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Linea 1.4 E: Ownership review + SC review

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 Fire' started by mjumrani, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. mjumrani


    Pune, Maharashtra, India
    Hey guys

    Thought I would share this with you all.

    Before I write the review you should know about my car, Flamenco Red Linea 1.4 E.

    I bought it as a used car.
    Found out about the car from an ad online, since it was being sold by the owner and not a dealer so I checked it out.
    Luckily the person did not like to drive too fast and his dad was a cleanliness freak, so the the car you could say looked and felt almost brand new.
    Got it checked from a mechanic and drove it around a lot before I bought it, everything seemed good so I went ahead and bought it.
    I bought it in May end 2010. The ODO had 7*** Kms. The car was bought by the first owner in July 2009. No scratches.
    Had parking sensors, Sun screens (Garware I think) and also the Fabric Seat covers provided by Fiat, good ones I might add.
    Damages for me Rs 590000 ::V

    Since I have bought it I have driven it almost 5000+ Kms. In the first month of ownership I had been to Lonavla twice, Lavasa and Mumbai.
    I love the way the car runs and the way its engine sounds when rev'd hard(Well I can't help it, the rev meter has no redline ::OO )
    The car is very comfortable, in and outside the city and on long drives. Glides over most pot holes. Though some road noise does leak in.
    Frankly I also have an ANHC, but Linea looks so much more bigger and classier, as if it belongs to a segment above.
    AC is good on most days, except for a few days in the beginning of my ownership when Pune was very hot.
    It handles itself well at high speed and the steering is responsive.
    The key they have provided is such a comfort, especially the opening the boot part.
    The material quality is good, ANHC and now Vento being the only competition.
    The FE is 10 when enthusiastic and 12 when I'm unusually not.

    Now the parts I'm not so happy about.
    The cup holders and bottle holders seem like an after thought. The only thing I have been able to fit in the cup holders is the McDonald's Pepsi glass.
    The car is heavy and the engine is quite underpowered :hit
    Why on earth is there no Random option in the MP3 player? (I go mad listening to the same sequence :uh )
    And they could have at least given an AUX IN (I'm still working to get that wire from Blaupunkt (any help would be very much welcomed), Its not available in Pune at least)
    The stock ICE is :A

    Since I bought it I haven't made many changes in the car.
    I applied CR70 on the front wind screen. (Damages 6K)
    Changed the Speakers. I bought Helix (An unknown brand to most I think, but someone I trust over these matters told me that "Hear every speaker, and buy the best Sound for your budget")
    I bought 4 x 6.5" and a 4ch Helix Amp(I even tried the 20k Infinity one but this sounded better) from Carax in Pune. He backed me up with warranty so I had no issues in buying. (Damages 25K)
    Planning to get Stanley but its bloody expensive even for pure leather. Looking for alternative Nappa leather. And maybe a sub since the amp I have can handle it.

    (Should I add dampening material around the speakers?)

    So basically I pretty much love the car.

    Now the SC review

    I booked it for a pick up for its 2nd Service (1st under me) at the Pandit Auto Service Center in Pimpri on NH4.

    Was Supposed to be picked up on Friday (3/09/10) but the guy never showed(-1) and by the time I remembered it was too late for a pick up.
    Anyways, the guy came and picked up the car the next day. Before which he checked and wrote down where all the visible scratches were (+1) and also asked about all the problems which he wrote down(+1), all this was done without me asking.
    A couple of hours later I got a call from the Service Manager for my car who asked me if I needed anything else done. Since it was for the first time under me I told him to do almost everything.
    At the same time he was advising what all would be better done now and done later, after all this I got an estimate immediately(+1) and was promised the car on Sunday evening.
    Sunday evening came, didn't get the car as the work was not finished(-1).
    The car finally came on Monday evening with proper bill and everything(+1). The car was clean and polished as ordered(+1) and my problems were fixed(+1) Everything seemed to be in order except for a few things( all this I noticed later, Beginner's mistake).
    The fuel gauge was below E (-1)
    The center right AC vent was broken(-1)
    The speaker area which never rattled was now rattling(-1) (I better get the speakers checked tomorrow)

    So frankly. It wasn't a great experience but it was decent I guess. Could have been a lot worse.
    Plus what choice do I have, Its TATA A.S.S.
  2. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Congratulations and best wishes on your buy, mjumrani. Enjoy your Linea.
  3. NAREN64


    Nice review, the Red beauty stands out in the Lonvala Mist, beautiful.
  4. obliex

    obliex Amatore

    Congrats on the Linea. For servicing I would recommend B.U.Bhandari , Wakad. I got my Linea serviced there. Quite happy with them.
  5. mjumrani


    Pune, Maharashtra, India
    Thanks. Will try them out next time
  6. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    THERE IS A RANDOM option !!!
    When you give voice command "Media Player", the 1st thing that comes on MID is THE random option. It might either say "Play Anything" or "Random" depending upon version of Blue & Me in your car.

    PS: Your car looks brand new. Its an excellent deal you got.
  7. mjumrani


    Pune, Maharashtra, India
    I have Emotion not Emotion pack
  8. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    oh..huh..mere mention of MP3 hastily made me think about USB :confused

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