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Linea Active MJD 2012 - Filed case in Consumer Court

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by anupam_aug15, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. anupam_aug15

    anupam_aug15 Novizio

    I bought Fiat Car from gurgaon haryana in aug 2012 and the car had vibrartion problem since first day. I showed it to different service centers of FIAT in delhi and gurgaon but they could not resolve. Then I moved to hyderabad and brought my car to hyderabad. Here also I showed it to Tejaswi Motors/Butta Motors , FIAT service center and after a struggle of 24 more months that problem is yet to be solved . Apart from that , my car has developed so many different problems like suspension noise , cabin noise , rusting and so many other problems yet FIAT ia maintaining that they can keep repairing those problems. My car has already been repaired more than 50 times and stayed for more than 150 days in FIAT workshop for past 22 months yet they maintain the problem will be resolved .
    I have been maintaining since day 1 that the vehicle delivered to me is a defective vehicle having many inherent defects / problems which nobody will accept in a brand new vehicle.i have requested them to replace this vehicle yet they maintain that they have done their best and I should keep the vehicle getting repaired .
    Here are the facts below

    Car : Fiat Linea MJD active 2012

    Date of purchase : 19 Aug 2012

    Reported problem : wobbling between 80 kmph to 120 kmph
    cabin noise on bumps & rough roads
    Rusting of parts
    Suspension Noise
    Cabin Noise

    Problem Reported date: 20 Aug 2012

    No. of times at service center : atleast 50 times in till jan 2014
    No. of days car had to be left at service center : more than 150 days out of 600 days of age
    No. of times called customer care/service center : not less than 250

    No. of mails to customer service : at least 100
    Repairs carried out : multiple iterations like tyres change , wheel balancing , alignment , rim change, change of lower arm , knuckle joints , brake discs and bearings, 2 times all tyres were changed

    My car has been badly handled at Butta/Tejaswi workshop during this time .They damaged my bumpers , my boot , my glass and so many other things. each time either it was repainted or repaired.

    FIAT still maintained that they will resolve it and I should keep sending my vehicle for repairs . Mr Mangesh Kodalkar , FIAT customer care head was handling this case since beginning.

    In between I needed to replace my bumper due to an accident , It took FIAT a month before I got a new bumper and FIAT painted it for 4 times and yet they could not match the paint yet.

    Now I have filed a case in consumer court on Butta Motors and FIAT to replace the car and pay for the harassment & Inconvenience.

    Its such behavior that has forced me to file consumer case and ensure that nobody in my friend circle ever buy a FIAT.
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  2. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    Classic bad attitude from car companies. Most of the Indian manufacturers have that attitude. FIAT is no exception.
  3. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Some time a kick in the back will wake people up and listen and get the job done.
  4. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Whatever happened is really bad. You did the right thing if its true whatever you have mentioned.

    But Fiat is no exception. This happens with all the manufacturers. Some lemons are rolled out from factory.
    Its only that Fiat users are mostly passionate one and has these kind of forums to raise their view/opinions, these incidents came to light more often.
    Fiat reputation doesn't help either.

    All the best. Hope you get a resolution.
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  5. Sailer_Punter

    Sailer_Punter Amatore

    Lemons from manufacturers across brands do happen but the distinguishing factor for customer satisfaction is how well company/service center handles these issues. The Japanese brands that we have here do a very good job in fixing the issues which leads to customer satisfaction and good feedback for the brand as well.

    This is something which European/American brands should learn from the Japanese/Korean brands. Hope you do get justice as soon as possible. All the best.
  6. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    The problem with these lemons is that they are costly lemons & we can't make lemonade out of them !

    Hope you succeeed in kicking their ass.
  7. ishlinea7260

    ishlinea7260 Novizio

    Going through this thread was kind of like a Deja vu!

    When I had bought Linea in early 2009 my friends and family advised me against it .

    But I was smitten by her looks and the fact that I could get a diesel sedan for the same price as that of a petrol Honda City , going with the Fiat was a decision that made both mind and heart happy! or so I thought!

    3rd day of my ownership Blu and Me system gives out!

    Less than 3000kms on the odo and the suspension starts making all weird noises!

    Few weeks down the line fuel gauge starts acting funny

    Gearshift became extremely hard.

    And few other issues that I now do not even remember!

    I was so much disheartened by my purchase that I even thought if selling her even before her first service!!

    All the while I was thinking of selling her , I came to know that the FASS I deal with has undergone change in management.

    The earlier Fiat service manager had left ? and was replaced by a TATA service manager.

    (This being the time when service workshops were shared by TATA and Fiat).

    This guy did all in his power to rectify all the issues in the car , and the funny part is he actually did!

    The kind of attention to detail and customer centric attitude he had , I have never seen in any workshop.

    He treats your car as his own and not only did he stop me from selling my car at a ridiculous price but he now helps me maintain it.

