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Linea 1.3, 38K report

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by vivekanandrb, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. vivekanandrb

    vivekanandrb Timido

    Hello TFIans...Back again after a long time. Been reading a lot, posting little – so all of my notes at one go! (my way of saying sorry for the long post!)

    Got my first paid service (3rd year) done last week @Vecto Motors, Hosur road, Bangalore. Distance covered ~38K, but there were several problems that I had to get rectified. Long & short of it - the car feels as good as new (better, as it's smoother?) after the service :)

    Dropped off on Fri eve; got it back on Sat afternoon. Extended warranty claims required additional time.
    1. Rattling sound from the front & back of the car (as if sheets were banging against the body), especially over rough roads – engine guard & door (!!) were the culprits. Thankfully they just had to beat the guard back into shape & adjust something on the rear door. Fixed! Good build Fiat! (Rs 800/-)
    2. Creaking sound on engaging gears, sudden gear changes & reverse – suspected C-mount damage due to underbody hit. Would have cost 2K if indeed damaged! Thankfully, it was just loose apparently & tightened. No noise now.
    3. Glow plug warning for past 3-4 weeks – fixed under Extended Warranty. I’d not got the EW booklet – just the receipts at the time of delivery. So was a bit apprehensive about approval of the claims - however, Vecto/FIAT had it on their records in their system - did not even ask me for the receipts. Plugs replaced - would have cost Rs 2.3K if not covered.
    4. Increased engine noise (or so I felt) – SA mentioned that he didn't think there was any increase in the engine noise. But there was a leaking coolant hose that he pointed out on checking the bay. The clamp had come loose, and coolant had corroded the pipe & surrounding equipment. He later conveyed telephonically that the thermostat valve & water pump O ring were damaged, requiring replacement (I did not have a chance to inspect). Hit of Rs 5K – The SA (Mithun Raj) mentioned it would not get covered under EW. I requested him to recheck for the part for coverage, with labor to be borne by me, as the loose clamp was not because of my driving/ external damage. He tried – the thermostat valve got covered under EW (2K), but O ring cost had to be borne by me (2.8K). Was in a bit of hurry, so did not delve too deep into the matter - & took his observations at face value.
    5. Parking light indicator warning – loose contact, fixed
    6. Left front door squeaking on opening/shutting – greased
    7. Squeaks when operating clutch – clutch spring lubricated, silent now.
    8. On checking engine bay, the SA mentioned that there were a lot of mice prints all over (he had to point those out to me, wouldn’t have noticed otherwise). He suggested getting a rat guard for the dashboard costing Rs 1000 (mostly labor). Engine bay repairs would be easy, but just removing the dash would cost Rs 2K in labour! Components & sensors too would have been expensive. I thought it was an awful lot of money for just a mesh, wondering why it wasn't put in there by Fiat in the first place (!?). I had a bad experience with rats/mice chewing up my home theater wires in Mumbai a decade ago, on the 18th floor! Didn’t want to take on Ganeshji’s vehicles - asked him to install it, as I can’t really change my apartment parking spot. Hadn't read about this on TFI - so not sure if I was taken for a ride!!
    9. 45K paid service & fluid changes – ~Rs 6K

    Overall damages – Rs 13.5K (from pocket) + Rs 4K (glow plugs & valve covered under Ext warranty)
    Service: Overall, pretty good. However, washing of the cars leave a lot to be desired. Windows were still unclean & there were smudges on the beige seats as well.

    Other than battery (replaced stock with Amaron 55 Ah, 2 months ago - the airbag failure message had started popping up & browsing through TFI provided me the solution), regular fluid changes & brake pads (@21K), haven’t changed anything from stock.

