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Linea Active MJD 2012 - Filed case in Consumer Court

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by anupam_aug15, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi

    What an argument ! What FIAL has obviously forgotten that the dealer/service facilities have an agent relationship with them, with FIAL being the principal. No way FIAL can wash its hands off.
  2. anupam_aug15

    anupam_aug15 Novizio

    Yes this argument gives the dealers and the service centers to do whatever they feel right and FIAT can never be responsible .
    Recently heard a case on Pehredaar program where a Nissan dealer sold a second hand car to a customer as new car.

    Then on whose guarantee are we buying these cars , is it the dealer next door who can shut his shop any day . Its a shame that India doesn't have any automobile regulation authority like IRDA for insurance .

    Thanx Asimpleson , I will share my complete case with all the written versions of all the parties soon . And ya right now I am fighting my case myself, without any lawyer . So any help I can get would be wonderful .
    The judge also in my case is a nice person who understands how companies take customers for ride.
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  3. anupam_aug15

    anupam_aug15 Novizio

    Update today that even FIAT Dealer & service center Guys are shocked with FIAT reply.

    Next hearing for 6 Jan as again the dealer failed to submit their reply !!!
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  4. kgramesh

    kgramesh Amatore

    Palakkad, KL
    Linea T-Jet
    No need of any lawyer. I myself have won two cases in consumer court regarding faulty electronic items. You know your case better than anyone else. Just do some homework before a hearing.
  5. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Of course they would be, since it seems likely that they are the guilty ones, not Fiat, in your particular case?? :-(
  6. vivek_lko

    vivek_lko Amatore

    Reading at your case I too am suffering from a similar (not same ) issue . My alternator had a breakdown on 24/10/14 in Lucknow . I was charged INR 13K by CLassic Fiat , Lucknow for the change of the alternator while my car was still under extended Warranty. After a few days I came to know that alternator is covered well under extended warranty . I wrote a complaint mail to Fiat and they accepted the same and told that the dealer would get back to me . The dealer then replied that they have now put the claim under process and withing a day the claim would be settled . That was one month back .

    Now its almost a month and in spite of numerous reminders all that I get in response is "Sir we are looking into your matter in priority . Till then please bear with us ".

    I called up Fiat and they told me that they are waiting for some response from the dealer and till that doesn't happen they cant do anything . Then I told them whether they even have any control over there dealers ? Can they tell me date by which I can expect a resolution ?? ; all they said to me was "We cannot tell you any date . It is upto the dealer to respond ". I was so angry , I just banged the phone down. Am now thinking of waiting for some more time and then filing a consumer case . Its clear that they simply want to wash the hands of from what the dealer does or says !

    Its clear that no matter what FIAT does they can never strengthen there base in India because inspite of splitting from Tata there customer service still sucks big time!! I think Fiat should be renamed as (F)ailure (I)n (A)ction and (T)rust
  7. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Hi. Sorry to hear of your ext. warranty struggles.

    I hope you've read the terms and conditions of the extended warranty? I hope you know that extended warranty claims are by a third party insurer, who like ALL insurance companies take their time, and tend to prefer denying or diluting claims? And that this is totally true of ALL car companies' extended warranty claims processes?

    Believe me: you are abusing a company which has the BY FAR industry best (along with Tata) warranty policies in practice and not only in theory. I have come to this conclusion, as have many others, based on reading and research as well the direct experience of friends, family and acquaintances in different cities and with different dealers. Even Fiat- and Tata-bashers acknowledge this, so your reaction is a surprise to me at least.

    Now, your experience MAY be normal for third-party extended warranty claims, or it MAY involve some dubiousness on the part of dealer/the insurer. I have no way of knowing.

    You are exaggerrating 'grossly', if I may use the word, in concluding that Fiat is in any way guilty of a 'failure in action or trust', relative to any other car firm in this market. When it comes to warranties: the opposite is true!

    Your particular case MAY justify your indignation (i don't have enough information), BUT your generalization is totally false, imo, no offence meant to you personally.

    Of course, it is in the end my conviction against yours, i can only say that we have had in our family four fiats over 5-6 years, and (extended) warranty difficulties have not been there AT ALL, unlike the experiences of several friends and family with other car firms and dealers, including the best-selling companies with supposedly awesome service. Not in the Tata ASS days, let alone since then.

