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Krr ...Krr ..noise from rear of Grande Punto !

Discussion in 'Exteriors / Body' started by naveen, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. naveen

    naveen Novizio

    I just got my Punto back from SC after 3 weeks of R&D, for fixing the unusual noise (Krr...Krrr..Krrr) from the rear whenever I go over a pot hole.

    Initially I was told that there is an issue with rear axle and it has to be replaced, luckily they also have the spare available and is replaced under warranty. Even after replacing the axle still that Krr... Krr noise was there. Now the technicians at Tejaswi diagnosed it as faulty shocks in the rear.

    Now Both the shocks were replaced under warranty and vehicle was ok for a day but the noise has re appeared again. I was totally disappointed with this and escalated it to all the bosses in Fiat. Last week fiat has sent their technician to check this issue and he diagnosed it as an issue with SPOT WELDING on the body near the rear left shock. Spot welding was done again and the issue is gone forever.

    Also I was informed by the technician that most of the old puntos have this issue. So whenever you hear this noise (more like a teeth biting noise) from the rear left first ask the technician at the service centre to check the SPOT Welding.

    I also have a print out of the power point they have used for trouble shooting and will upload that as soon as I get a chance.
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  2. I had the same issue, for me it repeated twice. But FIAT has promised to provide support in future if it repeats.
  3. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    MODS NOTE - Post cleaned out due to OT content.
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  4. naveen

    naveen Novizio

    Bhai, Issue is not as complicated as you said, its due to Metal rubbing metal as the spot welding holding them together got removed.
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  5. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    Can you upload a snap of the place of this issue??
  6. My car is back in Concorde mysore road again for the noise, i complained to Mangesh after Concorde returned the car saying no issues.
    Problem what i have is they have introduced a rubber/plastic bush and some extra sealant to stop the noise,by doing so they are reducing the spring action but not resolving the actual issue.
    To make sure they solve this, I told them I am ready to pay if they can resolve the issue, i can hear the issue all the time I take the car on the ramp to my parking lot in my house.
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  7. sungoa2010


    So I think whatever they replaced were not required(shocks). So as a result of poor technical knowlege of TASS either poor customers or Fiat has to suffer.
  8. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Obviously it will take sometime to diagnose such issue because such is the reason (welding joint weakened or manufacturing defect). Very difficult & unlikely for any technician to fathom at first go especially if the crack is somewhere deep & covered in mud etc. It shows that FIAT & TASS does respect the warranty & never try to put off the customer with excuses. TASS is very aggressive in replacing the spares. For eg, in your case they could argue about some rough semi off-roading or a nasty bump & try making it insurance/claim case. I would also assume that you will defend your side being an auto-conscious. But what about the other people who are less aware?? I think some appraisal is due here for FIAT.

    I would dare to go 1 step further. FIAT is not all about driving ecstasy & safety, their cars are peace of mind indeed. That 5 Yrs extended warranty is not some marketing gimmick, they mean it. You may not be welcomed by a beautiful service advisor & offered coffee that make you feel like a Ferrari owner. Obviously one has to regret falling for her, when final bill receipt is received. FIAT has been open hearted with reasonably charging their customer.
    I hope a few may agree here, appraise FIAT for honest & non-milking attitude. Though things may change drastically if FIAT starts to sell better in future !
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  9. Yes,They replaced back shocks three times,but problem is with the chasis , I am currently in US, don't know the current status.
    when ever left spring/dampener comes to action little more then other three, there is s karr karr noise from the wheel arch ,clearly audible inside, when i complained first they showed me print out of power point slide,explained the issue is due to a chassis part that is welded to hold part of left whee arch is having 8 degree more bend than expected 90 degrees.
    But what I forgot to ask them is how they are going to solve it? they just reduced the effectiveness of the back shock absorber now it's very stiff and bumpy.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed will update once I am back by 13th of next month.
  10. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Sat-Chit, That looks pretty complex. I would advise you to take FIAT's executive's in loop so that they must be aware of the whole situation in advance instead of last minute escalation. Better you ensure advance intimation if some special expertise is required on FIAT's part.I am yet to imagine how TASS will resolve it. If some Chassis defect is there, It doesn't look like an easy job for regular TASS expertise Neither any spare change is required. You be updated with TASS too like what they are working-on at present & does it make sense as a permanent resolution?

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