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Know your rights

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by sungoa2010, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. sungoa2010


    If I write a mail to any university department or a publisher in abroad the reply is instantaneous.
    If I write to any government department there will not be any reply. They think one has to go and knock their doors to get a answer.
    I called many times from Goa to chennai to know about some RTO procedure.
    "You come and give a request or authorize a person here to get the things done" This is the answer that I got.
    What the hell they think about the time of other persons. The person whom I authorize doesn't have any work?
    Why government is spending crores of rupees to sending satellites around the earth. Is it for me to travel across india to knock the door of some nonsense?

    It is three days that I send a mail to a officer whose email id is given for public to contact. There is no reply?
    What is our rights?

    This thread is o discuss similar issues regarding our rights. Let us have a clear picture of what are we entitled here as a citizen of India and how much we are getting in reality.
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  2. Sun , are you really serious ?? Does the public have any right ? This situation in India is not going to change atleast for another 100 years .. and unless we dont carry pocket full of $$ to give to these people who call themselves as "public servant" never even think to visit there and get the things done on a timely manner..

  3. sungoa2010


    Ajit, A small spark can some time responsible for a big fire. So let us produce sparks and hope some where at some point time the fire will come.
  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    I agree with both you guys actually..
    Agree with Sungoa because,
    I live in Bangalore and our Electricity supply comes from BESCOM this is partly privatized(if i'm right) and the MD is an IAS officer who is very very proactive in solving power crisis of any magnitude with atmost urgency.
    BESCOM even has a FB page where constantly folks keep updating about power issues and even the MD himself asks for suggestions of how things can be made better.
    I think its a wonderful initiatitive happing in BLR.
    Also we had major transformer issues in our locality and a few calls to higher officials didn't go un-noticed at all and it got resolved in under 15 days..
    Even to this day I can call the highest authority for our zone directly and get the work done in a matter of hrs..

    I'm with Cuty-red as well,
    There are many ocassions where I've had to return empty handed becuase i refuse to pay bribes.. Now i dont want to discuss where all i've had to do that ;-)
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  5. HMV

    HMV Timido

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  6. Interesting topic. Unless you have big $$ in your purse and some bigshots in your pocket, your time(my time as well) has no value for the babus of our country. On paper, rights we have by the bookload. But in reality , I don't think reciting our rights is going to change the attitude of our gov servants. The whole bleeding system needs an overhaul IMHO.
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  7. Great topic Sun.

    "Human Rights in India" has always been a myth. We as citizens of this country pay Road Tax and the Toll fee, Pay income tax, Product tax, Service tax and VAT etc etc etc.... But we don't have a right to question a government official, who's pay is given out of the tax that we pay. I think that the term "Human Rights" has been reserved only for the so called BIG SHOTS. This might be one of the threads in our forum, which might not have an expiry at least for an era or two.

    "This is the only country where a public servant treats the public as their servants"
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  8. sungoa2010


  9. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Right to Information Act is powerful tool for citizens.
    This is one & only Act which is for Govt servents & public can do supervison on Govt. servent.

    Govt. administration has become so much clean because of RTI Act.
    You can call papers,documents of any matter from govt. office to disclose corruption.

    As I am Govt. servent I can't comment more on govt.policies coz my service rules doesn't give permission.
  10. sungoa2010


    On Highway

    Is there any way that we could able to know about the toll booths on Highway before travel. It is our rights.

    1.We need to know before planning a travel that how much we need to pay for toll and where we need to stop for toll. Also How much we can travel with current toll should be printed on it. Also next toll plaza. Why such a information are not provided for public(If any one know the link please provide)?

    2. A toll plaza should have minimum facility. It should have a air pump, A small garage for a urgent work. Is it our rights since we pay a huge amount for toll and
    a minimum safety requirement should be our rights?

    3. A toll should guarantee a usable road. I have seen big pot holes on NH4, one in Tumkur road. Why the public should pay at toll and get their vehicle get damaged by the pot holes?
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