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KSM Motors (VW dealer) bangs up customer car in service, trying to cover up the case

Discussion in 'Non FIAT Cars and two wheelers' started by amargawade90, Sep 6, 2012.

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  1. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    This is what @Volswagen India has classified a minor accident while the car was in their possession for a regular oil change service. The company has been lying through its teeth, first hiding the very accident from us while discussing the charges for the regular service. On the day that the car was to be returned, we were informed that the car had met with a minor accident. Till date we have not been shown the actual car and these are the only pictures we have. The story so far (below is the actual complaint that I have now sent to their corporate office as directed by the Volkswagen international page here on Facebook. I received an automated message confirming the receipt of my complaint but I have not been contacted by anyone yet). Today Volkswagen has washed its hands off the entire issue, claiming the accident occurred through no fault of theirs and they cannot do anything about it. Unfortunately for them, they have left behind a complete paper trail and written records showing the truth in their own words - the car was taken out for a joy ride by these people and one of them has caused this accident. The official letter states that VW India is unable to do anything as we will not accept any of their 'offers' (read insurance fraud, filing of a false police complaint and a fake First Information Report - all serious criminal offences under the Indian Penal Code).


    I was given these email addresses via the VW International page on Facebook. I am writing to you to bring to your attention the sheer disregard for customer service and how the VW brand is being tarnished in India due to some bad elements in the VW India network.

    I have a VW Jetta (registration number _____________) (VIN / Chassis number – ___________) (Model - Jetta AT 1.9 TDI). The vehicle is registered in the name of my company OWS Freight Systems Pvt. Ltd. and I am a Director in this company. Following is the brief of the incident with a VW authorized dealer (KSM Motors Pvt. Ltd.) and the lack of action from VW India thereafter.

    • On 16th August, the car was sent to the authorized dealer for regular planned service and maintenance as per a scheduled appointment with KSM Motors, an authorized dealer and workshop for VW India
    • 18th August – after various discussions over phone and email, we were given an estimate of INR 42,700 for the servicing and same was approved by us over email. We were informed that the car would be ready to be collected on 20th August by 6 pm
    • On the evening of 20th August, representatives from KSM Motors approached us and informed that during a test run by their service engineer, the car met with a ‘minor accident’ on the evening of 18th August around 7.30 pm
    o We were provided the photos that have been attached with this email as evidence of the ‘minor’ accident
    o From the pictures it is evident that this was a major head-on accident
    o The representatives from KSM Motors went on to offer us a deal – if we would pass the accident as if it was done by us and claim money from our insurance agency, KSM Motors would pay us any deductible or other charges that the insurance company may charge us
    o We were shocked by the proposal and the casual manner in which it was presented and summarily dismissed this offer of criminal fraud and refused to entertain any such offers. We made it clear that it was not the policy of our company to indulge in any such criminal and fraudulent activity and expected better ethical standards from a company like VW
    o As there was no way our vehicle could be returned by 6pm on Aug 20th as was promised, we demanded replacement vehicle in lieu of our car which had been damaged by the authorized dealer. Though the representatives seemed to admit their mistake, they said they were not in a position to provide even a temporary Jetta while the matter was being resolved. They arranged for an old, rickety Toyota Innova taxi as interim relief August 21st onwards.
    o At this time, no police complaint or other proof was presented by the representatives to support their version of the minor accident.
    • Post the meeting on 20th August we have been made various offers as under:
    o KSM Motors would buy our old car at ‘fair market value’ and sell us a new car of our choice
    This offer was summarily rejected by us as this smells of a scam – the fair market value of the car is now very low as the dealer has wrecked it. Moreover, this seems like a convenient way of selling a new car and lacks any effort on the part of the dealer and VW India to right the wrong done to us, not to mention the stress and aggravation caused by this ordeal to us. This high handed approach, after the previous unethical encounter has left us very saddened by the general state of affairs of VW in India
    o KSM Motors would sell us a used car of a similar make and model which was being used by “one of their Directors” and since the cost of this used car was more than our car in its present wrecked form, we would pay the balance to the Director
    At this point it seemed that whenever we thought VW India and its authorized dealers had stooped to their lowest point, they went ahead and proved us wrong. This proposal is wrong on so many levels including the little matter of corporate governance at VW India and the conflict of interest of this un-named Director. This is adding further insult to injury by VW India and its authorized dealer
    • Upon constant daily follow-ups we were informed by KSM Motors representatives that they are still not able to ‘resolve’ the matter as we are unwilling to ‘accept’ any of their ‘offers’. The cause of delay was thus conveniently put on us for not ‘working with them’ to resolve the issue.
    • This was not the end of our shocks. We had been demanding the copy of the police complaint and a written undertaking from the authorized dealer that there was no death or damage or destruction of property or harm to any person as a result of this accident. Till date, no such undertaking has been received which is a cause of grave concern to us. For all we know, some person might have been seriously injured or killed in the accident and we demand to be indemnified from any responsibility or claim arising as a result of this accident.
    o After 10 days of asking for it, we were finally given a copy of the police report of the accident – the biggest shock was yet to come
    The official police report states that the accident occurred on the 16th of August around 11.30 pm – the very day the car was given to the authorized dealer for servicing. This means the accident was hidden from us for 4 days, all the while the authorized dealer was corresponding with us over phone and email about the servicing of the car and asking for our approval to begin the servicing of the car. Moreover, from the timing of the accident – night 11.30 pm it is evident that someone at the dealership has taken the car out for a personal joy ride. Perhaps the intention of hiding the accident from us for 4 days was to try and repair the car without informing us and passing on the costs as inflated charges for our original request. Once it become clear that the accident was too major to be fixed without raising suspicion, the authorized dealer informed us 4 days later.
    Needless to say, this was the shock of shocks.
    We have sent letters to both VW India and the authorized dealer demanding an explanation of this major discrepancy in the lies fabricated by them and the police report, but till date no reply has been given by either of them
    • I finally decided to take to social media and posted the picture of the damaged car along with a short description on the VW India Facebook page in hopes of eliciting a response and possible resolution from VW India. The only real response I got was three people saying that they would never buy a VW car. VW India on the other hand only asked me to send it a personal message with some additional details which I promptly did last Friday. On Monday I got a generic message stating that my request had been entered in their backend system.
    • I tried contact VW customer care over the phone after that. When I gave them the required information, the started discussing about the planned maintenance that was to be done on the car instead of the accident case. This makes me question where my actual complaint has been registered. I subsequently asked VW India through their messaging system on Facebook that I wanted to have a complaint reference number as well as a strict deadline as to when my complaint would be resolved. I was given a reply that complaint resolution takes time and was still not given any complaint number. — Vineet Sharma




