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Linea 125S

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by kinetic, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. kinetic

    kinetic Amatore

    Retro / Classic FIAT
    Welcome move by FCA to showcase the Linea 125S at the auto expo 2016. Bashers and unsatisfied souls can take a hike. Schumi fans can get that Abarth Punto for themselves. Heck, the speed demons criticized the Avventura for churning just 5PS less than the Abarth Punto. Well, this post is about the Linea 125S; for what it is, what it offers and what does a prospective customer expects from a limited edition.

    First of all thanks for getting away with all that chrome. Truly shows the design of the car which otherwise is robbed by the chrome running here n there, everywhere around the car. Truly, I feel only bathroom accessories look best in chrome.

    Get rid of all beige panels in the interior, the way the car has got rid of chrome. Will truly feel 'Sports'

    Another thanks for the blue paint. Though this blue is loud on the Linea but certainly is better than the previous Oceanic blue colour. BTW, this same blue was offered on the Laura VRS too. Though a dark shade like Midnight blue looks more premium, but no complaints. Just wish the 125S is also offered in a premium shade of white, can help with more sales.

    As promising as the car looks, FCA could have come up with a better moniker. 125S sounds like a variant of Bajaj Discover 125 or a TVS Star 125S.

    There seems to be a big confusion about the specs and features of this car. Various sites of auto mags and forums have posted mismatching information about this car. Would like to highlight a few.

    Power is 125 BHP/PS:
    Some say its 125hp while others say its PS. Few say it is the same engine of Tjet while others have said its the abarth engine in detuned form. Whatever it may be, that is none of my concern. What matters is how that power is delivered. Some Abarth Punto test drive reports say its easy to stall the Abarth during take off. This should be taken care of in the 125S. Power delivery should be linear throughout. The sudden 'push in the back' feel can make fairer sex and older people uneasy on the move. Even with the bump in power, Linea being a family saloon should feel like one and drive like one.

    Projector headlamps:
    Some sites confirm this, others don't. Projectors with cornering function are welcome. Only if DRL's are added, then the lighting package will be 100% complete. How hard is it to add DRL's?

    5" Display:
    Good to have.

    Black Roof:
    Is it a paint or film? Can safely be omitted if it is just a film, in favour of other useful add ons. Good quality gloss black roof can be done at 3M. Good to have ONLY if it is a black paint.

    Leather Seats:
    Not everyone needs them. Those who want, can get better quality branded after market seats in leather. Adding tint to the glass would attract more customers than spending on genuine italian leather.

    Spare Alloy Wheel:
    This is not mentioned anywhere. Going by FCA's current trend, they may give this a miss which ideally they should not. As this variant will be having black painted rims, it would be tiring for customers to procure one from Fiat and get it painted outside with compromised quality causing mismatch.

    Tjet consistently had discounts upto 1.5lacs. As this variant would be having no big discounts, so please don't price it far from Tjet Emotion. After all, its only the matter of 13hp. Black roofs and leather can be skipped in favour of DRL's, spare alloy wheel and tinted glass. Expect some premium only if you give a big size generous sunroof(if Honda and Hyundai can give, why can't FCA?). Offer the features which turn out to be useful in the long run. After market like black paint/stickering job won't fetch you a premium.

    Lastly, when will this car hit the market? Have already started evaluating finances, insurance and sundry to be prepared when the bookings are opened.

    Do share your thoughts upon the 125S.
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  2. Anup

    Anup Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Agreed but then the 125S will easily be dearer to Punto Abarth by over an lakh. I wouldn't go by any media confirmations until the cars hit the showrooms. The Avventura was a kind of disappointment personally for me when few things which were shown on the Auto Expo and media news never hit the Showroom floors, I would go by the same assumption on the new Cross model as well.
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  3. rejin_r

    rejin_r Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    I strongly believe that Urban Cross will be available very soon. Since the fiat India page and their FB post has Urban cross already .
  4. vinit

    vinit Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    I suppose this car will primarily be used for long trips, so considering this the following items would be welcome.

