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Linea 1.4 - 1.5 years with the beauty.

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 Fire' started by coolboy007, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. coolboy007

    coolboy007 Novizio

    New Delhi
    Thanks Andy :)
    :clapping, you have phrased it right. Wonder how the designing team could make such a beautiful car and giving it the best aerodynamic shape to give that stable feeling even at high speeds.
    Dont know why but with a FIAT, i have an allotgether strange bonding with my car. Had a car from Maruti, Hyundai, Mahindra and now Fiat. I never jumped with joy on seeing a car i owned before but always do so when i see a Linea/Punto. I hope our ownership reports help new prospective buyers and they get the best bang for their buck instead of going for name.
    Well even i think that it was the culprit. Driving a diesel and petrol is a totally different game, there you enjoy the torque rush from a 2.6 engine and here you need to revv to get the 1.4 to work which i mastered later. Now i manage to get the push in seat feeling which i missed in Linea when i revv in 2nd gear. Best part i do once every week without caring for FE - revv the engine till 6000 RPM in 3rd gear and listen to the growl :dancing
    LOL, :evilsmile
    Thanks a lot for that Amit. I didnt knew about it, my apologies. Let me test posting picture using that method before i proceed with the rest of the review.
  2. coolboy007

    coolboy007 Novizio

    New Delhi
    Ergonomics and features:

    Discussing the ergonomics first, its not the best part fiat has done. For example

    1.Even though the car’s length matches D segment cars, I fail to understand where did the rear legroom go? This department has been messed up by FIAT. Thumbs down.

    2. Once you put the front driver’s armrest down, its extremely hard to engage/disengage handbrake which is again a turnoff.

    3. The 3 point door locking system is a very welcome feature in strong winds (SMILEYS) but hard to manage in tight parking spots where you don’t want the doors to touch other’s cars. Still I would say, it’s a good feature,

    4. Lack of bottle holders in doors which I really miss, I don’t want my water bottle to dance around on dirty floor mats. :A

    Now to the features :

    Looks and endless features is what makes Linea win hearts and this car has a very very long list of features.

    Safety features mainly being the airbags, abs with ebd, FPS, strong solid body (I feel it’s a safety feature no doubt), seat belt with pretensioners, immobilizer and some more which I don’t know of and alloy wheels.

    The time when MID flashed - Caution: possibility of ice on road

    On the inside, automatic climate control and that too a good one, MID with a host of features to fiddle with, in built audio player which is above average, follow me home headlights which am yet to use, RC controlled ORVM’s, auto locking doors etc which make you feel that you are driving a car much expensive than what you bought it for. I think this if half of what is there in the car actually :dancing

    Theres a rear ac vent too which is first in class, although it provides very less cooling but something is better than nothing.

    Big meaty steering - absolute delight at high speeds with those things to rest your thumb

    Ergonomics and features: 9/10 (cutting just 1 for ergo as features make up for it)

    Average kya hai – Fuel efficiency
    This is one thing where I have been positively surprised by this car and I have absolutely no issues and all praises for this 1.4 L engine by FIAT.

    As we all know Fiat’s main foray is their MJD engines and petrols are known to be fuel guzzlers from the time of Palio. I had bought the car with the mindset that this thing gonna return me atleast a 10kmpl and I would be happy with it.

    Reality is that my worst FE till now is 10.5 kmpl and I check average with thankful method on every refueling. I always get 12-13 in city with full AC at 24 and 15-16 in winters when ac is off. Highway FE usually hovers around 15-17 depending on how hard I drive and ac settings.

    Linea gives almost similar average to our Santro Xing which tells how frugal the 1.4 engine is.

    FE rating : 9/10 ( 1 cut just because some claim anhc has a better FE and my uncles think 12 for such a big car is still less, who can explain them)

    MODS: I am not able use forum upload facility, would be glad if one of you could send me a PM on how to resize pics below 250 kb, i fail at that

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  3. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    nice pics man...
  4. obliex

    obliex Amatore

    A very detailed review . Keep up the good work and drive safe ...
  5. anand3636

    anand3636 Amatore

    Cochin (KL - 44)
    Gr8 review mr.cool. carryon with ur beauty. meanwhile solve the issue with pics uploading, wanna c more pics. bye
  6. coolboy007

    coolboy007 Novizio

    New Delhi
    Ride, handling and safety

    Well well, there are absolutely no comparisons here atleast from C segment. The only other car which comes close is Fiesta 1.6S in terms of handling but in its case the ride is quite stiff and a little discomforting for rear seat passengers.

