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KSM Motors (VW dealer) bangs up customer car in service, trying to cover up the case

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by amargawade90, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. What did you mean?

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    Dear Vineet,

    Sad to see the state of your car, It is wonderful car but unfortunately service quality is very poor.
    Most of the people who service the car doesn't think for minute that they own the car(or going to own car some day) hence such gross negligence happens.
  2. Why can't VW involve and sort out the matter between dealership and customer. Ofcourse it is dealer's mistake. VW's "I don't care" attitude towards this issue is unacceptable.
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  3. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    Shocked to read the story Vineet, the dealer's behaviour is nothing short of atrocious!

    Having said that, since the accident was done by the dealer, VW is not directly responsible for what has happened. What, however, they are responsible for is the attitude & behaviour of THEIR dealer who is the face of VW in the area that he operates in. What VW can do is ensure that the dealer stops the tactics that he is upto to settle this case and concentrate on satisfying their customer properly.

    I don't know how this business works but the ideal thing to do would be for VW to give you a car for free and have the dealer pay for it. This way it's the culprit that bears the losses while the innocent parties (Vineet & VW) don't lose anything financially. Also, VW should ensure that their dealer gives a legal undertaking that the accident did not cause damage of any property or loss of life and if any of these incidents come to light in the future it will be the dealer that will be solely responsible for the same.
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  4. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore

    My friend owns a 1.2polo petrol.He always celebrates his weekends in the VASS.Hell lot of knocking in the 3pot engine.He changed the engine and gearbox mount under warranty(no bill given after work done) for which there was a recall.Even the SA over there told him "sir please sell the car and buy a new one" :p This wasn't enough that the first service approached and he was told to expect approx 10k estimate for the service.He argued that he was given free AMC during the purchase.For which he was not given any AMC papers.It was just verbal by the sales executive.He fought but all in vain.Finally he had to shell out for the service and vw made a big fool out of him.

    Bloody nazi's is what he calls them.He is utterly sick of the car now and wants to sell it asap.Rs 5.7lacs on road is what he paid for the car for which he is unhappy now.It's not giving him the average that a polo is supposed to give.There are slight rattles too in the cabin.
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  5. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Right Said dude,
    Hope the People get Educated now at least and pick up the right car for them........:confused:
    Where as we (Indians) follow the pack no matter what is running under the hood.... Just says so and so person got it so i also purchased it....:A
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  6. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Come on people. I do not understand what is VW's fault here and why is the thread even titled the way it is. What if a friend borrowed your car and this happened when he was driving? Would that also be VW's fault somehow? This is solely the fault and carelessness of the dealer and only the dealer is answerable and responsible.

    I mean, hypothetically, let us say you gave your Samsung note to address some issue at an authorized service center and the technician there dropped it in a bucketful of water. Would you then hold Samsung responsible and say "Ugly face of Samsung" ? I guess not.

    Now, don't get me wrong here. I fully empathize with the owner of this car and the ordeal he is going through. But I do not believe dragging VW into the foray and mudslinging them is fair. I believe the owner has 2 options in this scenario:

    1. Demand the dealership to fix the car FOC - drag their sad a$$ to the court if needed
    2. Demand that the dealership replace the car with a brand new one.

    Both options involve a lot of time, frustration and haggling. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to this.

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  7. anand3636

    anand3636 Amatore

    Cochin (KL - 44)
    Here is an email reply i got from Fiat regarding a complaint of elastic pads.

    "Dear Sir,

    We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

    We had referred your concern to RF Motors for satisfactory resolution. Since strut mountings are subject to normal wear & tear, these are not covered under Warranty / Extended warranty. The decision of RF Motors Cochin conforms to the Extended warranty policy. But since you had requested for the same, we had advised RF Motors to give it to you on FOC basis as a gesture of our good will.

    RF Motors has also contacted you and intimated the same to you. We request you to kindly take your vehicle to RF Motors at the earliest for resolution of this issue.

    You may please coordinate with Mr Rajesh (Mob: 9846950017), Customer Relations Manager of RF Motors for the same.

    Assuring you our best services always.

    Thanks & Regards
    CSM - CochinFiat ."

    Cheers to Fiat
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  8. pioneeraaron

    pioneeraaron Superiore


    The dealers represent the company right?? So customers will direcetly blame the company no matter what!!
    It's almost 5yrs now Mr.Harish Kanchan's skoda is still not with him and the case is being pulled like a chewing gum.Who was at fault?? It was the dealer.Skoda could have replaced the fake parts with OEM ones and close the case.But NO! they want to fight their gutts out just to prove that they are right.If anything happends at TASS people blame FIAT right?? So in this case too VW is supposed to be blamed.

    If it was so easy to tell the dealer to repair it on FOC basis then why would the owner scream his lungs out for justice?? Even VW washed their hands off.Thats means they dont bother for what their dealers do.
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  9. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    I beg to disagree with this. Yes, the dealer does represent the company. And Yes, I would agree if the company shied away from it's responsibility when the car was fitted with poor quality components that failed. However this is a clear case of an employee of the dealer doing something totally unacceptable. I am at a loss to understand what VW can do in this case.

    May be I am not very well informed, but please point me to a case where the vehicle was damaged by the dealer and the manufacturer stepped in and set things right. I really doubt if any manufacturer will do it. By saying this, I am not singing praise for VW. I do not believe this is good enough reason to stay away from VW. Of course there are other reasons, some even stronger than this one. All I am trying to do is to be fair in this case scenario.

    Also, isn't the dealer legally and morally bound to rectify mistakes made by them and set things right for the customer? I mean even fuel station owners - who have nothing to do with car manufacturers - always step up to it and set the problem right, when one of their attendants fill the wrong fuel. I have seen this happen, even when the owner of the car was at fault. Similarly, in this case, I felt the thread title was a bit too strong about VW. I can see it is changed now.


  10. jayakrishnakola

    jayakrishnakola Regolare

    OMG!!!! i just saw this thread..... first its the baby (skoda) and now the parent too( VW)..... i feel too bad for the owner... i hope u find a solution to this problem soon man.

    and that old jetta surely shows german quality in it...... it has the mosh highest NVH levels a car can have. it has a very harsh ride when u go over bumps.( i did have the pleasure to drive this car for a couple of days )...

    one thing i can surely say is that this accident happened at a very high speed bcoz this car may have its minus points but damn its heavy(strong) for its body.... i have a friend who rammed this car into a pole with his mom sitting in the passenger seat. since both of them had the seat belts on, they were safe with just some trauma after the incident. his car looked similar after the crash.....
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