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Kudremukh Trip - 2nd - 5th Oct - Queries

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by nibedk, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. nibedk

    nibedk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Hi all,
    We have planned a trip to the very beautiful Kudremukh.

    I had put another thread for a Tirupati trip few days back but it was scrapped as my daughter who just started going to school is not keeping that well now a days. She is falling ill pretty frequently with common ailments like cough & cold, fever etc. Since that particular time is a long weekend we are pretty sure that Tirupati would be crowded with pilgrims from various places. Even with Sighra Darshan am not sure if she would be able to cope up.

    So we started looking for an alternative and zeroed in on either Ooty or Kodai. I have stayed in Bangalore for 8 long years and have been to most of places near by. My only attraction were those puke inducing 36 hairpin bends to reach Ooty. I have been to Ooty before thrice but just wanted to do the ghat section on Punto. But since we planned late its almost booked to full in most good hotels. Few options that we got we were not too impressed with the reviews.

    Then we started looking @ Kodai as an option and we had almost booked when I came across the Kudremukh travelouge of @ramjn. Did some more research and read all travelogues in TFI & TBHP. Both me and my wife were mesmerized by the photos. The booking is done now and I would need a few inputs from fellow TFIANs from HYD/BLR so that my trip will become memorable.

    Below are my queries.

    • I would be starting from HYD and planning to drive via Bangalore. Google maps shows 3 options. The shortest one is Via Kurnool and Bellary. The route through Bangalore is around 175 Kms more but just 35-40 mins more suggesting better roads. The third option is through Gulbarga and Bijapur but is considerably more time taking. Please advise.
    • Must visit places in Kudremukh and near about places. I am making a list already and am not sure how much we can cover in 2 days.
    • Since am travelling with a baby any special care that needs to be taken? She has done quite a lot of road trips in all the three years of her life but most of them have been in USA where its not as tiring as here in India. In India most of our road trips have been limited to less than 500 kms.This will be her first road trip in India where we will clock close to 2K Kms.
    • Places for pit stops(eating and refuelling). They have got to be decent enough to spend close to an hour as my kid takes that much of time to eat. Any specific places to be avoided when with family?
    • Any other inputs regarding safety concerns on the way or around Kudremukh?
    • I am planning to start 3 AM on Thursday so that I will be able to reach my destination before it is dark. Is it too early to start? Gmaps says 14-15 hrs depending on traffic. I am quite confident that with a baby on board even with ave of 80-90 km/h we will take close to 15 hrs.
  2. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Driving through Bangalore from Hyderabad is really overkill. Look for alternate route. I am sure about the road condition after Kurnool. I haven't driven on that section and can't comment on it. I leave it to other experts here.

    Regarding Sight seeing, there is nothing much to see around. You can do in a day. Another day, you can spend time in your stay or just drive around for the scenaries. Don't plan too much to stress yourself. Read my travelogue and you will know the places to see around Kalasa. :)
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  3. nibedk

    nibedk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    30 views and just one reply. TFIANs please let the inputs flow.

    Just 4 days left for the start of the trip.
  4. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Route - I think you should stick to Bangalore route, though no need to come till bangalore, you can divert from Devanahalli, and follow -Devanahalli-Dodballapur-Nelamangala-NH48-Hassan-Belur-Chikmagalur - Route.
    2 threads on tbhp are useful, do read it -

    All other details are there in @ramjn thread - http://teamfiat.com/threads/in-rains-and-mist-the-beautiful-kudremukh.6525/
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  5. nibedk

    nibedk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    @ Ravi thanks for the info. Will follow the Devanahalli route.

    I have already read the whole thread by @ramjn and it is quite exhaustive.

    Will be going through the threads you mentioned and check what more info can I get.

    Any safety concerns on the route after Bangalore? Hyd - BLR stretch should be fine I guess.
  6. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Kudermukh is one of the places that we are considering to visit on Oct 3-5th weekend. I still have to research a bit and finalize. I would be definitely taking the Bangalore route as though it is more in distance, will take very less time and be less stressful, thanks to the exceptionally good roads.

