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La mia bella e potente star - Punto Emotion MJD

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Nithrath, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Nithrath

    Nithrath Amatore

    Update and weekend trip to kurnool

    My punto has completed its 2000 mark and it did absolutely well.
    2012-05-09 11.41.26.jpg

    Power cuts are very regular these days in hyderabad. I tried clicking some pics of my darling punto during one such power cut :) 2012-04-19 19.38.42.jpg
    2012-04-19 19.40.03.jpg
    2012-04-19 19.39.14.jpg
    2012-04-19 19.37.43.jpg

    Trip to Kurnool:
    Last weekend i've been to kurnool on a personal visit, around 220Kms from hyderbad. Its absolutely clean 4lane road NH44. I started at 6:10AM on saturday and reached kurnool at around 11:15AM. I didn't revv it hard and maintained 80-90 and tried 120-130 twice. The ride is absolutely stunning. Handling at corners is impeccable. High speed driving is pleasure and punto felt planted even at 120's. Awesome.

    On saturday evening, we visited the Alampur Jogulamba (5th Sakthi peetam), the Jogulamabha shakthi temple at Alampur. Its a nice temple, but not well maintained. Its around 30Kms from Kurnool on the way to Hyderabad. Its exactly on the bank of Tungabhadhra river. The evening was very pleasant with cool breeze after hot sunny day. The darshan was excellent. Its actually the last darshan timing for the day and so we got to see lot of harathis. They call eka harathi. Here the amma varu is in Ugra roopam and in sitting position. The jogulamba temple is surrounded by a water pool like the golden temple in Vellore. I couldnt get the pics of the interiors as photography is prohibited. A nice weekend place to visit.

    Here are some pics of the temple,

    2012-05-12 18.20.49.jpg
    2012-05-12 18.21.06.jpg
    2012-05-12 18.21.34.jpg
    2012-05-12 18.21.45.jpg
    2012-05-12 18.28.35.jpg
    2012-05-12 18.29.14.jpg
    2012-05-12 18.30.21.jpg

    Mileage part: As its early in the morning, i didnt use the AC through out my drive. I got an average consumption of 23.5KMPL for 226KMS. I was stunned. In my last drive to warangal, around 180KMS from hyderabad, i got 17.5KMPL with AC on throught the drive. So, pretty 6KMS difference with AC consumption. The return journey to HYD started at around at 3:30PM on sunday. The total journey was 650KMS and the average fuel consumption is 18.5KMPL. I'm impressed. :clap

    Braking: For the first time i saw how effective are the brakes in my Punto. I was driving around 125KMPH speed. Just overtook a truck at a police outpost barricades. While i just glanced at the IRVM to see how far vehicle behind me is, i missed to notice the huge milk tanker infront of me has slowed down due to the traffic in front. I had to suddenly apply the brakes hard. In no time(i felt like not even 2 seconds), punto has slowed down to 40KMPH. I just missed a heart beat but i came to know how effective the brakes are in punto. I don't think ABS has come into the scene.

    Through out the drive, i kept searching for some good locations for a photo shoot of my darling. But not so fascinating. So no pics as of now.

    2012-04-19 19.39.49.jpg
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  2. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    Firstly, congrats on the car!

    Secondly, the sticker at the back saying 'A Tata Motor's Subsidiary' - is it the work of an over enthusiastic dealer?! Fiat is not a Tata Motor's Subsidiary! Some cheek! Get that off! NOW!!
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  3. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Nitharth..in ur trip report you say Punto is planted at 120 kmph...very true...

    But its still rooted,treed & planted at 160 kmph as well...no roll..and steering still has the same effect as in 80-90..amazing...

    May be someone with 90 HP will say its "forested" at 180-190 kmph as well :)

    To be frank...I still had a slight doubt whether it made practical sense to buy a i20..instead of Punto..though my heart was always with a Punto...but after 2months & 5000 kms...I'm cursing myself to have even thought about i20....(though its a damn good car..)

    Tmrw I'm taking my brother for a drive..for the first time in my Punto to Waynad...he is an i20 fan...when he returns I'll make sure his loyalty is changed...
  4. Nithrath

    Nithrath Amatore

    Yep Amit! I removed the stickers after that trip.

    Puntosat! You are correct. I also test drove i20. Bowled by the sheer elegance in the interiors styling. But franckly, the drive was very irritation. Sorry to say it. Gadgets are plenty but whats the point if you dont enjoy the drive.

    You are giving highway drive to your brother in Punto? Then for sure, his loyalty will change for sure :)
  5. Nithrath

    Nithrath Amatore

    Update after 23 months -- Reviving an old thread!!!

    Yes, correct. I can hear you mumble - i'm a lazy bone ::D

    Many changes happened in my life - some for good and some for bad. I cried at times....i smiled at times....i laughed at bad times.

    I got married -- changed my job -- set up a new home -- priorities changed -- but, one thing remains same - My love for my darling Punto!!

