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Linea Dynamic Petrol - clutch and sleeve cylinder problem

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by santosh_dixit, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. santosh_dixit


    Navi Mumbai
    Am a proud owner of Fiat Linea Dynamic Pk petrol and like fiat for its overall build quality and handling... and not to forget its looks.

    However recently am experiencing some issues -(9000 kms) first vehicle stalled as the clutch gave way on the busy mumbai roads, vehicle was towed and came to know it was a issue with sleeve cylinder (and the guys at Wasan Motors tell me that its a known issue). If its a known issue why cant they recall all cars manu in that period.

    Post that on 31st august again experienced gear shifting problems, now they tell me its a clutch issue and has to be replaced (i have been driving for more than 10 years and never had this clutch issue) outside warranty..
  2. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Re: Linea Dynamic Petrol - clutch and sleeve cylinder proble

    why are you going to wasan??? wasan?
    From your location, I see you stay in navi mumbai... go to fortune... nerul workshop has good review...

    do check out the service centre section: viewforum.php?f=32
  3. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Re: Linea Dynamic Petrol - clutch and sleeve cylinder proble


    Some punto & Linea were giving problem of stucked clutch problems So FIAT recalled some chasis no.& replaced slave cylender I have also got free replacement.
    I have also this gear shifting problem. You have ro replace clutch Assly.(Clutch Plate,Pressure plate & Bearing)

    I had opened Gear Box of my Punto.Clutch bearing was not moving freely so replaced bearing. I was insisting to replace Assly.complete.But dealer advised me not to make more expenditure. But I was right

    Bow Clutch is again dragging.(Means Clutch is not releasing completly) So Gear shiting is hard.So agian I have to dismantle gearbox. But I had told dealer that I will not pay labour charges.
    Dealer is Hundekari Motors Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) is very pathentic. He only takes interest in out of warrantee jobs
    If you get problem even replacing complete clutch Assly. then replace Clutch Master Cylender (lacated at Clutch Paddle.
  4. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Linea Dynamic Petrol - clutch and sleeve cylinder proble

    At times the parts which are replaced are also faulty... They replace the Clutch slave knowing its faults for the batch of vehicles but again u facing this issue post replacement is a concern here..

    Did u take the vehicle to Wasan Chembur???
  5. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Re: Linea Dynamic Petrol - clutch and sleeve cylinder proble

    I got replacement of complete Clutch Assly.& Slave Cylender in Warrantee from Sanya Motors,Aurangabad(Maharashtra) :)

    So problem of Hard & vague gearshift is solved upto 98%

    2 % problem is because, sometime for 3rd or 4th gear meshing is done with little bit notchy

    Clutch Paddle has become also smooth as a kinfe in butter.

    Dealer from whom I purchased car,did not gave proper after sales service :A & :sadblue

    So I solved my problem by visiting to other city i.e. Sanya Motors Aurangabad. :dancing

    Let's see that for how many km my clutch remains smooth.
    Becauase Fiat cars are heavy so clutches of fiat gets premature hardness & failure than lightweight korean/Jap.Car

    My relative's Linea has problem of Hard clutch only after clocking 15000KM
    My highest Milege is 32km/lt. So you can imagine my clutch usage

    Is there anyone who experienced notchy shift for 3rd Or 4th gear ? :anyone
  6. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    Re: Linea Dynamic Petrol - clutch and sleeve cylinder proble

    What is the relation between high weight and and premature hardclutch. Fiat cars clutch lasts same as others cars clutches do.
    My Linea clutch after 19205 kms is as good as it was when it was delivered to me and Clutch of Linea MJD is butter smooth and is feather light and much better than Korean Verna or Japenese Swift.
    Are you terming long clutch play as hard clutch.

    Get your brake fluid bleeded properly.
  7. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Re: Linea Dynamic Petrol - clutch and sleeve cylinder proble


    when we press & depress clutch for approx.100 times per day in B2B traffic.