    Starting at 3AM is not necessary. BTW the Blr highway has new roads laid in most of the stretches and there are no road markings yet. So I suggest you to stick to the middle lane. I have been on this road quite recently during my trip to Tirupathi.
  7. nibedk

    nibedk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Well I would be starting from Hyderabad and would like to check in before the evening. That is why a 3 AM start.With a kid its very difficult to predict the number of breaks. Though my daughter has a great temperament you never know.
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    @N Kiran .. Would you be starting from BLR. We can tag along if you plan .Let me know if you need any help in booking.
  8. sathishrx

    sathishrx Timido

    @nibedk - Adding details about Kudremukha , hope it helps.

    Kudremukha is a National Park. There are no Lodges or good accommadations.
    However there are home stays in Mullodi. This village is 7 kms away from the Main road. This 7 kms can be done only by Jeep.
    There are some shops & houses in the Village below Called Balgal. One can park their vehicles here. It is safe for parking.
    Balgal is the village from where you deviate towards left to Mullodi.

    In mullodi you can stay in a Home stay.
    There are 2 -3 home stays run by a same family. But which is run my Satish gowda has good basic facilities.
    You can walk around from this village to near by River. Also one has to cross this village to reach kudremukha peak(Trek).
    This trek can be done in a day. (11+11kms)
    If not interested just walk in the trek path as long as you can & come back. But if you are alone , please take a guide with you.
    This place is Wild. We have seen Elephants & Bear.

    The other places around Kudremukha,
    Lakya Dam - Don't miss this. Car can reach to last point.
    Hanumana gundi falls - Is was closed few weeks ago as the water level was high. Think it will be remain closed for few more weeks.
    There are no other Major Spots. Kudremukha itself is an experience.

    If you don't do trekking , then a day is enough for Kudremukha. But if you want to just relax , Mullodi is the place.

    Note Mullodi Village is at the start of Kudremukha range, you have not entered the National park yet. Go further from Balgal to enter National Park.

    I can help you with Mullodi contacts if you want. There are few Nature camps not sure if it is available & how it is.
    if you are going to Mullodi , better talk to them & book in advance.

    Or You can halt in Kalasa or Horanadu, go to Kudremukha next day.

    Get in touch for further info.

    Mods Note - Removed email ID, Use Private Conversation.
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    Adding info in this thread , so it may be useful for others also.

    Horanadu is 7 kms away from Kalasa.

    Kalasa ia bigger town than Horanadu. If you plan to stay in Horanadu , you get to see the beautiful Annapoorneshwari temple.
    Not heavily crowed. Also they serve good temple food in the evening.
    I'm one who loves temple food, ,,,,,You decide.
    Also kalasa seems a little crowded town , Horanadu is tiny village.
    Badra lodge was very good
    Anyhow if you done your homework & feel Kalasa suits you , go for it.

    The kuremukha range roads are good , not too wild ,
    Safety should not be an issue.
    if you can stop by in Balgal , take a jeep , Visit mulldoi ,,,,,,,,,,,It will give you an idea for next trip.
    This village is inside forest. As some of the places you cant visit now like Hanumanagundi falls, so you add this to your list.

    Also better take deviation from Chickballapur - Doddaballaur - Dobaspet - nelamangala.
    This route little long , but can avoid traffic.

    Other option
    If you reach hebbal & take outer ring road , there is a railway crossing , the over bridge is under construction.
    For bad luck if the get is closed you will surely lose time.
    There is still a good road to to avoid this railway crossing from hebbal.
    Hebbal - Bel circle - HMT - BFW - CMTI ,
    CMTI is right on the NH,,,,,So just take right on the NH
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  9. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    nibedk: I am from Hyderabad too and I would not start from Bangalore. However we have changed our plans and are leaving for Annavaram on 3rd morning. I wish you a pleasant journey and expect to see a detailed travelogue with many pics in it. Have fun and Drive safe !!!

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