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  2. I'm at a loss for words. What should such dealers be done. Pelted with stones to Death? Beheaded? Electrocuted? Send these guys to where Shahriyat rules.
  3. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Ohh **** man. Whats this. Sorry to say but lets spread this news in social media to inform people the reality of vw brand in India.
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  4. sungoa2010


    Please include the link. Otherwise it looks like the incident has happen to one who posted it. There is no mention about the name or place. And the letter uses "I" many places.
    It is always safe to report this kind of news with proper source link to avoid any issue. Please send the link to moderator so that they can include it. :)

    This kind of dealers should be removed from dealerships. I feel proud of Fiat as I know one in case where they have given a replacement vehicle for use(don't remember the news was in TFI or TBHP), where the car was suffered sever suspension problem.
  5. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    VW India joins their group company Skoda India in the Swindlers' List by taking their Indian customers for a big ride. Will they do it in Europe or USA?
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  6. Oh!! I a really shocked a the incident , TAS is far better then KSM motors.
    Even in bangalore Elite motors authorized service folks for VW , broke the AC vets for my friends POLO 1.6 and later claimed that it was was broken before given to them.Cost to new set is RS 3500/-

    There is no email available to escalate if some one knows let me know.he is actually planning to sell the car and go for Jazz due to service issues.
  7. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    sir,I could feel the agony what you have been went through.it is not a worth a hassle to be a customer of vw/skoda.

    BTW, i could not understand, how could you approve 42k for regular servicing without any suspicious?

    its a hell lot of money,middle class people could buy HH splendor or Tvs star city.

    p.s. seems the FB link is not working.
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  8. amargawade90

    amargawade90 Superiore

    I already Included LINK at End and Place is KSM Motors at Navi Mumbai, And this post written by "Vineet Sharma" , so i post as it is with his Name !!!

    ---------- Post added at 10:33 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:29 AM ----------

    I rechecked the LINK and Its Still Working !! @kdar bhai can Confirm it.....

    ---------- Post added at 10:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:33 AM ----------

    Thanks God , I never Consider VW POLO for Buying New Hatchback:-D
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  9. sungoa2010


    Thanks Amar. I missed it:D
  10. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

    OMG! The car looks like its beaten to death. It has to go no where but scrap!

    I have no words, A person who bought an expensive car from VW now facing such a turmoil...
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