    With Linea, FIAT has found a magical setup between ride and handling with no compromise anywhere at all. The ride is really very good and small potholes are easily gobbled up by the nicely done suspensions, those who ever sat in the rear bench of a car like Verna know what am talking about, its tuned to give a cushioning effect and at the same time make sure the body roll is almost nil.

    Once you touch highways you grin and think “my money went the right way” :drinks . Speeds above 120-130 seem really ordinary in Linea and the car is as stable as it could be without a hint of nervousness. I touched 165 kph once and still I wasn’t on the edge of my seat. Kudos to Fiat for it.

    When it comes to safety, its again a class leader. Airbags and abs come with almost every car these days but what also matters and is most neglected is the amount of sheet metal that goes into making the body shell of car. Fiat has made no compromise here and it shows when you slam the door shut, it requires strength. The car is solidly built and I have relief whenever I hit highways with my family, I know the car am traveling in really has a strong body structure. Coupled to that are the stupendous brakes that come with the car, fantastic braking ability and keeps the car in straightline however hard one brakes.

    Rating for this department : 10/10 (absolutely no fault in safety, ride and handling)

    Reliability and initial niggles:

    Yes there are some niggles attached to this car or I should say were attached to this car as a complimentary gift to those who bought the car when it was launched. Things like:

    - Chrome beading flying off though replaced free of cost by Fiat when brought to notice.
    - Seat height adjuster was faulty and used to come down on its own but new assembly sent by Fiat which is good but it squeaks and creaks. :firey
    - The rubber lining near windshield became very loose.
    - The door beadings have a metal strip inside which is causing rust to the door – modified beadings yet to arrive.

    That’s all I can remember in the much hyped niggles department for Linea, don’t know of anything else which troubled me. These niggles look small but were frustrating enough for some owners and they showed all their anger online :devilface

    Most modern cars are reliable enough to last you atleast 50-60k kms before coming up with even a small fault which needs your attention. The reliability of Linea has been pretty good as expected. People have reported of rattles and squeaks and even I was afraid of getting them whenever I went to Himachal (courtest bad roads, really bad).

    Reality check : close to doing 14k now and not a single rattle or sqeak from anywhere, ahh yes that seat does sqeak but nothing from doors or anywhere. I would post the pics of the kind of roads I had to travel on and you can judge the punishment the poor car got. The GC is low for the car and the front bumper scrapes hard at times (attaching pic of all scratched front overhang bumper)

    Really scratched bumper, thats my friend in the background :mrgreen:

    The underbody is well protected which gives some confidence when you pass over craters
    The only big issue is when my car had a complete electronics failure. The amber light below fuel indicator glowed up warning of big malfunction and MID kept showing : Airbags failure and some more. The tacho, speedo, temperature and even audio system stopped working and I was in for a big surprise. Brought the car home somehow as it was running normally, knew it cant be ECU failure as car was running smooth.

    Shot a mail to top honchos at FIAT and the issue was repaired and sorted out within 3 hours at TASS after I called Mr. Anand Kumar and told him that TASS aint doing anything. From 2 mechanics working on car, after that 10 guys started working :clap – reason was 2 loose fuses somewhere which Ecu examiner caught.

    Reliability and niggles overall : 8/10

    Some random clicks:
    max fe achieved

    At my village

    Things changed when FIAT personnel had come - back to old times after it :A
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  7. cartoos


    New Delhi
    Hey Rajat, I think you have lot of time after your exams, nice writeup man. :clap
  8. coolboy007

    coolboy007 Novizio

    New Delhi
    Thanks a lot, am ecstatic that you liked such novice pics :dancing

    Thanks, with Linea the drive is even more safer.
    Thanks Anand. Well using 3rd party image hosting site, would talk to Amit and sort this issue of me not able to resize properly.
    Hey Sir, glad to see you here :drinks. Yes lot of time after exams, was very busy last month with my medical exams and entrances to aviation academies but am done with them for now.
  9. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    Nice review coolboy. The under body is really well protected. After my few excursions into pot holes, I was worried, but other than the engine guard plate, no other scratches.
  10. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    no worries on underbody.. even o thought the same but when i checked mine after a trip was stunned to see that there was no hit even though i felt it on a bumper...

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