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life insurance company

Discussion in 'Insurance & Loan Reviews' started by Gaurav1234, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. I am planning to buy insurance but there are so many companies providing that I am confused. Can you please name a trustable life insurance company I can buy insurance from?
  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    With the Insurance section opening up and new players in the fray, Insurance policy premium are at a competitive new. I was browsing the net for a term Insurance in addition to the already existing term plan which I have. I have been paying the premiums in the range of 25K to 30K annually from a new age Insurance co for a Sum assured of 1 cr and 15 yrs tenure in the smoker's category.

    I came across a term plan called Mera term plan from PNB Metlife. For the above criteria i.e 44 yrs old, Smoker 15 yr term plan, SA of 2 cr the premium seen online was Rs 36K which was slightly more than the premium I am paying presently for 1 Cr SA. So it makes sense to switch over to the new Insurer. Also the Claim settlement ratio of PNB metlife as per their claims is over 90%.

    1) Lowest premium for the said criteria
    2) Spouse can be covered for half the SA and slight addition in the premium which again is competitive if done individually
    3) In case of death, SA is paid and Spouse's cover will continue with no premiums to be paid
    4) Death benefit payout options available - Lumpsum payment, 60% SA + fixed monthly payments for 10 yrs, 50% SA + variable monthly payments @12% increasing, Child benefit payout to the immediate kin.
    5) Cover available till 75 yrs of age.

    Link attached: http://online.pnbmetlife.com/meratermplan/

    Just wanted to know if anyone has bought the term plan from PNB Metlife? I am in the process of getting their brochure, will update once I receive it.

    Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with PNB Metlife, just posting for the information purpose only.

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