    Even now though TATA and Fiat have stopped sharing workshops I do consult him If I have a problem with my car.

    Phew , that was a long post!!

    Didnt mean to hijack your thread but I hope that had your dealers attitude been a bit more customer centric you and your car wont be in such a situation.

    Keeping in mind the kind of pathetic consumer laws we have over here , I wish you best of luck and hope that you are relieved of this ordeal as soon as possible.

    Keep us updated.
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  8. cassini

    cassini Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    This is absolutely disgusting behavior from Fiat. My uncle had a similar experience with Mahindra XUV 500 after paying almost 15 lakhs for that piece of crap. All car manufacturers make defective cars, the so called "lemons", every once in a while. Only the rate is different. Why can't they just replace the car when it becomes crystal clear that the vehicle is defective, and give their loyal customers some respite for all the trouble they had to go through, is beyond me. These customers are your fans, treat them like one for a change. The positive message (and the obvious media publicity) generated by such a simple initiative could be bigger than many big-ticket advertising campaigns IMHO.

    Having said that, I bought my Punto more or less the same time during which Mr. Anupam got his Linea. After running more than 50k kilometers well-within 2 years, I haven't had a single problem, not even minor, with her yet. If what you wrote is true, this is a clear case of defective product from the start, and in my personal opinion, Fiat should not have dragged it to the courts.

    Hope you get an adequate compensation and a brand new car. Good luck.
  9. speedJet

    speedJet Superiore

    Sorry to hear about your ordeal. It would have caused a lot of heartburn to you. Did you buy from ABS or Dhingra?
    After owning my TJet for more than 2 years now, I have visited all service centres in NCR except for Kashyap. I believe all of them are incompetent when it comes to service - the level of incompetency varies across centres but not one of them is upto the mark. However, one good thing with Fiat is the warranty part and also that Fiat officials are very co-operative if you escalate things to them

    My view is that try to talk with some more people and try to get things resolved. The consumer court would take its own sweet time.

    wobbling between 80 kmph to 120 kmph: if balancing and alignment have been done then probably the rim is out of shape or tyres are bad. Try swapping them at the service centre and see if it helps
    cabin noise on bumps & rough roads: this would most probably due to elastic pads gone bad or wheel bearings going bad
    suspension and cabin noise: same as above
    Rusting of parts: nothing much can be done about this - just get it rectified under warranty at a service centre which has a paint booth and Fiat approved wet paints

    Regarding car getting banged at service centres, I have myself seen cars being driven rashly at service centres and getting scratches/dents - many times service centre guys pull handbrakes to make unusual turns. General principle is to keep an eye on the car, but that may not be always possible
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  10. anupam_aug15

    anupam_aug15 Novizio

    I have been a FIAT fan and like others I was warned that I should not risk buying FIAT . But like others I bought the beauty thinking may be others . All the solutions you have tried have been already tried .I have been very patient and had been talking to FIAT for such a time thinking may be sometimes it happens . Ok this time it will be sorted out. But to my frustration FIAT never bothered to take the case seriously. Instead of sending some expert , they just kept forcing the dealer to solve it. You can imagine my frustration that my new car was continuously kept at service center for more than a week and 10 days multiple times without even providing me any alternate vehicle for first 11 months and 100 days in Butta workshop.

    I was so embarrassed when everybody asked where is your car and I had to say service center.

    And FIAT was as usual we are looking into the matter , we are coordinating with the region. They sent any expert to look into my case first time only after 6 months . Finally he temporarily solved the issue and the reason given was that the FIAT service center wheel balancing machine was faulty . :punch:confused:

    My car was continuously damaged at service center , sometimes door was scratched , then bumpers were scratched then headlights , windshield , boot .

    And FIAT told me sir we are trying to solve the issue under warranty . What does warranty mean ? Does it mean a defective vehicle can be repaired over and over again till the warranty lapses. And FIAT has been proudly saying that we have been assisting you and can assist you even now.

    I would also share my communication with you all so that you can judge that how people sitting at the highest level in FIAT behave .

    My case was being handled by Mr Mangesh Kodalkar , Head Customer Service , FIAT India and yet he just made false promises . I always kept even customercareintertional@fiat.com in mail and they also just mailed we have forwarded the matter to concerned region.

    I want people to know how a company like FIAT behaves in INDIA as they feel consumer law and awareness is weak in India. Had it been any other company , they would have replaced the vehicle by now.

    Also I would like to highlight that how multiple times the vehicle was returned without tightening the screws , once my front shocker nut was left loose and still my car was sent to my house. Next day as soon as started using i heard sound from front bang , bang bang and was so afraid. Then a mechanic was sent who told they forgot to tighten the screw.

    Cabin noise issue was unsuccessfully Handled using PVC tapes inside door locks etc . FIAT Technology for a 9 lacs car !!!!

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