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Laura CLASSIC-petrol only slightly costlier than TJET??

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by Bala, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    With the new launch of a new LAURA variant-CLASSIC,without foglamps,alloys and a simple music system in the place of a touch screen system of the earlier Ambiente version,does it still make sence to buy TJET-PLUS which is just over a lakh less expensive than this Laura variant,but belongs to a segment below??
    Also,with the impending launch of a new 1.6 variant of the face lifted ALTIS,at a cost lesser than that of T-JET,what happens to T-jet??
  2. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Yes, surely it makes sense to buy the T-JET.

    1. I have a friend who owns a BMW 320d Highline AT variant. He had 5 cars: Lancer, Fiesta (2006-2009), Safari, Octavia and this BMW. His octavia's electric mirror of driver side ORVM stopped working. Cost of new motor= Rs25000. Even a guy like him opted not to get it replaced.
    He always said that Safari and Octavia cost a bomb to service.
    T-JET's complete ORVM assembly will cost just Rs1200-1500 on the other hand.

    2. Keeping the maintenance part aside, yes Laura is one segment above but comparing a Linea and Laura is difficult based on road presence as T-JET is also as big a car as Laura (infact T-JET is 1-2cm longer than Laura).
    T-JET has got 205/55R16 tyres and even the spare tyre is a 16 inch and an alloy wheel. Compare this to other cars like Civic, Corolla Altis, Laura etc.

    3. Equipment level- T-JET will be offering many more features as compared to these stripped versions of premium sedans. List of features is what makes people buy a car like i20, Punto instead of a badi gaadi like Manza etc.

    4. With the prices of fuel rising weekly, I think it does not make sense to buy a Petrol Laura or Altis. Those cars with bigger 16 and 1.8 engines might be a fuel guzzlers (I am not sure of their FE).

    What's the Ex-showroom price of Laura, T-JET and Altis in your city?
  3. Bala, the stripped down version of Laura classic is Rs. 12,26,876 where as TJet+ is Rs. 904,000 exshowroom-Chennai.

    On Road prices are
    TJet+ = Rs. 10.25 lacs
    Laura = Rs. 14.20 lacs (remember Road tax is 14 percent for cars above 10 lacs & 8 percent for cars below 10 lacs)
  4. HarishSegar


    Buying a car is not just about the initial price. There is more to it. Then again, car itself is a very personal choice and there is no standard perfect choice. What suits me may not suit the other. Would i go for a laura classic? No.

    Look at the stripped down basic version - would I spend additional money for getting those extra features? ex: leather seats, audio control on steering, fog lamps etc., No.
    Am i interested in just getting a basic next segment car? No. Then again, who defined these segments / class :confused

    The other factors
    1. Higher Insurance premium every year
    2. comparitively expensive spares

    In addition, skoda is a brand i am not yet comfortable with. I am not saying FIAT is perfect but if something is not right, i can atleast escalate and get the job done.

    Having said the above, skoda laura classic might be perfect for someone else. Its purely on their choice. My case, its a No.
  5. sathya_sc


    Bala.. 4 lakhs is big money man.. Then the question comes as why a T-Jet when you can Get Cruze LT at 13.86!.. and Altis J at close to 13! and a Civic s at 14.
  6. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Ya,the price difference is big only with TN registration,but with Pondy registration,as most people do,the difference would be less.
    Also,the altis 1.6 expected shortly,would be priced on par with ANHC,this would be a serious problem for T-Jet.

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