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La Mia Bianco Angelo ... :)

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by saipv, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. saipv

    saipv Amatore

    [ Thought of having an Italian flavor to my post, so the heading, meaning 'My white Angel' ]

    First of all, a small introduction about myself. I am from Palakkad, Kerala and settled in Bangalore for almost 8yrs. Working in software industry, loves Automobiles/Photography/Technology/Travel. Had been a part of this forum for a couple of months, and now it’s time to post about my transition from being a Fiat enthusiast to a proud owner

    About buying a car ... the thought process.....

    I have been planning to buy a car for a very long time. It was rather a dream / wish. Then financial status also had to be kept in mind :). Thus it was delayed. When 2012 started, I was pretty sure that I could buy one definitely this year.

    Which Car?

    So, started with the research work 5-6 months back, and Fiat was the only option I could zero-in on at last.

    Major criteria’s I had for MY car were: a good diesel hatch, good handling/control & suspension, safety features (ABS, Airbags) and stylish design. It should also be capable of my once in 3 months highway ride (~1000kms to my native). Above all, it has to be a Driver’s Car. Period.

    My brother had a Palio few years back, 3 of my pals are driving Puntos now ... and Fiat being a majestic product, there was not much dilemma about the final choice ... let it be the Grande Punto !

    (the other choices which I considered and eventually dropped were Swift, Fabia, i20, Polo - in that order )

    Which Variant?

    Power was not my concern. 60-70% of my ride will be in Bangalore City only, where people are going back to bicycles nowadays (because of the traffic and fuel costs) :p ... Hence, I chose the 76PS 1.3 MJD Emotion variant instead of the 93PS. (and also, now, as only the Sport variant of 93PS is available, I am definitely not in a position to shell out another 70k more )

    What Color?

    After seeing all the colors, me and my wife finally got stuck with BNW and TW. I was more of a BNW fan (logical & practical reasons), but she liked TW also a bit more. Then, taking into considerations about the maintenance and other advantages of BNW, we went with that.

    Only thing that I need to decide on was the timing ... I didn't want to take a huge amount as car loan, as I already enjoy the privileges of having a home loan ;)... So, waited till I need to take less amount as loan ....

    Prep Work & Booking !

    I was not aware of this forum until couple of months back. Was going through t-bhp posts till then. After I joined this forum, gained a lot of info/knowledge on different aspects of Fiat, and Punto in particular. Kudos to all those behind this initiative, and a great thanks from my side. ( I have asked my 3 other Punto pals also to join here )
    As there is no panacea for the TASS issues/confusions/problems yet, I too was in a dilemma on selecting the dealer for my Punto. Started tracking the KHT Motors thread, came to know Adit, and his posts. Good to have him in this forum, he was very prompt in replying to my queries through PM/mails.

    I decided to check with Concorde Motors (Hosur Road) and KHT. Went to Concorde on a working day, around 10.30AM. Showroom premises were extremely crowded with Nanos and other Tata vehicles. Few Fiats also were there, ready for delivery. After I entered the showroom, one SA was assigned to me within 2 mins. He showed me around the new Sports version, then the Emotion variant. I didn't dare to think of a TD there, as the road infront of showroom was in a bumper to bumper jam. Got the quote and left.

    Then I mailed Adit, and fixed a time at KHT, so that I could meet him also. One thing to mention here is, the feedback service of KHT was exceptional. Earlier I made an online enquiry about the car, and I received 3-4 calls within one week from KHT guys. Went to KHT on a Saturday afternoon with wife, met Adit. A nice chap, he asked the SA to show us the vehicle and take for test drive etc. Mr. Sandesh was the SA, a good guy. He was always smiling and pleasant, patiently answering all our doubts and queries. As my wife want to see a TW also side-by-side BNW, he took us to their yard. It is also quite near the showroom. Saw both the vehicles, decided on BNW. Did a test drive too.

    One thing I liked about KHT was that the showroom was peaceful. Not crowded with vehicles, unlike Concorde. Also, their yard and service station are very spacious and nearby. The quote I got from KHT after the discounts was exactly the same I got from Concorde, plus few more free goodies. So, finally decided to go with KHT.

    After around 36k discounts, the OTR came to 8.10L (with usual free mud flaps, floor and boot mats, perfume, and God idol). Paid the booking amount of 50k, I was told that it will take around 15 days to get the car.

    Waiting Started !

    Then I saw @gonugupta and @daretodream's shocking news about the withdrawal of offers for their Linea bookings
    :eek:. Moreover, I also had booked from the same dealer (KHT) where @daretodream booked. I was worried as I didn't take a commitment letter from them during the time of booking. So went to KHT next Saturday(1 week after booking), my SA (Mr.Sandesh) was not there as he had gone for a TD. He promptly called me back and also arranged another SA for my company. Once he came back, he gave me the Proforma Invoice letter, with the offers I had been promised (It was written in the letter that 'All offers valid till June 30th only'). Bit relieved. He told that the vehicle will get into the truck from Ranjangaon within 2-3 days, and also I will get the VIN then. Again my anxious wait continues.


