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Linea Emotion 2012 SBB comes home :)

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by gonugupta, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. Fiat1100

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    Congrates Gupta Ji... I too have the same color... Njoy and Have Fun.
  2. Thanks pammuluvcars, VahanPujari and Fiat1100!


    Its been exactly a week that I got my Linea and till date it has covered 595 KM since 27-Jun. I am still knowing about her so the introduction session is over and now getting to know each other better is going on.

    Yesterday I got her second tank full and it gave me a mileage of 15 KMPL (with 100% AC) not bad I guess and it will go up with time, right?

    I am keeping at around 2000-2200 RPM but urge to push to further is just too much to handle!!
  3. Thanks ferrari1234!

    It’s been 10 days journey with my Linea. We have covered more than 800 KM together and hence basic introduction is over and now we are getting to know more each other.


    - I am getting 15KMPL with 100% AC on (tank full to tank full) whereas MID shows average fuel consumption of 17+ KMPL. Not sure why this difference?

    Driving and overall experience till now

    - I am enjoying and loving it!

    - It runs like a dream on Noida expressway!!! I am not pushing it much, took her to a speed of 110. Waiting to get 1000 KM on odo then I will take it beyond 2500 RPM :)

    - Irritating sound coming from parcel tray which I failed to locate!

    - I feel steering is lighter at low speeds as compared to Xeta’s steering.

    - Auto headlamp feature is quite useful as mine is basement parking and I always switch on the headlights while going out. In Xeta sometimes I used to forget to switch off after coming out of parking but Linea’s auto headlamp feature takes care of this and switches off itself :)

    - Sensibility of auto headlamp’s sensors can be adjusted from 1 to 3 (1 = minimum, 2=medium and 3 = maximum). Higher the sensitivity lower the quantity of external light needed to switch the headlights on. Same case is with rain sensing wipers.

    - USB location is very strategically located, whole body needs to be twisted to get it fixed in slot :D. Even though sound quality has improved after doing certain settings but still not up to the mark. I feel the need to change it, so started saving!

    - Greashifts are not as smooth as I wish to.

    - Door guards still not available with dealership!!

    Few Queries

    - Will gearshift get better (smoother) after few thousand KM’s or after first service??

    - While breaking (not always), thad thad sound comes from rear. Is this ABS coming into action or something else that needs attention?
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  4. Sumit

    Sumit Superiore

    lovely colored car. Punto shud also come in this color.
  5. jayakrishnakola

    jayakrishnakola Regolare

    congratulations for your linea....

    looks amazing with the 16" alloys
  6. Thanks Sumit, Jayakrishnakola!!

    Now my Linea is 17 days and 1800 KM old. Yesterday I took her for a drive of 460 KM trip on NH1 (Indirapuram-Ambala-Indirapuram) . It gave mileage of 18.5 KMPL

    Please note that I am putting down the difference(s) that I am feeling w.r.t my old drive (Indica Xeta):

    Ride Quality

    No doubt ride quality is much better as I feel less bumpy. There’s a particular stretch which is around 2 KM with quite bumpy right lane. While driving Xeta I used to avoid right lane as I used to feel unsettled in Xeta but in Linea I have no issues and go over them easily. I do feel unsettle on one particular bump but way less than what I used to feel in Xeta.
    But while going over few potholes or uneven road surface passengers do get unsettle (less than as compare to Xeta). I expected that Linea would take all potholes without letting passengers know! Was my expectation wrong? Did I expect a lot?


    As I mentioned I earlier post that I am feeling steering is light at city speed limits (40-50 KMPH) as compare to Xeta so getting used to it. But at higher speed (I took it maximum at 140 KMPH) its rock solid and loved it on my highway drive.


    If gears are shifted at higher RPM (read more than 2K RPM) then it picks up nicely else takes time. I loved the way it picks up with each gear shifted at higher RPM.

    Moving sides ??

    While going over a pothole or rough surface even at no so high speed (read 60 KMPH or more), rear portion of Linea feels to move sideways. This is scary feeling especially while overtaking on a twisting road. Hope I am able to explain! Lot has been said (positive) about suspensions of Linea so I guess this “sideways” moment should not happen, right? Or suspension has nothing to do with it? If so then who’s the culprit here? Please help!
  7. mrpresident2k

    mrpresident2k Timido

    Hi, Its all getting used to...I also had the same experience of owning a XETA for 6 years and bought Linea MJD, and its been just more than a year with the car. You always get these funny feelings when you change from a Hatchback to a sedan. I had real problems rear parking the car. Most of the times you think the car is dead straight, till you get down and see its parked absolutely cross :(
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  8. Amazing to read your buying experience and in ,many ways it mirrors mine. I too waited for 2 years [got a house in between] to get my Linea 1.3MJD BNW. Sold my 6 years old Alto. Waited for 3 irritating hours at the dealership for them to handover the car. Got even more irritated as they were busy sticking ribbons on the new car. I made them remove it all and also got them to remove all the stickers.

    Now am still getting used to this new machine. Driven just 200kms. Biggest "getting used to bit" seems to be the long clutch play.
  9. Yes I guess so.. its about getting used to. But feeling of "moving sideways" is something else. I will take this up with TASS during my first service!

    Thanks Ryan! I can understand very well how those 2 years of wait would have been! But at the end we are living our dream and that’s an amazing feeling :)

    Few updates:

    It’s been 31 days of relationship with my Linea! I have completed 3k KM in these 31 days including two outstation trips (Indirapuram-Ambala-Indirapuram and Indirapuram-Mohali-Indirapuram) and planning another one :) I love driving Linea on highways, its so much of fun!!

    I had mentioned in one of my earlier post about "thak-thak sound while braking". This sound is not there now, do not know how.. but I am happy that sound is no more there :)

    Engine seems to opening up and gear shift has also become smoother (but still they give rubbery feel). As this is my first diesel car so getting used to with the low end torque.

    Once in power band, the pull is amazing. I have taken her to 140 KM max with ease till now.. no sign of engine straining, no vibrations at all.. loved it!!

    Narrow footwell is something I have to be careful about. Yesterday I was driving to local market and while braking I heard engine revving sound, I was like :eek:
    on close observation I got the culprit.. actually I was wearing chappals and while braking one side edge of my chappal was on brake and other side was pressing pedal A !! I have no issue while wearing shoes or slippers but with chappals I need more practice, I guess :)

    I am loving my Linea and this love is growing with each day.. with every drive.. and yes I am living my dream!

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