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Linea 1.3 MJD EP Tuscan Wine

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by pammuluvcars, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Pran

    Pran Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    10yrs and yet to be implemented, wonder how long the UID will take. Anyways this is news to me that the license for HSRP has been granted.
  2. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    ravi your plates are cheaper than utsav and are the same. any idea where can i get such plates in mumbai. anyone else can also help.
  3. pammuluvcars

    pammuluvcars Regolare

    But i think it is better to screw the plate rather than keeping in the plastic frame. Due to heavy vibration and later on due to getting older from the heat from engine and sun light the plastic frame may become loose, bent etc....and the num plate may fall off. Or anyone can easily open the latches and remove num plate right?
  4. pammuluvcars

    pammuluvcars Regolare

    Hi guys. I am going to install 3M sunfilms on my clear shades today. There is a new 3M Car Care opened right next to my office building in JP Nagar first phase on 24th Main. I am planning to go for CS50 for windows and rear and CR70 for windshield. I wanted to install CR70 on all shades but the price is 23950/-

    I want feedback from people who have installed CS50 for windows and rear. I am worried about night time visibility. Especially rear view (in the mirror). Is it going to be compromised? How is the heat rejection for CS50? Am going for 50 primarily due to visibility issues. I dont want any darker shades. Night time + Rain is going to be a nightmare. With clear glass itself night+rain is tough. Please help me decide. I have decided CR70 for windshield. Help me decide for windows. Does CS50 give good heat rejection? I know it is way less than 70 but How is the altogether performance. Waiting for suggestions/feedback :) Thank you.

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    Installed 3M
    CR 70 on windshield
    CS 50 on sides and rear
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2012
  5. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Guys please make note of you're tire's speed rating. Its never safe to exceed the limit.
    And as you're tire begins to age its always best you treat it with care ...
    Stay at least 20-25kmph under the max rating on you're tires, especially on prolonged drives
  6. pammuluvcars

    pammuluvcars Regolare

    My baby is hurt :(....

    A wreckless lady day dreaming while on wheels rammed on my lovely Linea's rear right hand side mudguard. The impact was such the mudguard was damaged, the bumper got a cut and the alloy also got a small cut.

    It happened last saturday while I was still inside our layout. I was driving west on the main road inside our layout when this lady came speeding towards the main road. I was moving pretty slow as the day being a saturday there could be kids on bicycles and pedestrians as well. I spotted this car coming towards me, but since am already moving on the main road, I thought she will slow down, watch and proceed.....but I was wrong....As I passed the lane she was coming from, in the corner of my eye I saw the car speeding towards mine.....I immediately stepped on the accelerator to avoid a collision but the car was so fast there was a loud thud .....my car swayed to the left and steadied....

    I stopped the car and came out and saw that it was a lady on the wheels. She had a ghostly expression on her face.....She couldnt talk for a while...then she said "Sorry I was in some tension....I didnt see your car...."

    Huh......what if it was a twowheeler or a kid on a bicycle......

    Initially she admitted her mistake, but later when her friends (she was visiting some friends inside our layout) came, she changed her version completely. An old guy who intervened from her side said I was speeding and hit her car instead. He did not even see the accident and started blaming me. But luckily there were couple of auto drivers and pedestrians and some workers from the near by construction site who witnessed the accident immediately intervened and said that it is completely her mistake. After that he softened and admitted to the mistake on her side.

    They gave me 3k on the spot and promised to pay the No Claim amount after Insurance settlement. My car has gone to the body shop today :(

    They said the bumper (it has chrome strips ...), the right side portion completely and if the cut on the alloy is serious, then the alloy also have to be replaced/changed completely.

    *** One thing the smart lady on her side argued did not make sense at all to me......She banged me and her friend's claim "Look it is an accident.....her car got more damage....so let us go our ways..." It is like in a court of law you are arguing "My Lord.....True, I tried to kill the person....but see in the attempt I broke my arm.....so let me walk free...."

    Why did God give girls only beauty, no brains???? (She was gorgeous....just like a ramp model....I mean the friend)....

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