    1. In built navigation system alongwith touchscreen ICE
    2. Factory built retractable sun curtains on all 4 windows (This looks small, but its an essential in hot summers)
    3. Fiat: Pls give us some space to keep water bottles :banghead:
    4. Electrically fold-able mirrors
    Apart from this, Linea is a very well equipped car although you can also add traction control, hill assist, puddle lamps and on and on :)
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  5. kinetic

    kinetic Amatore

    Retro / Classic FIAT
    Pricing speculated by media is approx 10lacs. Considering the regular Tjet goes for discounts from 1lac upto 1.5lac, this model without/minimal discounts should not exceed 10.
    Luck doesn't favor FCA. The recent budget has additional tax imposed on cars upwards of 10lac price. Another reason for the 10lac bracket.
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    Hope the 125S comes before june.
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    Has a 5" display. Nice add on.

    Agree on their usefulness but can be added later. My 12yr old Fiat has windshield with 70% transparency and IRVM with anti glare function for night.


    Well, that would take the price to higher level. For the same reason I don't fancy illuminated door sills, aluminium sports(fake) pedals or excess electronic wizardry. The real spoiler of the looks of Linea is a rear spoiler. Thanks for not including it.
  6. Navneet

    Navneet Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    Lovely write up Kinetic. Was waiting for this since longtime when 125S was release.

    I strongly believe, 125 S should have been 145S.
    My thoughts: Why do you want to manage so many portfolio's of same engine? Its like copy-paste job done badly. And as a die hard Fiatian, why should I or Linea deserve much lesser engine, when as a user we are ready to pay more than 114hp, and they do have high profile engine in their pockets?

    Not fair if Linea gets 125 and Punto gets 145 :p (jealous in here :) )

    Power is art to drive,and thats what it make this Italian beauties stands apart from rest of the world. 125S or current generation Linea would be in a survival for next 2 or 3 years, seeing Tipo release worldwide. So why not to give a best shot to this car, by giving the 145S.

    But anyways, if there is any logical reason behind , then more is better than nothing. Hope they market the car well. Remember Ford Fiesta in last days, Classic and Sport, and brilliant marketing. All 1.6 Sport of Fiesta sold like hot cakes, even though customer were knowing this would be the last of it.

    My favorite missing thing(wish list), a little bit of free flow exhaust on higher revs, to let the engine sing her tunes. She would be sweet on lower revs and loud as roar on higher revs(checkout the AlfaRomeo Disco Volante if I spell correctly). I can only dream of this from Fiat.

    A dreamer
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  7. kinetic

    kinetic Amatore

    Retro / Classic FIAT
    Many thanks.

    The 145 is a hooligan and suits more to the boy racer types. Crazy wheelspins and all the drama it does, but city drivability which matters for a family sedan remains compromised. Hope the 125 gives the best of both the worlds.
    Or, is it cost saving? The 145 uses strengthened components compared to the regular Tjet going into the 125. Let's see how this 125S package comes out.

    Speculations are that the Linea is due for a replacement in 2017. So probably this is the last year in the market for the Linea. Though the Tipo has generated lots of curiosity but eventually it may be the Grand Siena that might make the entry. Senior member @prabhjot may have a better idea.
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  8. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    What seniority-juniority are you talking about? None exits!

    2017 will surely see the Jeep c-suv. That is all we know for dead certain. Beyond that: exactly what comes in 2017, as opposed to 2018, is still unknown. The planned cadence from 2014 was first the 'new avventura', then the new punto and only then the new Grand Sienna in 2018 i believe, if i remember right. There now also is the possibility/likelihood of the MOBI a-cuv and an em-special small Jeep ('junior', one might say). But with what launch cadence? Hopefully that cadence is brisk enough: a new model every 6 months at least.

    More relevantly: the engines will remain more or less the same, but the gearboxes will improve to the new 6-speed one and/or amt+ddct+9-speed (the last one on the Jeep c-suv with the locally-made 2 litre mjd).

    And so: there are no issues with buying the t-jet Linea, 125S or whatever. And one does agree: the Linea 125S seems a great beauty of a machine, all-round, only more so in that vibrant colour.


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  9. sajands

    sajands Timido

    Navi Mumbai
    Navi Mumbai
    Linea T-Jet
    do we have any clue if Fiat will launch the 125 in 2016 or is this going to be a forgotten story :facepalm: by the looks of it, Fiat is more focused on the Jeep launch of late

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