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Khat Khat noise from front suspension and jerk in steering.

Discussion in 'Exteriors / Body' started by nitinkumardba, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore


    I need you valuable inputs.

    A clear "khat" noise comes from right front side whenever my punto goes over pathole. And sometimes "churrrrr" sound comes from rear suspension when punto goes over a high speed braker. Sound from rear suspension comes only few times but its different from typical Linea\Punto's "dak dak" sound.

    Not only this, steering is very jurky with clear khat khat sounds in it on roads with small but lots of patholes. Typically example of road is like a road under construction with stones and sand on the surface.

    I check air pressure but it is fine.

    I checked extended warranty booklet and found that most of the suspension parts are covered under warranty (no leakage is covered) but limit is 35000 kms. My Punto is around 32500 as of now. I am not sure about steering warranty.

    Any idea on the issues? What is the possibility of vitamin M from my pocket on these issues?
  2. jayakrishnakola

    jayakrishnakola Regolare

    there is actually some elastic pad at the end of the tie rod i guess , i dunno where it is and what it does......

    but when my linea fell into a pot hole and the sound started, that is what they changed in warranty and also check if there is a huge play in the steering wheel and when your rocking the steering wheel you shouldnt hear any click noises. if you hear that noise, you have to change the steering rack. you are still under warranty for the steering rack and the elastic pad.....

    so soon get it checked.....

    ps:- you can check the steering play when the car is in ignition( without starting it)

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    also i must add,

    get a proper water wash service done where they take the car up and hit pressurised water under the body for the rear suspension noise to dissapear.
    that noise should be from the dust accumulated at the suspension mounting where the shock absorber is mounted.
  3. Shuvam

    Shuvam Timido


    Nitin the khat khat noise that you have mentioned will only cost 300 bucks plus labour charges to rectify. On the front wheel struts there is a cylindrical object with a washer. Either the washer has become defective or is broken.

    I had the same issue and spent 27000 bucks before it got rectified for the price mentioned above.
  4. I had the same kaht kath sound from front suspensions, might have ten visits to TASS in mysore road.
    Finally decided to pay a visit. To my friendly mechanic Harish(he hates fiat).
    Now the sound is completly resolved.
    We both decided to remove the suspension and take a look in the process found issue with tass's method of solving this issue!! and also a defect from FIAT.
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  5. From the TASS's infinite knowledge bank completely fill the elastic pad with cheap grease. IMAG0182.jpg
    see we depend on TATA to services our beloved cars !! but they seem to incapable of doing minute things.
    IMAG0184.jpg IMAG0182.jpg IMAG0185.jpg
    Holes on the chassis of the car is about 1.5 mm bigger in diameter,other cars will have exact same size as the bolts on the strut mount,we added few custom made metal washers to keep the strut bolts to exact center.
    IMAG0187.jpg IMAG0183.jpg

    Got the lower arm,link rod and strut bolts tightened properly and for strut mount bolts used 3Kg torque to tighten ,it might break if more pressure is put on them.
    Harish used a grease used for deferential as lube, result a perfect ride with out any khat-kaht or thud sounds from the suspension.
    Going to TASS is useless as they dont put right torque in tightening and over fill cheap grease.
    Btw , Harish has workshop pride cars in K.R road next to uma maheshwari temple ,he can be reached 9945112233 , I treated him with Nice cake after the job and charge for the whole thing was Rs 700. :)
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  6. khat-khat sound was coming due to reluctance of TASS center the bolts and tighten it properly,i might have told them 10 times but they don't want do it.
    God knows what kind of problems i would face once i go for GC upgrade kit.
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  7. Today i drove from Bangalore to Tumkur and back total of 153.4 Kms, and there was never a khat-khat noise from the suspension.I called Harish today to thank him again.
  8. albyspunto

    albyspunto Timido

    Guys i am facing the same issue but iti snot yet resolved from the tass
    i already paid for two lower arms and two link rods for fixing this issue
    already i paid 8658 rs in total for fixing this issue
  9. Sorry to hear TASS charged you and not resolved the issue, solution is the take it to trusted mechanic and fo the suspension removal and refix it properly. Donot forget to center the bolts before tightening. if you are in Bangalore talk to Harish 9945112233
  10. albyspunto

    albyspunto Timido

    thanks sat -chit-ananda i will fix it tommrow and post more details about how it is resolved

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