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Linea 1.3 mjd service and maitenance issues

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by mishers, May 21, 2014.

  1. mishers

    mishers Timido

    I am glad to join this forum and need some advice regarding its servicing and maintenance.
    I bought my pre-owned 2010 linea 1.3 mjd.
    I had some homework done for making her even better, even before buying it as my search for a tuner was on and thanks to team fiat and to the best decision of my life and got it remapped from UD MOTOR X and I am loving. And will post about my remapping experience in a new thread soon.


    • She has been serviced regularly at kashyap fiat at right intervals and
    • Last service was done 33,000 km (approx)
    • Bought at 37,276 km
    • Now clocked around 40,000 kms

    Mode Done

    • Stage 1+ ECU Remap by UD MOTOR X
    • Replacement k&n filter (probably of no use besides 1 million km warranty) – will move on to something better.
    • Floor Mats

    Mods Planned

    • Seats are naked and hard will get new covers made from someone good will have it posted after getting it done.
    • Tyres - they are brand new (replaced by the first owner itself few thousand km’s before) but need to upgraded as they light up 1st, 2nd and even in 3rd gear after remap. So will be getting new performance tyres.
    • Some more performance mods like exhaust and conical as suggested for more fun
    • She is in need for some new shine as right now looks dull.

    Need for a good service station

    Now I will be getting it serviced a little earlier within this week.

    I wanna upgrade to some local service station in Delhi who is good, faithful and someone who gives genuine advices not pushing to buy alternate unwanted items.
    As these people start giving advices on oiling the brake pin and ask for 500 bucks which is not cool even there are something I learnt from experience which make me don’t like places where I cannot see my car being worked upon. I just wanna have it done my way.

    The things I am planning at this service are:

    • Engine flush
    • Engine oil – synthetic – mobil delvac 1
    • Gear oil syntheticplease let me know a place where I can buy this from
    • Engine decarbonising
    • Injector cleaning
    • And what else can be done please suggest?

    As I know this results in better performance and life of engine.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. pushkaraj

    pushkaraj Amatore

    First of all congratulations on your Linea purchase ,

    Regardiung local mechanic , The major problem is parts , if you can provide them parts OR they can procure one - then thats non-issue.

    Otherwise you will be going to service station anyways for parts - whatever is required ( Brake pad , clutch kits OR simple things like wiper )

  3. mishers

    mishers Timido

    thanks for suggestion
    For any major issue i know company has to be contacted.
    but for regular job i want to change it to a new service station

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    I read my above post now as it is unclear from the post above about my REQUIREMENT

    I need help on changing to another mechanic or service centre so please advice me with another service centre in delhi.
    please read my post above.
  4. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Boss, most of us stick to one Fiat ASS centre or the other, some are good, some are average here in delhi ncr. The good thing of course is that there are at least 6 of them, i believe. Your need is for a very customised kind of routine servicing, i guess. I think rather than take a chance with an independent mechanic shop, you ought to visit and speak to one or two of the smaller FASS in delhi ncr (Kashyap and Oberoi are too big and busy for your requirements). Maybe the Faridabad FASS. Or Torque Motors Gurgaon, whose setup is not up to the mark but whose mechanics are good and experienced.
  5. vIjAy_kHaSa

    vIjAy_kHaSa Esperto

    Congratulations on your purchase
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  6. mishers

    mishers Timido

    Thanks for the replies.

    So Finally I had her serviced and I almost had everything changed, as she is still new in my eyes and even before buying it I added costs for mods, small repairs and services so changing all the fluids and small things doesn't pinch me if the job was done at last service.
    I am not much of a writer but other members posts has also helped me a lot so I also want to keep up that legacy

    I had it serviced at Rama Auto in SS

    What I got done in this service?

    1. Xado - Engine oil flush for 1hr I as it would be necessary before moving on to synthetic
    2. Engine decarbonising
    3. Injector cleaning
    4. Brake oil changed and upgraded to brembo brake pads which were available with ud motor x
    5. Engine oil changed to fully synthetic mobil 1 delvac 1
    6. Gear oil changed synthetic Tutela TECHNEX 75W-85 (Thanks to fellow Team Fiatian vijay khasa)
    7. Suspension re-torqued
    8. Added colin windshield cleaner (not worth mentioning)
    9. Waxing done


    BEFORE --------- (but remapped – neglecting all the purely awesome changes that happened on my car after remap while writing below)

    I always run on normal diesel usually from Indian oil(company owned) and car always seemed fine but as compared to later linea’s after 2012 it had little more vibration and sense of it being moving a little heavy.

    AFTER SERVICE --------- (And remapped – now is smooth like a electric rocket)

    Car is so smooth now with a lot improved braking and I guess all the changes happened because of mainly 2-3 things those are
    Synthetic engine oil, engine decarbonising, and injector cleaning and flushes used really made a difference in the car

    What I could have postponed till next service but I don’t regret it getting done ?

    Gear oil change improved gear smoothness slightly and definitely better

    What I learnt is I now no more believe in A.S.S as they don’t allow us in the workshop area but getting things done the way you want makes a difference so I think spending some time like this is definitely worth it.

    My hands are eager to tell about the difference in my car after remap as my car is totally a new beast and with new personality but will make a different post for it.
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  7. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    After reading your post I'm also pretty much inclined to get my car decarb.How's your car performing after decarb?
    Read about decarb on Txxx and the posts says of no use about decarb. My bro's Tata Indigo Manza after decarb is like rocket, its 90ps MJD.Have anyone done decarb on Tfi ?

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