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Just another pete'd punto

Discussion in 'Engine and Drivetrain' started by infernal, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Sumit

    Sumit Superiore

    just a high initial pick-up doesnt mean that a car is good on performance. mid range and high speed stability are equally important. all the cars that you have named lacks these things. Punto is more driveable than others. swift has gr8 initial pick-up but looses steam in the mid range. i20 is good only in high range and figo doesnt have the power to match Punto.
  2. infernal


    Thats the advantage you get after the tuning box, the car has better initial pickup, the midrange has improved significantly, and the car goes to 170+ with a little effort and guess what? Its equally fun to drive
  3. Axn

    Axn Regolare

    Hi Infernal!

    Good that you have got Pete installed. I also had a check at pete two month ago but the black smoke put me off completely. What abt this factor? Even as on date with my stock filter, there is no trace of smoke out of my punto. I have already done ~26000 on her.
    I work in phase V. Can we mutually have a check at ur mods?

  4. infernal


    hey vijyant

    the black smoke maybe due to unburnt fuel (mixture of air and diesel). i had the same problem with the stock filter, but with k&n, theres no black smoke coming on normal driving. But when i push it hard(4000-4500 rpm) there is some amout of smoke coming... i suppose its normal for diesel cars. On many occasions i've seen a thick black cloud of smoke coming out from my brothers skoda octavia, specially during gear shift and while pushing the car too hard

    Sure, we can meet up any time
  5. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    Sumit, I totally agree with you on that. Better initial acceleration does not convey better performance. :thumbs down

    But what infernal has said is also true. The tuning box gives you a BIG edge over the same car, and at times other cars as well. It increases the overall performance of the engine. low range, mid range, best FE.. you name it and its there.

    The tuning box is just a ecu churning out the best from the engine with min/NO damage. On the punto & swift the MJD the performance is kept well below max operating levels by the manufacturer, something like for practically making the car last a lifetime by reducing the performance to minimize the long term wear and tear.
    The tuning box is just to increase the performance / FE without any mechanical tuning. Just electronically. Making tuning a lot easier.

    And that tuning can be anything!! you can tune the car to suit YOUR driving style in unlimited ways. Just wanting the car to behave you want it to (everyone has been here). But since the combination's are endless, there is also a possibility of over doing it :shocked and permanently damaging the engine.

    If you happen to install a tuning box on your punto, and you feel that output is still less, the next step is the mechanical stage 1 upgrade!! :mrgreen:

    Guys as for the black smoke its pretty common on higher rpm's on most diesel cars in india.. and nothing to worry about.. ::T
    It comes when you drive generally/always at low rpms..
  6. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Well Figo lags way far from the Punto.. Swift can be compared with the FGT and the I20 is a 90HP motor and hence u shouldnt be comparing it with the MJD FGT.. Rather the VGT would do better in terms of performance in front of the I20 CRDI...

    Yea as u stated there's a difference between need and want...Nice to note that your Peted Punto is doing great on the roads..
  7. infernal


    hey chaos,

    can u elaborate a little more on the mechanical stage 1
    upgrade that u mentioned
  8. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    Infernal, by stage 1 upgrade's I meant the basic stuff upgrade.. (nothing complex)

    like a bigger better intercooler, (if no turbo installed then a turbo) blow off valve so the turbo is not damaged, basic air intake modifications, temperature, oil, boost gauges, improvement in cooling system (bigger intercooler means more heat from engine, which stock cooling wont be enough to cool on long run) better wheels/rubber, discs at rear, and minor changes to exhaust system..

    But most of these mods still not possible in india.. on the punto!

    Oh and BTW any of the above performed on the car will void the warranty!!!
    Carry them out at your own risk!
  9. Axn

    Axn Regolare


    Chaos Guruji,

    yeh sab agar "mechanical stage 1" hai toh aage kya hota hai? Would be intersting to know. I always thought your things + suspension is all that you can modify for performance enhancement.

    Can you pls elaborate? Thanks for your time.
  10. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    The early stage is performance with least expenditure and very minor modifications to the stock setup.. which is quite enough for the factory suspension to handle..

    Later on comes the race suspension setup, complex engine mods, transmission mods, moving parts (all these replaced with performance parts/products)... light weight goal.. pretty much complex stuff!!! for hardcore driving.
    But all these stuff (even the basic upgrade) is very useless as in India there is no race track (controlled environment) to put them to full use.

    Suspension setup requires experimentation if you want the car to behave the way you want (OR on road & track together in 1 setting very advanced)... but preset settings are there... (for track and road separate)

    In europe there are track days, where the track is open for the public to drive their cars on the race track FAST!!! But not race each other. (a ideal controlled environment) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Track_day
    Which is the ULTIMATE reason why Europe has more faster punto's than the indian Punto! (or any other car manufacturer) :shock:

    If anybody is looking for more performance from their cars on the road, a "Tuning BOX / ECU re-MAP" should be the ideal LIMIT!

    I or http://www.teamfiat.co.in in NO way are encouraging anybody to modify their cars in any way!

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