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Karrrr sound and jerk when applying reverse gear.

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by nitinkumardba, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. svvickky

    svvickky Amatore

    I reported this to them during my first service itself,
    They said everything is fine, and just lubricated the gear shift.
    Interestingly i observe this mostly in my apartment when i am parking, after reading couple of reasons from experts, i felt they are right, when we try to engage the reverse gear when vehicle is not fully stalled we get that noise.
    Now i know perfectly when not to slot the reverse gear, I never faced this issue recently. When ever i felt the slotting is hard, I just put to neutral give some time and slot it again, it goes butter smooth :)
  2. srivatsahg

    srivatsahg Timido

    So does my MJD90. I'm facing this issue ever since i crossed 50K on my ODO.
    The technician at Vecto Motors Bangalore advised for the entire CSC unit. I'm still apprehensive because sometimes the gear shift issue is smooth when I start in the morning and it gets progressively harder by the day. Any ideas what might be inside the transmission chamber ?

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