can Fiat afford such things? No matter if it's (delay in getting door guards) Fiat’s fault or Tata’s fault, as a consumer I will always see it as a Fiat’s fault.
  9. BoseSuman

    BoseSuman Superiore

    Midnapur (W.B) & Hyderabad (A.P) India.
    Linea 1.3
    Abhinav, Linea Emotion 2012 quality same as TJET+ ( Except TJET Engine & Rear Disc brake). You will really enjoy it.

    Mr Gupta, Your Car look awesome. Drive safely and let us know your more exp with Linea.
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  10. Thanks BoseSuman!

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