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LIGHTICE ... 'In pursuit of Kandisa - Indianocean'

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by TORQUEY_TND, Jul 4, 2010.



    Mumbai - 79
    Folks ,

    After the ALLOY's+TYRE...Upgrade ...Its Time for some LIGHTICE ...
    I am getting started with this thread , the label suggest all ...
    BOY .. i cant wait to hear KANDISA - IndianOcean the band i like the most
    Hopefully my affinity with sounds should get me to point of perfection ...
    Rest assured AUDIOPHILE tendencies in me wants more ...but i am sure i am
    strictly POP Freak not a JAR HEAD / HEAVY METAL ..ADDICT
    So here's expecting the WORSE & hoping for the BEST from you Guys -- THE BEST !!!!

    To start with i had a word with MOTORSOUNDS,
    The person understood my needs and didnt even have to take a look in my car, he visualized it while i explained
    that i have already installed ...

    Hmmmm ..it took 3 mins and RAVI , the head of Motorsounds
    ADVISED that PUNTO has large area/design/space/frontleaning cabin from the inside , lots of legroom in the front
    having said that he suggested the Back is shrewdly planned between the boot and the backseat.

    With respect to such a design , it makes sense to have better powered woofers at the back
    and have 4 channel amp and a set of better FRONT COMPONENT to cater my taste
    He Added the Monoblock Is not Required as it does not comprehend my genre also
    i already have a set of JBL's mounted at the BACK on a Rear Speaker Tray

    Key Ingredients :

    1. Morel Tempo - front component
    2. JVC AX3004 - 4-ch Amp

    I kinda told him will research & get back to him on this
    He smiled and gave me an offer to show me his work on a Punto which is cost the owner 3 lakh + INR
    & told me DONT BE LOST...

    Well thats all i did to tell him ....ILL be BACK

    this goes the way as i intend it to go , please let me know the inputs on this

    Much Appreciated
  2. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Am sure it would be great after the upgrade..
  3. Aniket

    Aniket Superiore

    Thane, Mumbai
  4. arishi

    arishi Regolare

    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    Dude, I haven't heard Morel Tempo, I think they are good (From Google reviews), but I would suggest you check FOCAL also. My taste is from typical Bollywood numbers to Indian Ocean (Specially Jinni) to Bon Jovi to George Michael etc. I love to hear Vocals with some thump. If you have time try visiting Sound FX (Vicky is the contact person)and check FOCAL. Since you have 6X9 on the rear tray, I think its better you disconnect the rear doors and can postpone putting an amp and sub for a later on date.


    Mumbai - 79
    THanks Arvind
    Can you plz ping me Vicky's Number
    DO u think he has a music setup to make his customers listen to ?

    One more Q ...
    The SUB & Monoblock are they the same ?
    & i had a look @ your ICE thread ..I just was thinking in case if one installs a SUB
    is there a provision to disconnect it off the socket when there is a need for bootspace for luggage ?
    In words other can we remove the SUB and keep it out and put it back in when theres a need ?

  6. arishi

    arishi Regolare

    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    TND you can reach Vicky @ 28217841 or 65222800 Link http://www.soundfx.in/showroom.html. If you want you can refer him my name.

    He has a good sound proof demo room. Though I would suggest you carry your favourite soundtrack that way you can compare the sound quality from other places.

    For the monoblock, I feel its a single channel Amp mostly used for driving the sub, I hope I have the correct info on this :anyone . The sub that I have installed is a plug and play. I can any time disconnect the wires and keep the box at home for that boot space.

    Hope it helps.

    PS: Incase you are planning to go to this place on Sat let me know, I can accompany you.
  7. Gmittal

    Gmittal Amatore

    Eindhoven, Netherlands
    If I remember correctly Aniket has mono installed in his GP. He can guide us on this part.

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