    EMIs get over next month (Yippee…it’ll be my OWN Linea then :happy:)
    With the money saved on EMIs planning some changes in the next few months:

    Tyres to 195/65 R15: @38K run – the stock GT3s are creating a ruckus on the roads. Other than the noise (& low GC), I really have liked the stock GY GT3…just 1 puncture so far despite some rough roads that I’ve taken it on, confidence inspiring both in wet & dry – am a reasonably careful driver, but felt it on the couple of occasions that I have had to brake suddenly in such conditions. Highest speed touched – 160 kms; on highways, I'm usually between 90 & 120 only. On Hassan-Bangalore stretch a month ago in very heavy rains, managed to confidently drive at 80-100, and didn’t really feel the need to slow down further. I don’t think I’ve experienced the ABS kick in ever yet (if I did, don’t know it!). Not sure I want to splurge on Michelins/BS, and ok with a little noise (the MJD isn’t quite that silent anyhow!). I was leaning towards GY Assurance ArmorGrip & Falken Sincera – when I checked with Ashwin of Sai Iyengar tires, he recco’d Yoko Earth 1 instead. Clarified that soft sidewall is not an issue with it. Will probably visit them & get those next month.

    Upgrading to 195/65 for whatever additional GC I can get, based on reviews of those who have these on their rides. Have scraped the bottom umpteen # of times, esp when fully loaded - even at an angle & a slow crawl – typically the exhaust/left rear scrapes the speedbreakers. Lot of heartaches & ouches from my well-built co-passengers. Not keen on the GC kit - may consider when it's time to replace the suspension.

    Will consider remap/recode (maybe join the WOLF pack!), leather seating & speaker system upgrade in the next 6 months.

    Post that - the EMI moneys are going towards MF investments for my next car that I want to pay cash down – nearing 40, and want to avoid further loans :)

    Inputs sought:
    1. Any feedback on Yoko Earth 1? Have gone through all available reviews online – seems ok I guess. My priorities are safety, reliability, comfort, handling & noise - in that order.
    2. My stock spare (195/60R15) is still brand new (somehow didn’t really pay attention to tyre rotation!)– still has the “hairs” on it - is it possible to use it with 195/65 R15 for short distances as a spare? Will obviously travel at low speeds.
    3. Does damping on doors also reduce engine noise further? Is it possible to do any kind of further damping in the engine bay – SA mentioned that it’s not possible.

    Cheers TFIans...Happy & Safe driving.
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  2. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    The Earth 1 on my friend's Linea has already covered 10K kms and he is currently happy with it. The Earth 1 will anyday be quieter and grippier than the GT3. The 195/65 R15 is good enought to fill the wheel arches and increase the GC to around 168mm (considering its the pre 2012 Linea).

    Dampening the doors will not reduce the engine noise, its done to keep the jarring away from the doors when the volume is pumped up.
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  3. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Good to see you back, and nice that you got all issues resolved.
    Do put your review/ratings here - http://www.teamfiat.com/reviews/fia...service/vecto-motors-singasandra-bangalore.6/
    This seems to nice tyre, though not much review as such, being newer tyre. For the cost, it is pretty nice choice.
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  4. vivekanandrb

    vivekanandrb Timido

    After 38.5K on stock GT3, upgraded tyres to Earth 1 - 195/65/R15, and have put on ~300 kms on it. (Rs 4850 apiece less Rs 100 buy-back of old tyre), with new valves, balancing & alignment & nitrogen filling thrown in. Did seem a lot more VFM than Michelin P3 ST @~Rs 6300/tyre. I have retained the never-used 195/60 GT3 as spare - the stores rep assured me that there would not be any problems provided I drive at moderate speeds & change over at the earliest.

    The tyres themselves are nice - quieter than the 3yr old stock GT3 by a noticeable margin; the increased comfort with higher profile became pretty obvious almost immediately, gliding over small bumps & road irregularities better than stock. Braking seems fine as well - no significant change as compared to earlier. Has improved the looks as well, with the wheel wells filled in.

    For the first few hours though, the increased height, change in the feel of the road & a feel of delayed bite in braking - did not give me the same confidence in the drive as stock. Took a couple of hours of driving to re-adapt, and thereafter has been fine. The tyres seem to be picking up a lot more of stones though in the grooves compared to GT3. The feel of the road seems to have changed compared to stock/lower profile - however, in balance, I'm very happy so far with the change over.
  5. drjake

    drjake Timido

    i have changed to 195/65/R16 yokohama - they definitely raise the height by a few mms and it no more hits the large bumps ever since. i had to repair my damaged oil sump twice when i had the stock tyres. As mentioned initial driving pleasure appears to be missing - but after a few weeks i got used to it. if the low ground clearance is an issue then this upgrade is definitely going to help
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