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Kitna deti hai...

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by vinay rathore, Jul 23, 2010.


Kitna deti hai?.. Is it the right strategy from a leading car maker by making fun of Indians?

  1. yes

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  2. no

  1. Kitna deti hai?..
    Is it right strategy from a leading car maker by making fun of Indians?
  2. I don't think they are making fun of Indians. There are umpteen ads which reflect the typical Indian mentality. I kindda like this ad. The first thing 7 out of 10 (Indicative :devilface ) Indians look for when buying a car is its mileage figure and this ad captures that creatively.
  3. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    voted NO...

    lol I own a 1.4 FIRE. Next wish is to own the Tjet. :shocked (mileage gaya dash mein.. :bye )
    "kitna deti hai" is not in my dictionary..!! I curse the ones who ask me that in my mind..

    People sacrifice safety when they buy something fuel efficient in India... (aim that at the Japs & the stupid Koreans!!!) exceptions being the European lot..
  4. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    Voted No.

    Answer to Marut*: My Punto gave 19.6 kpl with (NO AC, speed 80 kph) with 5 adults on board. Travel distance was 175 kms on highway. Punto's gross weight is 300 kms more than Wagon R. 4 adults + 1 kid + Wagon R = Empty Punto.

    Now, Its my turn to ask Marut*, Can Wagon R give 19.6 kpl with 9 adults and 1 kid? I can get an answer as a car with paper body and cycle tyre. Yes I can expect this from that company.
  5. The question is that Indians are stupid enough to ask about the fuel average of a Luxury Yacht or Space craft.. ::V
  6. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    I voted no.

    The only thing any advt is supposed to do is nail the message effectively to people. How this is done doesn't matter in the advertising world. What matters is whether the advt did it's job effectively. This is where Maruti's 'kitna deti hai' advt is effective. It's hits the nail right on the head! Brilliant I say!

    The other advt about resale value where people are auctioning their used Maruti's is way over the top in my opinion. It's neither funny nor emotional. And the message is stupid. These are Maruti's not classic Ferrari's!
  7. Amol Potude

    Amol Potude

    i vote yes ???????

    as far as marketing fundaa yes , they pick right nourse of indian, what indian customer want in his/ her car first?. why indian customer buy maruti cars? The only thing any advt is supposed to do is nail the message effectively to people.

    but i personnelly not advice to chosse car only for mileage :hit
    it hardly affect the pocket when you drive a lot if your run is more there are high class diesel engines are available...
    so if they only say ''''''''' Kitna deti hai... ''''''' & sale their product customer who buy on that, are need to think on it.. : ::pP
    think safety & drive safly :helmet .........
  8. rameshjoshi

    rameshjoshi Amatore

    If this ad was stupid, consider the new Alto K series Advertisement. "Dhan-ta-dhan"? Isn't that reserved for exciting things? What is so exciting about an alto? On one hand you guys are pouring cold water on really exciting things like a cruise ship by asking "kitna deti hai" and on other hand you are asking people to get excited about a new "Alto"? Gimme a break !!!
  9. royj

    royj Esperto

    Yes I guess it WAS. Not any more :evilsmile
  10. nav75

    nav75 Amatore

    A M800 owner got too excited by that "Dhan-ta-dhan" advert that he decided to keep two red Italian Stallion behind him. Poor chap I must say.

    Maruti's the most FE? "May be" by1-2km/lt. With an annual running of around 15,000km's, that's 833lt's(assuming FE of 18km/lt) compare that with a lesser FE car giving say 16km/lt, that's 937lt. A diff of 104lt = Rs 5,720 (Fuel @ Rs 55/lt). That's Rs 476/month. If one is so worried about a saving of under Rs 500 per month, I think he/she must not be looking at a car in the first place.

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