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Just another pete'd punto

Discussion in 'Engine and Drivetrain' started by infernal, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. infernal


    Thanks for all the info Chaos, really appreciate.
    To start off im not a drag racer as such (hey i drive a diesel punto, lol), i just want some streat legal bolt on mods. Just want my car to be a little quicker, especially at the low end, the tuning box takes care of mid range and high range pretty well. Any suggestions for the same?
    Also, do suggest a good engine oil, my car is pretty close to its second service, ive been revving my car pretty good of late, fiat reccomends grade 5w40 synthetic oil, is changing grades harmful/useful as such(after an engine flush)? Or do i need to the OE grade?
    Any reviews on OWS/Mobil 1/delo or any other oils?

  2. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    Its a diesel.... low end cant be improved much... but what the tuning box offers is a lot more than the stock setting!!
    Try going for the stock air filter replacement to k&n.. that should let the car breath a bit more freely...

    As for the oil, I suggest you stick to the same grade, synthetic oil. But you can shift over to mobil1 but just have the engine cleaned off from selina..
    But stick to synthetic. switching down to Semi synthetic/organic is not worth it!!
    Mobil1 should run a bit more smoother...

    Changing to mobil1 & stock k&n wont void the warranty.. ::T
  3. infernal


    Im already using k&n stock replacement filter.

    Any reviews on OWS engine oil?
  4. epicenter

    epicenter Amatore

    Valsad, India
    i've driven a swift for a little over 2 lac kilometers in the last 3 years before switching over to the punto.
    the swift does not loose steam in the midrange.
  5. infernal


    I'm posting the conversation i had with Abhishek from Kiirus a few weeks back:
    My queries in bold

    1. How much difference will i notice with my ecu remapped, i.e. ECU Remap vs tuning box performance?

    Power is just not the main criteria. A car must be programmed based on. the appropriate fuel quality for a demographic based on what's available. We tune for 18 bhp and 44 torque increase. With programming we can produce upto 22, but that won't be good for the turbo and other parts. We also bump out all the factory rpm limiters and fine tune the file for quick throttle response. Our files are lean and make car more fuel efficient after tuning.

    When I say rpm limiters removed, lean file.....it has a lot to do with how the
    car drives. fewer gear shifts, better drivability uphill, short pick ups,
    Tuning boxes only tend to fool codes externally due to which it increases the
    AFR (air fuel ratio) mix and the car drives better. It hurts, but damages are
    seen only with time. Our lean file uses less fuel, its less noisy, mostly
    harmless to the car. Its programmed in true language it was supposed to be with
    appropriate cetane value measured after tests.

    No offense to competition, but tuning boxes are primitive and sold by companies
    that have fewer options to offer in market for cars they can't tune.

    2. Do the service center guys check the ecu with the diagnostic tool; I’ve never seen them doing it on any of my cars?

    Never, and if the do, they'll never find out.its virtually undetectable.

    3)Cost involved?

    Cost for tuning 19500/-. Time 3-4 hours max.

  6. infernal


    Well, its supposed to be the owner/re-mapper himself.

    Any other tuners in india with fiat maps, has pete's come up with it yet?

    O.T. : I really appreaciate that ur taking interest in this mclaren, saw ur baleno on t-bhp, one hell of a mean machine mate!

  7. extr3mex

    extr3mex Amatore

    i luv da HS 169.. i also lke da HS-084

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