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Kottayam to Mangalore: Suggestions please

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by phate_b, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. I'm planning to take my ride from my place(Vazhoor, KTM dist) to Mangalore in mid-July... I've never been on a drive northwards after Angamaly so am completely blank about the road conditions I shall take after I get till Angamaly there via Pala-Koothatukulam-MVPA. I have referred to Google Maps and fellow member kannan.suraj's Udupi drive experience. Also I had traveled from Calicut to KTM by bus in the last January so I hope that section is fine too. I have never travelled beyond Calicut on the Mangalore route in my life by any means so I have no clue at all on that particular stretch.

    In addition I have to make this drive during day hours and must reach Mangalore around 5:00pm-07:00pm on a weekday; means traffic is a huge concern.

    The sketch I have now suggests the following route: Pala-Koothattukulam-Angamaly-Thrissur-Kunnamkulam-Edappal-(enter NH66)-Kuttipuram-Calicut bypass-Vadakara-Mahe-Thalassery-Kannur-Payyannur-Kanhangad-Kasargod-Mangalore. This is Google's suggestion. Now things I wanna know:
    • Opinion on taking NH66 from Edappally (coming via Manarcad/KTM-Ettumanoor-Thripunithura-EKM bypass) to skip Thrissur and Kunnamkulam and go via Kodungallur-Chavakkad instead. Is this route worth the extra distance on a weekday morning?
    • Are there too many busy towns that can't be bypassed on this route?? Remember again its daytime.
    • Is there any modifications(bypasses/shortcuts/anything) that can be done o this plan so that I can evade traffic to save time and fuel ?
    • I need Mahe on the route anyway, so that I'l get some cheap diesel ;)
    • I usually drive slow; 60-70kmph max. Suggest me the approx time that I shall start from Kottayam in the morning to cut through a busy weekday and by evening reach Mangalore at the time mentioned above. I'll be the only driver so consider intervals too.
    Requesting suggestions from all TFIans who have been on parts of this route. Thanks in advance
  2. Its been four days...and ders nobody who can help me out......::pP :anyone
  3. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    Hi there.. sorry for the late post.. I'm from Kottayam. as well..

    Now about ur trip.. I went to Goa 3months back.. and the roads were good then.. not sure how it would be now,co the monsoon.

    i think its better to travel via Pala.. the route till thrissur is less busy,wide and good.
    I left on a friday, 11.40am from w/island(kochi). Reached mahe by 730pm.. the roads were very busy.. and reached manglore by 11.45pm, non stop 12hrs.. better if u could travel early morning.
    The roads are narrow with a lot of turns.. IT will take u a good amount of time to reach Calicut.. as its busy route.. stretch between Mahe-Thallessry will also see some blocks as the toad is very narrow. My Google maps navigated me off the highway to take me to kannur, but it was a good road.

    The road condition would have become bad by now..
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  4. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    I traveled long back...but road conditions should be good till mangalore on route mentione in ur post......except for some traffic..

    Go ahead..
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  5. From Kannur to Kasargod NH17 road condition is excellent;however the traffic in the road is higher.
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  6. So on the first phase i shall finalize on Angamlay-Thrissur-Kunnamkulam itself instead of NH17 via kodungalloor-chavakkad no..?

    And then again after Kozhikode it seems there are too many confusing junctions..!!:confused:
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  7. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    If u have an Android phone... " all is well..."
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  8. I don't have one..even in case I get some navigation it can't locate the gutters on our roads... :D
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  9. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    Borrow a friends android phone for a few days.. some one must have it..
    and activate gprs pack..

    no.. u ca't locate them....especially at this time around the year..
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  10. soccerfan

    soccerfan Regolare

    Take thrissur - kunnamkulam only. With the 4 lane till Thrissur no reason to take the kodungallur route.
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