    Their 'customer service' does not 'suck big time'. You are just deploying widespread but dated cliches about Fiat service in general that match/suit your specific experience. My experience, however, is VERY different, which is why I do not subscribe to that view, and view it as a stereotype, not a truth.

    Again, I am not trying to criticize you personally but only your generalization. Hope you get this warranty thing sorted out fairly, if not to your perfect satisfaction.

    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 18, 2014, Original Post Date: Dec 18, 2014 ---

    e.g., Was reading your useful and pointed observation on Kashyap's (Delhi NCR) ASS. You had a poor experience recently, but you have also stated that your previous service experiences were good? I have had a couple of pretty good experiences with them too, one sales one service, though am based out of Gurgaon, where we've been pretty satisfied with the improvement from the Tata days, which were never that bad in any case, other than w.r.t time taken to complete work, and certainly not with regard to warranties.

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  8. vivek_lko

    vivek_lko Amatore

    Mods please remove the following sentence from my post "Its clear that no matter what FIAT does they can never strengthen there base in India because inspite of splitting from Tata there customer service still sucks big time!! I think Fiat should be renamed as (F)ailure (I)n (A)ction and (T)rust".

    And then of course the above sentence as well !!

    Though I am doubtful if my matter would be resolved looking at the way I have had the responses from Fiat but I think I might have written too much too early !! I will open a new thread if I dont get any resolution by the year end .

    @prabhjot I have read all the terms and conditions of the warranty and "Alternator" is clearly mentioned . Here below the response from the Dealer that I received a month back

    Classic Fiat Service
    Sent: ‎24/‎11/‎2014 16:16
    Dear sir

    We regret for the inconvinience. There must be some misconception due to our service advisor Pawan. We studied the case and your extended warranty claim in under process now,and will be setteled by day after tomorrow. we will revert you right after getting reply from our Extended Warranty team.

    Thanks & Regard's

    Rehan Nawaz

    So its clear that there is an issue ; but the fact is that the "day after tomorrow" hasnt come even after a month.

    Let me know if you need the whole mail transaction . I can forward it !!
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  9. anupam_aug15

    anupam_aug15 Novizio

    Dear prabhjot , Its nice that you have had nice experience with FIAT but we have 4 FIAT in our family and never ever we have been fully satisfied with the service provided. Of course it all depends on dealers and different service centers but my case is a biggest example where FIAT from top to bottom are involved in trying to get away with a defective vehicle.
    The lawyer from service center himself admits that GM of service center himself admits that the vehicle has manufacturing fault but he cann't say so in court .

    So definitely nobody is " exaggerating grossly "when they complain about FIAT's customer service . What I have noted is that right now they take decision on case to case basis and there is no uniformity or guidelines which they adhere to.

    Also I would request everyone to not to deviate from the thread by sharing their problems but share if somebody is facing same issue like and contemplating legal action .

    Also , like I mentioned earlier , I am posting complete reply by FIAT in court where they have washed hands of everything and I find it amusing that how FIAT will answer for the total 100 email communication with FIAT which I have submitted in court , where they have admitted everything while they have denied the same in court.






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  10. sushil1357

    sushil1357 Timido

    Linea 1.3

    I am the new entrant to.this group. Even I am going to.file a case. Mine is a pure case of cheating by Fiat and pandit auto pune. They sold me a defective fiat linea multijet emotion 2014. I got delivery of the car on 29th dec-14. The car had noise in the clutch and gear Box at the time of delivery and since delivery it is lying at the dealer pandit workshop. Now these fiat guys have replaced the entire gear assembly from an existing car in the workshop and want me to take it. The car has issues of overheating and shifting gear in 2nd. I paid 10 lacs to enjoy but the car is in workshop since delivery. I have written to fiat for replacement / refund. Waiting for their revert. I am going to take them to court and file a cheating case against dealer.
    Sushil 8380051594
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 2, 2015 ---
    I refused to take the car at the time of delivery, but pandit guys insisted that the noise is not a major issue and it's normal. I just drove to their workshop and the guys told me the issues. The car was overheated by running just 6 Kms. I have kept the car at the workshop, refused to take it and have written mails to fiat and pandit to replace or refund. But I guess they were busy making money on the year end by selling more and more defective cars. I have been asked by Pandit auto owner to be silent till 2 nd Jan as they are working on some solutions. I am waiting sir.
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