    Multiple petty accidents on road - multiple visits to workshop - multiple visits to body shop - But it never disappointed me in times of need - My darling Punto!!

    In all the cases, i thoroughly enjoyed my time in my Punto. I spent innumerable(yes, innumerable) memorable moments in my Punto.

    Journey started 2 Years 1 Month 16 Days back, and the current odometer reading is,

    Nithrath - 29K KMS.jpg

    So, its 29000 KMS running in 25 months period. Not a bad running for a diesel heart. Naah?


    Away from teamfiat for 23 months. Yes, that's very bad. Hmm. How do i compensate...aah here's something interesting.

    I'm just back from a weekend trip to Hampi. Travelogue follows. Here are some teasers,

    Vithala Temple:
    Nithrath - Hampi - 1.jpg

    Virupaksha Temple:
    Nithrath - Hampi - 2.jpg

    Vithala Temple Complex:
    Nithrath - Hampi - 3.jpg

    Vithala Temple Complex:
    Nithrath - Hampi - 4.jpg

    Tungabadhra dam:
    Nithrath - Hampi - 5.jpg

    Ram lakshman temple:
    Nithrath - Hampi - 6.jpg
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  6. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Good to know that its going great guns!!

    Nice pics too!! And congrats for punto's second anniversary too :)
    Last edited: May 3, 2014
  7. Nithrath

    Nithrath Amatore

    Blue n me conked off!!! Need help.


    Bad luck struck me again. After the recent tyre burst, my blue n me conked off.

    Yesterday, i gave my car for a exterior and interior washing. I gave it at my regular cleaning centre only. The cleaning was not at par. But, thats not the issue here.

    Soon after that, while driving home, i noticed that the kilometer reading on my dashboard is blinking. I thought it could be of some service reminder as i just reached 30K mark. I went to the menu and found nothing there to set it off. Then later, i stopped the vehicle and started it again. But the blinking was still on. Then tried to see if i could find something on the blue n me menu. But the button was not responding neither the window icon button on the left side of the wheel. As i had time, i rushed to the service center. The guy tried multiple options connecting to a laptop...running some desktop client application. But, nothing worked. Though he was removing the error, the error was coming back. Then he noticed that the light on USB port available in the storage kit was not glowing. Then he declared that the blue n me is gone. I requested him to try with some other cards blue n me set and he did it. It was working fine. So, declared that the blue n me is finally GONE :eek:.

    Blue n me is non repairable part. And the cost of it is Rs.12000/-. As soon as i heard it, i was shocked. But, i had a extended warranty. I was just about to feeling relieved thinking of the extended warranty, but sooner was the sales rep. that extended warranty is not applicable to this. Sales rep said, "Had it been a normal warranty, we could have tried. But generally electrical things will not be accepted in warranty. So, external warranty has no chance at all." I couldn't digest this all. Not sure, if the car wash and interior cleaning has caused the problem. But, whom to blame :sadblue... not sure about what to do.

    The information here is, these blue n me sets are not available readily. We have to order them by paying some advance amount. They will order it by giving our VIN/Chasis no. etc. The blue n me will be made for the provided information and any malpractices(if you know what i mean?) can't be done here.

    March 2014 - 11K for general service and break shoe changed
    April 2014 - Tyre burst == 10K for changing two tyres.
    May 2014 - Blue n me conked off....= 12K

    33K in 3 months. All of them happening in a sequence. I'm worried.

    Any suggestions/advices here? The information about the blue n me not covered in warranty part. Is it true? I read through the blue n me manual and i don't see any such thing there? Am i missing something here?

    One suggestion i have is, when you guys give your car for regular water wash, ask them not to lift the bonnet and spray water all over the engine bay. That's where some of the fuses for the headlight, indicators etc. sit in our punto.

    The error shown for my blue n me is,

    2014-05-17 15.06.47.jpg

    2014-05-17 15.08.10.jpg

    Here are some pics on how the trouble shooting was done: Just for the knowledge :confused1

    Once, they connect the vehicle to the computer and run the "Record data" option, it shows the chasis number/vehicle details over the screen.

    2014-05-17 15.01.27.jpg
    2014-05-17 15.04.11.jpg
    2014-05-17 15.04.35.jpg
    2014-05-17 15.05.12.jpg
    2014-05-17 15.26.07.jpg
    2014-05-17 15.26.18.jpg
    2014-05-17 15.26.31.jpg
    2014-05-17 15.26.55.jpg
    2014-05-17 15.27.01.jpg
    2014-05-17 15.37.27.jpg
    2014-05-17 15.48.43.jpg
  8. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Try your luck by removing battery terminals once.
  9. Nithrath

    Nithrath Amatore

    That's done Ganges! Not once, but number of times by the workshop guy only. Yet no luck.
  10. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    I always ask the the guys washing the car not to spray a single drop of water in engine bay if I am getting it washed outside FASS. Just clean it by air pressure. Even at 3M.

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