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Linea Classic Initial 10k OwnerShip Review

Discussion in 'Linea Classic 1.3 MJD' started by HarshaEvo, May 24, 2016.

  1. HarshaEvo

    HarshaEvo Novizio

    Punto Evo 1.2
    Hi Everyone Taken Delivery of Linea Classic On January 1st by Today Clocked 10k 1st free Servicing Done With Free Of Cost no Labour charges.2nd Service Interval Is 15k With Charges of around 7.5k For Linea and 5.5k for Punto I own a Punto Too :) Im Attached My Linea Classic to Ola Cabs :)
    14kmpl Mileage On City Traffic.Highway around 21kmpl which is pretty good :)

    Here is my Review after reaching 10k kms
    1)Good Fuel Efficiency till the date.Yes because the car runs 250kms a day. As it was attached to Ola Cabs
    2)AC cooling is better than compared to Punto.
    3)Lots of comfort and Leg Space and Head Space I never felt strained even driving whole day 12hrs like.
    4)Excellent Handling And Braking
    5)501L bootspace which is really good for passengers to store their luggage especially on journey's
    6)All Door Power Windows

    1)No Central locking (Even manual) have to lock and unlock every and each door.
    2)No Entertainment system and No aux or USB
    3)No Speakers
    4)Horn And Lights are very weak while driving at night time road almost we can't see anything .in PuntoEvo headlights covers whole wide road.
    5)Expensive accessories
    6)Central locking with remote costs 30k
    7)Can't Install Touchscreen nav system as it was single din
    8)Suspension is very hard and feel uncomfortable inside if driving on bad roads 9)No Fog Lamps also :(

    Overall I'm Satisfied with My Linea And made me a fiat enthusiast :) maybe in future will buy new Linea emotion pack and attach to ola cabs that may satisfy me completely .
  2. Inderpreet Bajwa

    Inderpreet Bajwa Amatore

    Amritsar, Punjab
    Linea 1.3
    Touch screen Media and navigation system can be installed. I've seen that in someone's Linea bt it will not get fit fully in that empty space meant for music player. It will be slightly positioned outer that empty space as it's wider in size.
    Alternatively, u can get one fitted on the upper portion of dashboard if main need is of GPS.

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