    When we press or depress , each time there is friction between clutch & flywheel.
    So due to heat & friction,clutch wears right ?

    This heat is created by friction depends upon speed & weight of car.
    If your car is heavy then each time,there is tremendious pressure & heat on Clutch Assy.
    As per Indian traffic load & traffic decipline ,in India,clutch wear is more than western countries

    I am not saying that longer clutch means Hard clutch.

    When i replaced clutch assly.i noticed that when I release paddle,there is no abnormal return pressure now. :wow

    Before replacing assly,i was getting pain at my tow because of abnormal return tension of clutch paddle. :A

    19205 km is not more odometer.Premature Clutch hardness & Failure means failure in 25000 to 30000 KM

    I had owned UNO (petrol) for 9 years.
    I used to change Clutch of my uno for each 1.5 year / 20000-25000 K :A

    I had owned Maruti Alto for 4 years.
    I changed first Clutch Assy.of my Alto @ 80000 KM :wow

    So it proves that Maruti's clutches remains good as compared to heavy fiat cars.

    At service station,there is a special tool for measuing Clutch Hardness called as
    "Clutch Fork Meter"

    Go to TASS & check your clutch. While checking Clutch Hardness using this Special Tool, your clutch hardness reading value should be between 10 OR 11
  8. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Re: Linea Dynamic Petrol - clutch and sleeve cylinder proble


    Recently I got replacement of complete Clutch Assly. & Clutch Slave Cylender under warrantee.

    Problem of Hard & Vague gearshift is solved now upto 95 %
    Iam not giving 100/100 because sometime while shifting to gears
    there is feeling of Dual Speedbraker effect. I am experiencing at the time of meshing of gear.

    Gear does not engage with single step effect.like sweet shifting quality of Maruti Swift.

    User of Maruti Swift,might have experienced butter smooth unconsious shifting quality.

    I repeat ! Problem is noticed at the time of actual Meshing of gears not at the time shifting.

    E.g. If I shift gears for 10 times in a trip, Iam experiencing above mentioned feeling for 4-5 times.

    Is it due to faulty shifting mechanism Or due to faulty Master Cylender ?

    Is there anyone who has solved this issue by lubricating / changing Gear Cables of Multijet ?

    Please help !
  9. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Re: Linea Dynamic Petrol - clutch and sleeve cylinder proble


    Today I changed whole Brake & Clutch Fluid. & bleed the all hydraulic system.

    It worked 100 %

    Before doing this,I was facing problem of low torque even after replacing whole clutch Assly.

    Mine problem was that I was getting torque of 3rd gear in first gear. :A

    Now by closed eyes I can tell,in which gear car is running

    Culprit was air in hydraulic line. S
    So I was not getting proper torque in proper gear.

    Now Iam getting proper torque on proper gear ,even there is kerosene in fuel :dancing

    Means New clutch was not engaging 100% . :hit

    Now I got solution about problem :dancing

    Let us see for how many km,today's job & performance remains intact.
    Because Hydraulic clutch is dream-clutch. But hydraulic clutch gives frequent problem as compared to Cable Clutch.

    By doing today's job gear shifting is OK upto 99%

    1% may be problem in shifting mechnism.

    I will wait for 8-10 days. If problem repeats then I will replace Master Cylinder (Located to Clutch paddle.

    ASS of Pune,Aurangabad & Ahmednagar could not done dignosis
  10. amolmane

    amolmane Guest

    Re: Linea Dynamic Petrol - clutch and sleeve cylinder proble

    As I mentioned above performance remained intact only for 24 Hr. :A :A

    In 1st gear,again Iam facing problem of getting torque of 3rd gear in 1st gear.:A :A :A :A :A :A

    But car does not pull back while accelerating. Means possibility of clutch slippege is min.
    Only problem of low torque is there.

    I think it may be due to confilict of Fuel & throttle values of ECU.

    I will try by resetting ECU (By disconnecting -ve terminal of Battery.)

    & I will inform the observations.

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