    Exactly after 2 weeks from booking, another Saturday, I got call from Sandesh saying that my white beauty had landed at their yard. Unfortunately, I was too far from Whitefield at that time, making a visit to my sis-in-law. Somehow I convinced my wife to cut short the visit, and rushed to KHT. Reached there by evening and found my second most precious possession (after my apartment) enjoying a sun bath in the yard.


    I had carried the PDI Checklist with me (which I compiled for my use, refering tfi & t-bhp).

    First and foremost, verified the VIN. My cutiepie was born in April 2012 (VIN ending with DLZ). ODO reading was at H-56kms.


    Did the PDI, Sandesh was very helpful with that. Found the fuel tank lid and the glove box a little loose after closing (as expected). He told it will be rectified. Also asked him to check the link-rod tightening before delivery. Paid the balance amount. Probable delivery date fixed for June 29th (after registration etc) ! Excited !


    Surprisingly, the next day after taking the PDI, I got a call from Tata Motors. It was a feedback call, asking me to rate their services out of 10. They asked several questions like how was the dealer, did they offer refreshments, whether I got the exact colour looking for or not, SA's attitude/behaviour, showroom ambience etc etc. It lasted around 10-15mins. And the lady told that I will get 2 more such feedback calls. I have read in the forum that some TFI-ans got such calls from Fiat. Didn't expect it from Tata though :).

    3 days later, SA texted me the Registration Number of my car after completing the formalities at Indiranagar RTO. (on 06/27).

    Confirmed the delivery date once again …..

    D(elivery)- Day !

    June 29 – 2PM : that was the time we told we will be taking home our beauty. Went to office, spent 2-3 hrs there somehow, and rushed to KHT with wife after lunch. Saw my beauty waiting for me in the showroom delivery bay


    Sandesh was ready there, handed over the documents and other stuffs. Meanwhile the service guy fitted number plate, Sil plate. Had a brief demo and photo session. All of that got over in 1hr. Met Adit also, thanked him for his support.

    Presented Sandesh a T-Shirt as gift, as a token of courtesy. Finally, that time arrived. I am about to drive My First Car ! A sense of pride, excitement, anxiety etc etc …. Slowly took her out and initially I was a bit tensed to drive in that traffic. On my way home, provided her a heavy lunch (30L diesel :p ). Spent rest of the evening reading manuals.

    Next day, we took her to a temple for Pooja . So far, drove my beauty for ~150kms in the City. Didn’t get a chance to take her to the highway yet. Getting a mileage of 12.6Km/L now.

    First Impressions >

    +ve :

    • Driving Experience
    • Very smooth steering
    • Build Quality
    • Blue & Me
    • AC, Ground Clearance, Boot Space
    • Audio Quality sounds gud for my needs.

    -ve :

    • 1[SUP]st[/SUP] & 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] gear performance, especially in City driving and the long clutch press. Hope it will be ok once am used to it.
    • Thick pillars reduces visibility. Tried playing with the seat adjustments, but not of much help.

    Accessories / Extra Purchases :

    Sil Plate ( though I was supposed to pay for this, on delivery day they gave it Free
    Punto Car cover
    Jopasu Duster
    3M MF clothes
    Optimum No Rinse
    Mothers California Gold Car Wash

    Future Plans :

    Seat Cover, 3M Scotchgard (paint protection films) in areas more prone to scratches/road debris like bumper, door handles etc.

    Some More Pics :





    So, that’s all from my side as of now. Will update as an when my journey with the White Angel progresses.

    Once again, a sincere thanks to all of you here for helping me to gain info / ideas in someway or the other ….

    Last edited: Jul 2, 2012
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  2. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Congrtas Sai..

    Great color..I think its THE best color for Punto...

    I have a OB color..that pic looks from DRDO campus...

    You work in Bagamane tech park?
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  3. sungoa2010


    Congrats for your new car. Did you get a discount on insurance. If you have a old car with NCB you can transfer it to your new punto and get heavy reduction on premium.
    The BNW punto looks awesome.
  4. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Complimenti & auguri [congratulations and best wishes, to give an Italian flavour!].:)
  5. onlymakarand

    onlymakarand Amatore

    congrats on the white beauty!!
  6. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

    congrats for acquiring the Punto!

    Your number plate reads KA03MQKAMQ. What kind of number is this :p The dealer has screwed up here. Even if the sticker printing was wrong, the guy who stuck it there should have removed it immedaitely.

    Your final number is KA 03 M KA 03 ? If yes, Thats a pretty good number you have got there :)

    I would also suggest to go for the seat cover asap to save your fabric seat cover from gathering dust.

    Happy mile crunching with your new ride.
  7. Congrats Sai for your new Car. You will enjoy the drive when you take your beauty to a highway.
  8. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Cool down he must have photoshopped it :)
  9. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

    oh ya, he should have done a photo shop work :D

    He could have just masked it :)
  10. saipv

    saipv Amatore

    Thanks a lot @puntosat, @sungoa2010, @J Ravi, @Praveen Raj Patten, @naveen2cool, @onlymakarand for the warm wishes .....

    @puntosat - yup, I work in BTP. And in your office too :p. I think we had discussed this sometime back. Am in CVR-6FL. Will get mine to give a company to your OB beauty soon.

    @sungoa2010 - I didn't have any old insurance, as this is my first car :). Yes, insurance got waived.

    @naveen2cool - I just edited the number plate in MS Paint :D .

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